Sunday, February 2, 2014

Back to School Baking - The Recipes

Earlier today I shared a post on my Back To School baking and freezing system. 
I definitely have some super favourite recipes that are high on the baking rotation at our house, but I do like to try new recipes out as well. Especially when baking in bulk, to keep the kids interested in the goodies. 

I find that most recipes freeze well. I haven't ever really had an issue with many things other than scones, they tend to go a little hard when defrosted. But on a whole, I think that as long as the items are sealed then you should be right.

I have tried many a Banana bread recipe but this is by far my favourite yet. So moist and delicious and the brown sugar and oat topping really makes it feel and taste special. Its a big batter recipe too , so I made a loaf, 12 muffins and 24 mini muffins all from one batch.

I also made a yummy Sultana Loaf and used the recipe from HERE but decreased the butter to 150g and sugar to 1/2 a cup . 
I like baking loafs as they are yummy , don't need icing and are easy to cut up into whatever portion sizes you need. 

Another family favourite of ours  is the good old Date Loaf. The kids especially love it! 
I used this easy recipe from HERE

Biscuits are always a hit when it comes to kids snacks. They are easy to make, bake and eat. You can also change a basic recipe by changing the flavours you add to them. I use this recipe from The Organised Housewife HERE. I didn't add the sugar , and divided my mixture in half. One half I added white and milk chocolate chips and the other some Passion fruit pulp (left over from Australia Day Pavs). They take next to no time to cook and the mixture really does make a heap of biscuits!

These were the major snacks and recipes, not forgetting the good old Zucchini Slice. By cooking the batter in Muffin tins, they are perfect for lunchbox snacks. 

This is the recipe HERE,  that I have used since I have started making this dish. I add Carrot and bacon as well but you could really add whatever you wish. 

Well there you go, all the places you can find the recipes to bake up a storm of your own!! 

Do you have any great recipes that freeze well? I'd love for you to share!

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