Sunday, February 3, 2013

Back to school preparations

Tomorrow is the day. Back to school for WA kids. ( I know most other states have been back for a week already).
And our Stella is starting Pre Primary. Full time school.
Bitter sweet.
We have loved the relaxed pace of school holidays. Cruisey mornings, playing in pyjamas and being able to choose to do something as a spare of the moment thing and just.... do it!

But on the other hand, we are also ready for some structure. Routine and distractions.
The kids have been playing so well. The girls have really become the best of friends and play constantly with their prams (Christmas presents) and role play scenarios but they are all having their fair share of fights too!

Anyway, I had planned on sharing some back to school posts over a week ago, but have been having laptop issues. It has been playing up and driving me MAD, so its off to the doctors!!

So , a little late , but here is a bit about our back to school preparations.
Stella is going into Pre Primary, and at her school she doesn't have to wear a uniform until starting Year 1 and can also use whatever school bag she likes.

Her school bag is the same as she used last year , and truth be told,  she has had it for a few years now. Its a gorgeous Penny Scallan PVC apple bag , and I love it for all the pockets and compartments. A good scrub and line dry and its as new again.

Her cooler bag is also by Penny Scallan, (and of course matches her bag) and is the perfect size for her at the moment. It fits a Tupperware sand which keeper plus a yoghurt and cooler, and some other containers and snack cups.  I also like to use sand which sacks for things like grapes, crackers etc and love the gorgeous colours and Velcro fastening (Stella finds these easier to open herself as well).
I bought mine from Ollie Rose.  Stella will also be using 2 different water bottles, just so I can have one freezing and one in the wash. At home , the kids use Tupperware bottles but I have bought Stella cheaper ones for school in case they get misplaced. This aluminium one and a Princess one from Coles.

In the bottom front pocket of her bag, is where I like to put her change of clothes. A spare top, shorts and knickers , all in a drawstring bag with her name on it ( a party favour from a few years ago, clever hey!?) and a wet bag for the dirty set of clothes. We have never had any accidents at school, but in the warm months they do a lot of water play activities using a trough and scoops etc. Last year she got quite wet a few times and they prefer to change the kids than let them sit in wet clothes, thankfully.

This year I am able to use the same labels I had for her from last year, ordered from Stuck on You, but I have just bought some gorgeous ones for Max and Lacey from Tinyme (they have great name puzzles and wall decals too!)

In the top pocket I have popped a small Bag Tag from 2Kool4Skool with a few coins in it. Just for those moments that she made need to go somewhere and I don't have the money/may have forgotten (heaven forbid) or just in case.

Her school and dancing bags live on a set of hooks just inside her door. At a convenient height for her to reach and put away.

We have also been getting back into the groove of school and familiarising the kids, especially Stella by reading some School themed books.

And we have been counting down the days with this gorgeous countdown from Bianca at a little delightful.

Her wardrobe is ready to go, with her school clothes down one end. We find this makes it easier when dressing for school, and saves all her good clothes from wanting to be worn to school!!

Luckily Stella hasn't really gone up a size all year. She has definitely grown , especially taller but she is also thinner. I just purchased a few new tops and a skirt in the clearance section at Target like I did last year, see post HERE.

So we are set. We are ready.

Her lunchbox is packed, everything is labelled, the clothes are set out and most importantly, the camera battery is charging!!
She is ready, more than ready in fact.

But maybe, just maybe, her Mum is not.... x
I will miss my little friend and helper. Precious girls she is

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  1. Pre-primary is compulsory this year, isn't it? I bet Stella will have a blast!

    Off topic... I *love* that loveheart set of hooks! love, Love, LOVE!


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