Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Scrapbooking Storage

After sharing our family Project Life Album (who am I kidding, the album is ALL about the kids , but hey, thats our life , right?!) , I figured the next step would be to share my new scrapbooking space.
Normally when you get a "new space" its a new, improved and more functional version than that of your old one. Hmmm not so much here, but the things we do for our darling cherubs!

Since our spare room was my Craft Room, for sewing , scrapbooking and storing all my bits and bobs, and now we have a had a room reshuffle, to make a nursery waiting to be filled, I had to be creative with storing 'stuff' . Many may have seen our big, beautiful Liatorp TV unit in our open living area, and that is perfect for storage of our computer, printer, equipment, cords, papers etc. And the other side is great for my sewing machines, buttons, cottons, patterns etc, but where would my Scrapbooking things go?

An Expedit to the rescue!!
Thankfully, this is repurposed from my Old Craft Room (and Originally from my salon) but it fits perfectly on this odd shaped wall ( the entry is on the other side where the Buffet is), and snug behind the door. So its not unsightly when you walk into the room ( I would have preferred a white one if so, and purhaps doors on each cube to "hide" things).

These nifty units are the perfect size for storing Scrapbooking albums and I have managed to squeeeeeezzze ALOT of other things in too!

On the top , the white basket is a good dumping spot for all things that need to be put in albums, so Birthay cards, tickets, brochures. Even the kids drawings when they have come down from display etc. That way its all coralled in the same spot and every few weeks I go through and put them into the appropriate spots.
Also my PL tin, and my scrapbooking bag behind and the 4 boxes hold photographes waiting to be Scrapbooked!! YIKES!

Top left - is Wooden Stamps, Ink Pads and Punches
Right- is some divided boxes with Embellishments, Brads, extra tapes, etc and the 2 Green albums are 8,5 x 11 for the Kids craft, paintings and drawings.
Next Row Left - Our Project Life Albums (2 of them) and a General scrapbooking one and a spare ( I plan on moving the General Scrapbooking to another colour and using the 2 spare Buttercup ones for PL for next year)
Right- Files with Rub ons, Lettering, sticker sheets etc, and an album
Next Row Left- 4 Albums, one for each child for their Becky Higgins Baby Kits
Right - 2 Boxes for Paper storage ( I am still after the perfect storage solution here) and 3 x small 8 x8 albums for the kids.
Bottom Left - Some MDF kits for me to create with (drawers etc), Each childs left overs from the baby kits ( I haven't even started the twins but its all in the albums waiting to go ) and Magazines.
Bottom Right - A basket (From Target) that I pop different bits and pieces I find around for Embellishing. You know when you find a cool tag, or some ribbon that you think, " I could use that" well this is where it goes. Complicated hey?! ha

A closer view of a few shelves and following , the white boxes, all labelled and full of Photos. The labels are, Project Life, Baby Kits, Holidays and General Scrapbooking.

And just because its too gorgeous not to brag about, my new Scrapbooking tote. Complete with a lazy susan on the bottom!! Uber gorgeous, LOVING it!

Right, that is it. Seriously. Nothing to brag about, but you know what?! It works!
I have an area to store my goodies, away from little fingers, where I can close the door and not worry.
Where do I scrapbook? Well lately its been on the floor , right below the shelves. Yes I am telling the truth!! I can spread everything out, its more comfortable for me (with a big belly and I am a floor person anyway) and I just use a big chopping board to lean on, and have my trimmer on etc. Other than that, I take everything to the dining table, as I like to still be around Noel at night time if I am scrapbooking.
Its not pretty, its not fancy, but it is working for me, so I am going with it!
And you know what? Since moving to this space, I have completed about double the amount of LO's and organised other things like the Baby Kits, than I ever did when I had a whole room dedicated to it!
So, the moral of the story? It doesn't matter what space you have available to you, as long as its organised and you make it work for you, you can still achieve great things, and can never use the excuse, I don't have the space, or the time!! Its about making it for yourself!


Thankyou for taking the time to read and more importantly comment on my blog. They are all so appreciated! Liz x