Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Friends are like gold

Well true friends are. And all the So-Called friends, or ones your finally find the truth out about, make you appreciate your TRUE friends, all the more!

I have had this post , sitting, half written since mid September.
Today , I erased everything.
A few different things have taken place in my life in the past week or so, nothing major AT ALL, but small things that have made me realise just who my real, true friends are!

I am truely blessed to have 2 different groups of friends, each with some absolutely amazing women.
However , within these groups, are a few very very close friends. Good friends.
The type of true friends that know you well.
Well enough to know when you are down and out.
When you need help, a meal , some timeout, or a coffee and debrief.
The type of friends that invite you to events and playdates, even though you have 3 crazy kids! ha

And in return, they are the friends you think of when you are falling asleep at night, sitting idle at the doctors surgery or stopped at a red light.
How are they?
How is she coping when her husband is away?
Does she need help?
A hot meal?
Some time out at the gym, a baby sitter?
How was the drive home with 2 grumpy kiddos/
No wonder I have insomnia!!

I have one beautiful friend, whom I speak to EVERYDAY. Not a day goes by that we don't talk.
Normally text message, but alot of them. Sometimes nothing major, just to see how her day went,but its nice.
And if I don't talk to her, I feel a bit lost!
Strange but beautiful.

My wise father has always said, that you can count your TRUE friends on one hand! And I believe him!
I am a lucky girl and can fill a hand.
A handful of TRUE friends, the others, they are gorgoeus, lovely company and all contribute to making me appreciate life, however, some of them also are fake.
As sad as it is to say, but why do we bother with people that talk about us behind our backs, yet act nice as pie to our face?
Why bother with people that think its ok, to invite everyone else to something, and not you?
Why bother?
Is life too short?
But you know what?! These people make us appreciate our true, beautiful and amazing friends, all the more!
So they do serve some purpose! haha Even if it is just for entertainment value, because for me , the negative, hurtful things they do, don't bother me, but rather them more!!

When I left school, at the age of 16, to start my Hairdressing Apprenticeship, I fought hard to maintain my highschool friendships. Its easy to drift apart as a teenager , when you friends are at school, and you are all of a sudden working with adults, walking the walk and talking the talk.
I grew up, and fast!
Suddenly all the things they talked about seemed trivial.
However, I did keep 2 close friends for years to come.
Yet now, we don't speak. Different things happened, people, times , events and our friendships severed. Call it drifting apart, call it juvenile, but it is what it is.
I hope that when the girls look back on our friendship, they do so with fondness, as I do, however I am almost glad that we are no longer in company for the reasons of our seperation, are quite pretty poor.
Suddenly, when you have kids, your life changes and you reassess everything. I am hoping they too have the lightbulb moment when it happens to them. Maybe, maybe not, purhaps it was going to happen eventually anyway. Either way, lessons well learnt.

But now, I am a lucky girl. My friends are in the same frame of mind, some life style and situations.

A month or so ago, when I first started to try and write this post, a group of my friends, all got together to organise a surprise respite for me!!
With the decoy of a morning tea at a beautiful ladies house, I arrive, only to be told that I had an appointment for a pregnancy massage, in 15 mins. They were going to look after my tribe, while I went and relaxed!!
Gorgeous or what!!
Not only that , but when I got into the treatment room, I was presented with a beautiful bunch of flowers, a gorgeous card and some choccies! SPOILT!!
A know that a few of my true friends were definately responsible for co ordinating and organising the whole thing, and that is why they are so dear to me.
They know I needed it. And I will be forever grateful. But how to you repay someone for doing such a thing?

The best way I know how....... To be a good friend in return.
Its not hard.
Offer help, be there when needed, think outside the box and your little house and life, and generally just be a good friend.
So... to my special, true friends. I hope you know who you are.
I am forever grateful and appreciative for your friendship, and hope it continues for years and decades to come. I feel blessed to have you in my life, and hope you feel the same.

My gorgeous flowers from my friends!
So, sorry for the long winded post/vent but I know that after having this lightbulb moment, I feel great. Relieved, and completey grateful, for realising that I am so lucky to have the friends I do, and all the others are a bonus! haha
I hope that you all can take a little from this, even if it is self reflection, what sort of friend are you?

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