Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sweet and Innocent .... sometimes..

These holidays have been somewhat of a turning point in the relationships of our children. When Stella started Kindy last year, Max and Lacey were 20 months, still toddlers and played alongside each other or her, not with her. As she heads into full time Pre Primary (she is turning 5 in April for all those Eastern Staters with different school systems) this school holidays there has been a constant stream of games, role play happy playing from all the kiddos. Sure, Angus just comes along and causes havoc but he is still trying to join in , its so beautiful to see them all playing together. The hard work of having our children so close together is certainly starting to pay off!!

Don't get me wrong, its not all fun and games, in fact, I have been a constant referee and they certainly have love/hate relationships with each other (especially Max and Lacey) but their bond is certainly growing. Stella is starting to see her brother and sister as friends, not just siblings and has even voiced her sadness that she will miss them when she goes to school. And she will!! And they will miss her. And my heart will ache.

Here the girls were playing Ballerinas, in their new dance clothes from Christmas and Max even had on his dance shorts. The term commences next week (and yes Max will go to dancing!! He wants to and we have no problem letting him go)

Cheeky little Mr has grown up too, he loves his cars, Loves to climb and loves to join in on playing buses and restaurants ( he is very good at pretending to drink a cup of tea, noise effects and all!)

So we are enjoying the last few days of our School holidays, I had so much I had wanted to do and places to take the kids, but when I ask them in the morning , they say they want to stay home, and I am happy with that! I just can't help but think, I will never get this time back. The last few days before our big girl starts school. FULL TIME. 5 DAYS A WEEK!!
This Mumma will cry!


  1. My son is into his 3rd year of ballet/tap and he loves it. for the first time he was a bit undecided for this year but he does it with one of his bff's and he wouldn't miss that quality time with her for the world. it makes me proud.

  2. i love that photo of them all standing in a row. So cute!


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