Thursday, March 29, 2012

Meme - Quiz Me

After reading a great post by one of my favourite bloggers Lisa, at Life As We Know It tonight, I got inspired and thought I would play along with the game. I always seem  to learn something about myself, and its rather fun trying to think of answers. The list comes from Sunday Stealing, and is available HERE.

1) Which TV character do you think you are most like?
Hmmm there is nothing like being thrown in the deep end and being stuck ont he first question!!
I think I may be a good mix of a few characters!! My husband thinks I am like Bree off of Desperate Housewives, hmmm not sure that is a good thing! But I'm not sure I can put my finger on any others, do you have any ideas? Who do you think I am like?

2) What time do you go to bed?
I'd like to say 9/9:30pm, but its just not true!! I am a night owl. I am absolutely cactus when all the kids just go to bed and seem to get a second wind about that time, and feel like I could go all night!! I know , I know, its bad for me and I need the sleep. Believe me, I KNOW!! But I think it has more to do with a matter of achievement. I have mentioned before that I like to feel like I have actually achieved something for the day and often that doesn't happen until the kids are snoozing! So really, its more like anything between 10:30-12pm

3) What was the last meal you made from scratch?
Does a sweet count? Just tonight, at around 8:30pm, I was whipping up a Peppermint Slice to take to Playgroup tomorrow morning, but last night we had a Hearty Beef Casserole in the slow cooker, so that would be it!

4) What is your favourite type of music?
BC (before children) I used to have a really wide range of music that I liked, however since having the kids, my music tastes have changed. Almost settled. I figure I hear enough noise, screaming, shouting , crying , etc for the day, the last thing I want to listen to , is singers doing the same. So I like Jazz, acoustic, folk sorta style music. I LOVE LOVE Adele at the moment, think she is great, potty mouth and all. She has such confidence, and doesn't care what she says and when she says it!!

5) In what position do you sleep?
On my side, feet hanging out over the blankets and arms under my pillow . And I pretty much stay like that. Oh and I like to face the door, and my back to hubby. I figure if someone breaks in, I want to see them, not get snuck up on!! Yet again BC, we used to sleep entangled in each other. Every night, at least something of our bodies were touching, and we would spoon and sleep comfortably like that all night. Not now. NOOOO sir -eeeeee!! A few pregnancies and ouchy pelvic issues put a stop to that and the habit is broken!

6) What is your favourite childhood memory?
Ohhh I have alot. I had a great childhood. The best of everything and my parents worked bloody hard ( like my Dad worked 3 jobs and my Mum went back to work when I was 9 months old, yep they are absolute legends and I have the MOST respect for them!) so we have alot of fond memories.
Trips to Lucky Bay with my cousins, were I learnt how to drive (thanks Emma!! Maybe the landy should have had brakes though!!) nights at the speedway watching my Dad , and me wearing possum earmuffs (they were grey with a pink nose and fluffy) Of my Birthday cake when I was like 7 or 8 maybe? A round carousel cake , with fairy figurines holding ribbons from the centre, blue icing (which I later threw up as I ate too much) and a wonderful fairy birthday party!!
See I could go on!

7) What is your least favourite smell?
This is a hard one, there are soooo many awful smells , and I fear I have inherited my fathers nose , and its a sensitive one! Purhaps BO (Body odour), like I am talking , bad bad BO, and vomit. Ick

8) Its your round at the pub and your friends asked you to surprise them. What drink would you buy and why?
Definately a round of Alize' and Lemonade!! Yummo! The obsession started in Sydney a few years back when I went over with a friend for the annual 'Hair Expo" and we drank it til we were blue in the face, literally!! Yummo. Either that or Gin and Tonics.

9) What was the last thing you read/watched that made you cry?
Honestly? I am an absolute SOOK!! And it was about 15 minutes ago, and a note that came home from school!! We are invited to watch Stella's Kindy class do a performance for us for the end of Term and celebration of Easter! I cried just thinking of it, imagine how I will be watching the darn thing?

10) They say you learn something new everyday. What was the last thing you have learned?
That I am NOOOOO computer whiz and that Facebook is being a twang!! I hate not knowing how to do things on the internet and computer, it frustrates me no end!

11)Which Literary love interests would you snog, marry and avoid?
I would snog/ marry Alexander from The Bronze Horseman (Paullina Simmons book) and I am sure there are more, but purhaps sleep deprivation is causing Baby brain, yet again!

12)Vegemite....Love it or hate it?
I do love it! Not too thick and has to be put on HOT toast with the butter melting. Yum

13) What is your favourite quote/saying?
Ohh I have SOOO many, just ask the habib! "Cos thats the way I roll", " 50 million times" , but my favourite "Cos I said so!!" haha)

14) Paper back, Hardback or Kindle? Which of these is your favourite reading format and why?
I would say Kindle, on the iPad, LOVE LOVE my iPad, otherwise paperback , or high glass magazine pages may trumph them all at the moment!

15) If you could bring  back any cancelled TV series for another run what would you pick and why?
Party of five!! I can't remember the specifics of the show, but I just remember I LOVED it!

Fancy playing along? Simply fill out your answers to the questions and post a link to your blog post in the comments section on 'Life as we know it'

And before I sign off, I just wanted to thank everyone for the support and wonderful comments on my last post!! It was so lovely and uplifting to see mothers all sharing their experiences and troubles and no negativity!! Its the way Motherhood should be, this gig is hard enough, let alone making it hard for one another and judging each others decisions!
Night all


  1. Thanks for playing along Liz, and for linking my blog! Great answers!! I found some of them really hard and I kept coming back to them. Love that though...pushing yourself to consider something you hadn't thought of before. Cheers, Lis.

  2. Loved reading your responses Liz so I've decided to play along as well. Will have my answers up on my blog soon xo

  3. Love your answers Liz, I love reading your blog- I live on a farm between Mullewa and Geraldton- I'm only new to blogging but have been so thrilled to find so many Mums in WA!!
    I think i might join the fun and do a blog in response to these questions- thanks for sharing :)
    Pip- My Life of Chaos


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