Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tips for your Tresses

In a former life I used to own and run a Hairdressing salon. At one stage I had 7 staff, including a number of apprentices that I used to train.
Juggling motherhood and running a business was definitely a challenge but I did love it! Perhaps not the stress but the work and environment with my staff.

I started working from home when we moved out of our transit housing to our permanent house and its all very new to me. I have always worked in a salon environment but again , I am loving it!
Choosing my work days and hours , being able to be there for my kids, pick them up from school etc but still enjoy my profession is a bonus!
I generally work when my husband doesn't . So afternoons (when the kids don't have activities on) and weekends.

Now that I have shared that little titbit about my life, I wanted to share with you some common questions that clients have had over the years and perhaps a few tips that you may not be aware of.
I am by no means the ducks nuts of hairdressers and each one will have their own opinions just like any other trade or qualification but here it goes.....

  • Professional products , purchased from a hairdresser , supplier or store are better for your hair. And I am not just saying that because I am trying to sell you something , because clearly I am not. Professional products are more expensive to buy , yes, but they are also made with more expensive ingredients. This is for a reason. The silicone in the conditioners are water soluble. Meaning every time you shampoo your hair , you are rinsing out the conditioner from the time before. It is not building up on your hair shaft. The cheaper supermarket versions are NOT water soluble and therefore every time you condition your hair , it is putting another layer over the shaft. The build up can create chemical reactions with certain colour treatments, can make your hair feel slimy and even make your hair feel oily prematurely. 

  • Always shampoo your hair twice when washing it. The first shampoo removes surface dust, dirt, grease etc and the second one is cleansing your scalp and inner hair shaft. Condition once as normal . 

  • You should always use a conditioner , even if you have super fine hair and feel like it weighs it down. The conditioner is the product that closes the hair shaft (like tiny scales ) and prevents it from being damaged by different elements (heat, abrasion etc). If you do have fine hair, perhaps using a spray in conditioner would suit you better? Something that is light but still nourishing.

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  • Try and use hair elastics that have no metal components. So a plain, elastic all the way around. The metal will rub and cause breakage.

  • Try and wear your hair in a different spot every day. One day wear a high pony tail, the next day a bun, the next day a plait for instance. Like with anything, wearing your hair in the same spot day in, day out, can cause breakage from hair ties. 

  • If you find your hair is having a rough time ( sound silly but it does happen, it goes through stages just like any other part of your body) it can be largely due to hormonal issues, stress/anxiety and changes in the weather/seasons. 

  • It is natural to lose between 100-200 hairs a day. There is nothing to say what is 'normal' however I wouldn't be stressing if you are losing this much. Hair goes through a life cycle and when the cycle is complete it falls out . There are always more growing to replace it. However if you are worries, taking a vitamin supplement like 'Hair , skin and Nails' can help or consult your doctor 

  • After having a baby or if you are breast feeding , you may experience more hair loss than normal, I certainly did! You will notice a few months after increase in hair loss that small tufts of hair will be growing around your hair line. This is new growth and although they are annoying for styling/straightening, its certainly a good thing!!
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  • Using a silk pillowcase can be helpful for fine/damaged hair. It is a lot softer on your hair, especially if you are an unsettled sleeper and tend to toss and turn a little. Sleeping with your hair out is recommended

  • You shouldn't brush your hair when its wet. After washing your hair, detangling it with a wide tooth / afro style comb is best. Brushes are a little too rough on the hair shaft when it is in a fragile state. When your hair is wet it is more susceptible to damage.

  • Regular hair cuts are best for the condition of your hair. So every 6-8 weeks is optimum. I know this is not always achievable and I am not the best role model for this. I have 4 little kids and I am busy , I know how it goes but the more often you can do it , the better. 

  • Your hair generally grows around a centimetre a month. If you are trying to grow your hair, perhaps getting a trim every 8 weeks , but only taking off a centimetre or less. You will notice the increase in condition and growth in no time! 

  • If you are a regular heat styler, I would recommend using a heat protectant spray. This is a product you spray or rub through your hair either when wet , before you blow dry or when dry before you use straightening irons. It puts a protective coating over your hair shaft to protect it from the heat of the straightener. For instance, if you are using a GHD styler, they are at an average temperature of 210 degrees. Over prolonged use, this will take its toll!

My last piece of advice, and something that I have always said to my clients -  Love and care for your locks. Your hair of hair is your best accessory.
You wear your hair every day! Some people chose to spend more money on a pair of shoes or some craft supplies etc (just mere examples and I am guilty for it myself) yet can't justify spending a few dollars on good quality products and trim every now and then.
Treat yourself and your tresses and care for them . You will reap the rewards with a good looking do and will feel better for it !

So there you have some little pieces of info that literally just rolled out off the top of my head. Obviously take from it what you will , perhaps you learnt something new today, perhaps it reminded you of something you already knew but need to put into practice again!

Are there any other hints/ tips or advice you would like to share?


  1. Wonderful tips liz, I learnt a lot! Especially about shampooing twice and why its important to buy good hair products! It's four months since I had my second child and it feels like all my hair is falling out, so it's really good to know that's normal, freaks me out though!

  2. I love this post! You ahve taught me all I know about my hair! Love ya x


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