Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Simple things

Are often the best.
And the sweetest, most sugar filled, but hey, they had fun!

Since having little Angus, my attention and time has been a little stretched.
I have felt the dreaded "Mothers Guilt" on more occasions than I would have liked to.
One crying, 2 crying or all 4 crying, who do you choose? How do you prioritise?
Just today, Max put his teeth through his top lip, and there was blood. So I tried to console him the best I could whilst B/F Angus. No sooner was he settled and Max and Lacey had a tif at the little toy kitchen and it resulted in Lacey's finger getting caught in a door, tearing a big chunk of skin and squashing it. More tears, More blood, more stretching myself to console and feed.
Not easy, but I am learning and so are they.

So. seeing as though I cannot give them the attention they are used to for the whole day, when I have had the time, I have tried little activities to show them that Mum is still here.
The other day , it was simple is best.
Decorating the beloved Milk Arrowroot. Sugar filled, high colourings and messy, but such a simple and loved activity, and its not like they do it, eat it all the time!
Not to mention the fact its great for co ordination!!

Lacey's biccies, all seemed to be this shape, within seconds of receiving them. Hmmm just quality controlling!

                      And my Project Life POTD, priceless, simple and edible fun, and they had a ball!!

                                                             And the finished product;


  1. oh my goodness Max looks like a big boy now...simple can definitely be the best sometimes..

    your living room looks great

  2. Liz what a great idea they all look like they are having such a fun time. You are doing great as a mummy of 4 small kiddies.

    Wow your loungeroom looks awesome and I love your gorgeous dining room table.

    And how do you have it all looking so nice and tidy with those 4 gorgeous kiddies. good for you.

  3. the toughest thing is definitely multiple tears. Cute biscuits, isn't this time of year all about sugar anyway?


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