Thursday, October 20, 2011

39 weeks....

Wowzers!! I have made it!!
39 weeks.
Time has definately flown by, but then at the same time, boy has it dragged!!
I am big, like HUGE!
I have been for some time now, mostly due to the lack of ANY muscle tone in my stomach, and the seperation of the muscles from my last pregnancy with the twins!
So really, I didn't think I would make it this far into the pregnancy, and I don't think many of my friends and doctors did either! ( The twins pregnancy was very hard on my body, and I have only realised that in the last few months)
My pelvis has seperated again, and I am wearing a brace, but has felt better in the last few weeks, surprisingly.
I have constant, atrocious heartburn, and my back is aching.
But all in all, I feel pretty good, and if I didn't have to run around , pick up and constantly search for 2 little, devil 18 month olds, everything would be A, ok! Yeah right.
But , I am excited. Like crazy excited .
 To meet our little babe.
To find out what sex it is.
To see its little face and who it looks like,
To have newborn snuggles and not have to hand it back.
To have just one baby to feed, cuddle , worry about ( as much as I loved having twins last time, having one baby is very exciting!)
And for our 3 little people, to finally meet the bump in Mum's tummy!

Oh and to be comfortable again.
To have energy again.
To sleep again. ( As much as you can with a newborn, but probably more than what I am getting at the moment with Insomnia!!)
Not long now! Eeeek


  1. Oh how exciting. reading your post is such a reminder of those emotions.
    good luck.
    that last month especially is always a struggle.
    I can't wait to hear your news.

  2. Such a lovely bump!!!

    The last few weeks are the hardest but so, so special!!

  3. All my best wishes for a smooth labour and birthing day. How very exciting. Makes me want to do it again, right now!
    Enjoy these last few days, I can't wait for the announcement..


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