Friday, September 2, 2011

MORE storage!! Yep, MORE!

I am in a bit of a show and tell , catch up sorta mood this week, can you tell?!
I finally remember/got the chance to take photos of our different changes , so you are getting the overload.
My bad.
Promise I will blog about something else soon, or if you want a blog about something, just ask!

So... we had this really odd space in our living room/dining area that was just bare. Which is fine, but when a friend was selling 2 of these Billy bookshelves (you just buy the doors to go on them), I took the opportunity and bought them.
They are small enough, shallow enough yet simple enough to fit under the bench, and fill an otherwise unused space , to store "stuff".
I know I said I hate stuff, but there are some stuff that you just have to have! And making it less of a burden and eyesore is my new aim!

Right, so we had the 2 cabinets with glass doors already, and have just added the middle one with the solid doors. We measured the area and realised that another one would fit with Centremetres to spare, so perfectly. I have plans to line the glass doors with pretty rice paper or something, so I will continue, ever so casually , on my search for the perfect thing.
We have recently replaced the door knobs (but are yet to put the centre ones on) and these are also from Ikea. (Yes, I may well be addicted!!)
And here is what they hold in our house;

The left hand cabinet is our bookshelf, I only keep special ones, or books that I know I will use as a reference again.

The centre cabinet , behind the solid doors holds my frequently used stationary, files, paperwork, favourite magazines (that I am yet to put in a box and label) and some catalogs for a fundraiser I am conducting. The bottom shelf has boxes, each labelled and also holding stationary. Staplers, paper clips, envelopes, that sort of thing.

And the cabinet to the right is for glassware and precious things. Vases, wine glasses etc.
Husband to the rear is at the sink, beautiful man he is!!
Oh and the basket on the right is for hats for the kids. Now that we are having some warm days, I like them to be near the back door for outside play!

 And thats it, pretty simple, pretty cheap , but all in the name of storage! Who doesn't love it?!

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