Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Keeping it Real

So, I know I said that I had a great day on Monday, but today I had one of "THOSE" days. Yep, I was looking forward to 6:30pm alright, bedtime for kiddies!

Even though we had a wonderful morning catching up with one of my good friends, talking and the kids playing, the school drop off and pick up run , were horrendous!!
They have quickly become the most dreaded parts of my day. Why oh why does my precious girl have to go to school anyway? Max and Lacey just want to stay, I mean why wouldn't they? They are 2 next month and have most certainly hit a hard age. Strong willed and disobedient when we are walking, crossing the road, everything. And today I had to wake them from their day sleep, and Max is not well. He has an ear infection and the start of Tonsilitis , according to the doctor when we went yesterday. Grumpy kids, a fair walk to the Kindy area and it made for a difficult trip. Thankfully, a lovely parent and good samaritan came to my rescue when Max wanted to be carried ( he is dizzy and sad from being sick) and Lacey decided she wanted to walk in the opposite direction , head for the road and cling to a pole for dear life and not listen. Hmpf, you just can't push a pram and carry 2 toddlers at the same time, unfortunately!! BUT... we made it! Tomorrow is a new day (and a daycare one!) and I keep telling myself that it will get better! It will, and it is! And...... then the terrible 2's set in! Oh dear!

Seeing as though I have just had a whinge, and in the spirit of keeping it real, I want to share something with you. Now... you don't get much realer than this!
Our master bedroom is a mess. Like stuff everywhere!! Over the years it has evolved somewhat. Before kids and even when Stella was a wee baby, it was gorgeous. Had a chaise lounge under the window, no clutter and "STUFF". Now days, it seems to be a dumping ground for anything and everything we need to keep safe from little sticky, grubby hands or things that need a home.
It really is the only room in the house that is semi safe from the rath of Max and Lacey. Well that was until they learnt to open door handles, and now they just know its a no-go zone! Still, we need to do something! Our room is now also my scrapbooking room. Believe it or not, I sit on the floor, lean on a large wooden chopping board and spread everything out. It works, but its not exactly the most comfortable of things to do and I later wonder why my bach aches? Der . And the more I go to scrapbooking, the more the spell is cast on me and the more equipment I have. Where does it all live?
In the Master Bedroom of course!
I don't necessarily thing it is a bad thing, because our bedroom is the largest one in our home, and all we do there is sleep, so I feel I should be making the most of the space and using it to its full capacity, but there are some changes that need to be made! Definately!

Here is the proof! Argh, the shame!
And I did NOT touch a thing before I took these, as hard as it was, I am keeping it real!

Boxes full of goodies that need to be sold at a Garage sale, we are planning for next weekend, seriously nowhere else to put it!

                                      The scrapbooking Storage Expedit unit is overflowing!!

Presents bought for Easter and kids birthdays next month , and they haven't moved since coming home. Lazy Liz!

So.. the plan? A makeover of course!! Not the usual type of makeover, this one is on a budget! A shoestring budget! The start of this year has really kicked our bum on the bank balance front, so I don't have alot of money to play with. No stress, thats half the fun of the challenge!!
Now I need ;

Somewhere to sit and scrapbook, and maybe be able to leave a project half done ,
 and be able to return to it.
A more streamlined and classy look, not so much "Stuff' everywhere
Better storage
And an overall new, improved and stunning room, thats useful too!


  1. My son turned two today. He is refusing the pram, wanting to walk every where but drags his feet and is so slow! yeap painful age, love him, but definitely painful.

  2. And when you're done there, would you mind coming to mine? :)

    P.S SNAP on those IKEA Hemnes drawers. The BEST ;)


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