Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hospital Bags

Its ironic how when you are expecting your first baby, you go into the birth , however it happens, with excitement, anxiousness, and thinking of nothing other than your baby. Your husband gets to hang around, eat there, take photos, greet your visitors.
Then... with your second baby (or babies, like it was for us) the attention shifts to your first child. Making sure they are ok, settled, looked after, adjusting and coping with Mum being in hospital.
And then.... comes the next one. To say that I am nervous is an absolute understatement!! Not for my kids care, god they will be with my Mum when I am delivering and a few hours/ first night, after, and there is no one I would trust more with my kids, but for me. Nervous because I am THE WORST person to spend time away from my cherubs. I hate it. I cry. Alot!! Remember our Bali trip in May? hmmm SOOK!
And nervous for my little people, Stella will be fine, she LOVES her Grandma and Poppy and is old enough now to be super excited over her baby coming and understands why I am going to hospital. The twins however, are too young to know a thing! They have been patting my tummy, saying "babbbbbby" but they don't know what is actually in there! And they will be devastated and quite unsettled with me away.
Hell, they don't like me leaving to go to the shop! BUT.. they may surprise us and be absolutely fine, and we can only hope!
AND.... its not for long, they will survive and so will I!! Yes Liz, you will!

Anyhoooo, to make the hospital visits a little easier, more entertained and most importantly (for other patients ) QUIETER, I have put together some simple bags for the kiddos. Its another big worry for me about hospital, the fact that the other patients may not appreciate my 3 making noise, especially if they are first time Mums!!

So I have organised a bag for each child. I have had these bags in my sewing stash for a while. I originally purchased them from Target for 99c, with full intent on appliquing something cute on the front. Hmmm, into the box they went. So its nice to have a use for them. Stella is pink, Max is blue, Lacey is orange.

This is a peek inside Lacey's bag. Just a few things to occupy them, I don't know how the twins will go, but I think that if Stella is looking at her books etc, they will want to copy too!

Contents; A Wiggles Sticker and Colouring  book, Strawberry Shortcake Sticker book, Meeting the New Baby Activity book, a pencil case with new pencils and a small book to read. I have also got a few bags of lollies, and I will seperate into little glad bags for each visit. If all else fails, go the lollies!

This is the "Meeting the New Baby " Book. I bought it at Crazy Clarks , I think it cost about $4 , (actually all of the sticker books etc were either Crazy Clarks or Red Dot , I am a cheapskate, haha). I also managed to get one for School next year for Stella and a "Staying with Grandma" as the kids have never slept at my inlaws and Stella has only had a handful of sleepovers at my parents and most of them was when I had the twins last year.

Inside, they have activities about bathing, dressing, meeting your new baby and spaces to put the stickers provided. I think Max and Lacey will just like the stickers!


There are a few pages of the cool stickers too!! I couldn't believe my luck when I found these books, and I am going to keep them as a momento, so I am hoping they are a hit!

And the contents of Stella's bag, as its a bit fuller!
She has a Dora sticker book aswell, and her book is more age appropriate, and a pencil roll ( I also bought her a pencil case, just in case, she is sure to want one if I didn't buy it!)

Pretty simple, but these bags will stay at the hospital with me, and hopefully have some novelty effect and make the visits for Noel and the kids a bit more tame and bearable. I want Noel to be able to have quality time and cuddles with our bambino, and not have to make the visits quick because of the kids, darling husband will definately be feeling it and miss both me and the baby!!


  1. such a great idea. I had mine in a public hospital but did get my own room. It was very handy to be able to shut the door and let them loose! Good luck. What will be will be.

  2. Awesome ideas here Liz! Getting so so close now wishing you all the best for your new little bundle!! xx


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