Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Lately .......

Its the school holidays, and I am loving it!!
The kids are busy playing, I am busy cleaning up after them and I am finding it hard to get back into the swing of things after our seaside holiday. Totally 'Go-Slow' mode and I need to shake it off.
A virus struck the kids and I last week. A migraine, lethargic and a cough that is just annoying, Then Angus got croup. We were a happy bunch, not!! But we all seem to be on the mend and I am motivated again (even managed a fridge clear out, made some jam, some vege stock and all in the last 2 days)

But a few snapshots of our happenings lately;

 I have caved to the 'Green smoothie" craze. To be honest, I just felt like a detox after Christmas, loved all the summer fruits and veges in season and need to start the journey of losing some serious Kg's. 4 kids in 4 years with no break, and boy does my body show it!!

Darling husband and I celebrated being together for 10 years. I shouldn't say celebrate because we didn't do anything and actually forgot the date until the afternoon but I do hope to go out , just the 2 of us at some stage. 10 years ago I would never have thought my life would be like this, I am very blessed.

The kids are loving their Christmas present from their Uncle, a bouncy castle/water slide. Hours of fun and lots of energy burnt off. Perfect....

The sewing bug has bitten me again and seeing as though we had a few days with Noel still home when we returned from holidays I was able to whip up a few things, like this dolls bedding for a dear friends daughters birthday. 

And some simple table clothes for our dining table. They are so expensive in stores and I have a heap of material that needs to be used!

Summer lunches and snacks are quite simple yet so delicious.

Sometimes, just sometimes, all 4 cherubs will be found playing together and peacefully. It may be short lived but it does still happen!! (Playing with Max's Christmas Present, the Plan Toys Eco Town)

Angus has managed to work out how to open doors!! I swear the other kids were 2 or older when they learnt this fine yet annoying art. He is one tall and very clever little man.

Hot days and new toys from Christmas have made perfect inside play moods. Lacey loves to retreat off to her sisters room and plays with her precious goodies!! Typical little sister really!

There you have a snippet of life for us lately.
Next week I will start a back to school series, with a few guest bloggers thrown in!! SO EXCITING!!

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  1. Kids are beautiful, food and smoothie looks great, and im loving that fabric for all your sewing projects! Im so glad you blog so I can see all these special things!! Love and miss you all!... and Angus, your growing up way to fast. Slow down!!! :) x


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