Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Summer sliding fun

Innocent,  energetic child like fun!! That's what we have been having lately...

The kids were lucky enough to be given a slippery slide for Christmas and we ALL have so much fun using it!! That's right, after getting soaked while taking some of these pictures, I put my bathers on and joined in on the fun!! The kids were so excited that Mummy was doing it too, and it really is good fun!!

This holidays, we have spent a fair bit of time at home.  I haven't seen or spoken to many friends since before Christmas and everyone is busy. Hell, I have been busy and when I think about it, I haven't actually been busy doing much, just life in general. I have actually really loved the time at home with the kids. I love having Stella home everyday and so do Max and Lacey. There has been lots of role playing, lots of Mums and Dads, doctors, hairdressers and tea parties. So much fun and so heartwarming to see and hear. Don't worry, there has been a fair amount of fighting, always the way in love/hate sibling relationships but all in all we have had a fun time just hanging and spending time together.

We have been throwing in a few activities a week but to be honest, its been nice not having any concrete plans and if things aren't going well/behaviour isn't up to scratch, then plans get put off for another day.

But I just can't believe the innocent not to mention CHEAP fun you can have with a bit of plastic and water!! This Mumma is hooked!!

NB: I have spared you the gory pictures of me in my bathers, infact they never even get taken, thankGOD but rest assured, I was there !!

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  1. Your kids are just gorgeous Liz and my God - how much do they look like mini yous! xx


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