Friday, November 25, 2011


WARNING: This post has ALOT of photos from a doting Mum, she's got it bad!

I have survived the first week with Noel back at work, with the 4 kiddos. One hairy day in the mix, which wasn't too bad in the scheme of things.
Throw 3 Dance concert rehearsals (for Stella) a town day and a hungry baby going through a growth spurt (who am I kidding, Angus likes to feed alot ALL the time ) and the week was busy but good.
Adjusting to having a newborn around has been relatively easy, Angus is a beautiful, calm and content little boy, and has slotted into our family oh so well. He sleeps through all the screaming, bickering and laughing so thats a good thing! At times I am surprised his hearing isn't impaired!
However its the long feeds in the early days, with active and hungry children that make some times through the day a little busy!
Then there is the "getting ready to go out " thing. I had a system before Angus came along, and it was chaos enough, but now I have a 4th to feed , dress and pack for, it really IS busy!
BUT wouldn't have it any other way!
Our little surprise package has completed our family perfectly, filled my heart right to the brim with joy and has his whole family wrapped around his little fingers!
You love them instantly and somehow , the heart and life you thought could not get any fuller or bigger, makes way for one  more little miracle. Just when you think "I wonder if I have enough love to go around" you mind makes more than enough room, and there was never any doubt about it!

And just because I love him to death, and he poses without running off, I have been a bit snap happy. But how could I not? Devine, yes!

Angus Frankie, 3 weeks old

The big Dance concert is tomorrow, I am that excited its not funny and I am not even dancing!
I can't wait to share pics, and I will be back over the weekend with some "Normal" posts, or just ones that aren't full of my bragging!
Happy Weekend Eve!


  1. Ahhhh...the memories of those chaotic days! Enjoy the ride:):)

    He's beautiful!

  2. brag to your hearts content because quite frankly he is adorable and I'm happy to look at those gorgeous pictures.
    I only got a dslr after having my babies, so if I had another, oh the games I'd play!
    good luck with the dance concert. we had a blast.


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