Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Time flies when you are having fun, or super busy, either way, I feel like I am just treading water at the moment! Life has been full on lately (like it is any other way for us anyway!) with DH playing in Country Week Waterpolo (they won and he took out a swag of awards and completed the weekend with a TV interview, yes sir-eeee!) and now the kids and I have caught the dreaded summer cold! I feel like death warmed up, and could honestly sleep away a whole day if I could  ( its probably what I need to get better seeing as though I can not take anything while I am feeding Angus). Throw in the start of Bootcamp (I am on a mission to shed some serious KGEE's this year) , school and general life 'Stuff' , our world is all about Bizzzzzyyy!

But , just so you don't feel left out, the happenings lately;

Angus the little darling has started to sleep in a grobag, and has outgrown his Snuggle bed and cradle (sob sob) , he also thinks that 20 mins is long enough for a nap, and I have news for him!

Our baby is growing up too quick , and now sits so well in his Bumbo and has even started on Rice Cereal this week and LOVING it!! He has been quickest of our bubbas to take to solids , and had the mouth control from the very beginning!

Our darling children discovered a tub, filled with water from the previous nights retic, and were like bees to a honey pot, and boy did they have fun!!

Our dare devil daughter can now climb onto the fort, using no other way than UP the slide and now thinks its pretty cool to hang off the thing and frighten the poop out of us!!

Angus is adorable and a true 4th child! He LOVES the sound of the vacuum cleaner and falls asleep every single time. Don't worry, the thought of leaving it running for a while after finishing the vacumming has crossed my mind on more than a few occasions!

We took a drive out to my Sister and Brother in Laws house, on a farm , about 100km from town for my neices 3rd birthday!

                                     Alot of cousin love was shared, so beautiful to witness!

And we all went for a walk around their gorgeous gardens and orchard , picking fruit and tasting the produce! Yummo

                My clever sister, awesome at crafts, amazing chef and even a great gardener!

Darling Max, proud of his 'ball'

The birthday girl eating a fig! We all enjoyed a delicious dinner of homemade pizzas, and had a few laughs. Every birthday feels like a big party in our family, with 8 kids between 2 sisters, there is never a dull moment!

There has been plenty more, but this post is filled with enough photos, but in all the craziness, life has been fun. Testing but fun!


  1. Bizzzzyyyy!!! Angus (and all your babies) is adorable!!!

    I must say too, I love a man that is confident enough to wear a baby carrier!! You wouldnt catch my hubby wearing one!!

  2. Wow, all your kids look like they've suddenly grown so much.
    You sure have been busy. Rest up now. There is plenty of time for everything.

  3. Ohh Keegan , Noel loves wearing a baby carrier! Such a snag! ha
    Thanks Mandy , will do!


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