Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Its beginning to look alot like Christmas....

On Sunday, while our darling little man was napping, I managed to convince hubby that it was time the Christmas boxes came out of storage. Much to his disgust of course, as its not December yet, but I am no better than a wee child when it comes to this time of year!
So here are a few snippets of our home, and the festive cheer!

The child friendly table, its copped a hammering but I think the novelty is wearing off, maybe.....

Yummo!! What a lesson we are learning on self control, not good for someone who is breastfeeding a baby having a growth spurt, hmmmmm.

And some activity books I have picked up from our local discount shops, ready for December 1st!

      And this year we are keeping them in the back of the book basket! And this is filling fast every year!

The tree is not up yet, the reason a mixed one.Timing- The baby woke and we like to do it as a family.  Its less time for 2 little cherubs/devils to destroy it and me having to yell at them, and because we need new lights , now that the kids (Stella) is into the full spirit this year!

                                More to come, its only the beginning, and I love Christmas!


  1. Oh Liz it all looks beautiful! I love your little stocking garland across your liatorp unit, did you make that yourself?

  2. I just bought the m and m's but there is no way they'd last in my house like that.

  3. it all looks so gorgeous!! Love the hallway display and the garland :)


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