Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Back to School Cake

Today marked the second day of Stella's Pre Primary year at school. The first few of many days of full time schooling. This is it, what things will be like for her for some time to come.
To show her how proud I am of the way she has handled the transition and for something a little special, I decided to tizzy up afternoon tea for a change.

I baked a basic Simplicity Cake (this time in the thermomix but a basic mixer is all you need) , smothered it in some yummy buttercream icing and then used these gorgeous 'Back to School' printables from eighteen25 to make a cake bunting and flags.

All you need for a cake bunting is 2 sticks (sometimes I use white cake pop sticks, sometimes skewers) , some glue and your bunting flags.  I like to tie the string on the sticks first and add a dab of glue so the string won't slip. Then run some glue along the top of the flags and stick them down. Easy

Stella loved coming home to something a bit special and it didn't take a lot of effort either!

The cake was pretty delicious, if I do say so myself, and I loved sitting down to a yummy afternoon tea with my big girl and other kiddos, and talking about our days. Such a wonderful tradition and routine I would love to continue for all their schooling lives.

Do you make afternoon tea for your children? Ever make anything a bit special,  'just because'?
Well why not pop some cute bunting on a cake and make their day, or memories for a lifetime?!

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  1. I have done the flag bunting on a cake as well - so easy but looks fantastic! You are an awesome mummy :)


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