Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Album for Annual Photos

Like most families, we take our children to have a photo with Father Christmas every year.
You dress them up nicely and just hope for the best. As much as kids love him, he still is a stranger in a red suit and funny looking facial hair, all of the things we have taught our children to be wary of with stranger danger.
So... You win some , you lose some.. I am hoping this year we will win.  Ha

Anyway, to document these photos, have them kept safe all in the one spot and be able to see the growth and change in the kiddos , I have started this small Christmas album..

An 8 x 8 album I bought online a few years ago and had stashed. It's perfect for displaying out Santa shots. (I hope to replace the cover photo with a family one this year)


Each page is a little different. Some are card stock, some are sleeves, some are gorgeous transparent overlays, and I am sure it will be treasured in years to come when the kids are all grown up. 

Tell me. Do you have something special you do with your Father Christmas shots? 


  1. I have not taken the kids to see Santa since #3 was born but did used to do it every year, don't know what happened there.

    Love your album. I had thought recently I should do a layout each year for Christmas and pop into it's own album, putting it away each year with the decorations. It would be awesome to pull out each year and remember Christmases of past

  2. My daughter is one and I haven't taken her to have a santa shot! Don't think she will like him much!

  3. Fantastic idea! We do the Santa shot every year and I always display the latest and now I know what I will do with my collection, thanks to you!

  4. Beautiful!! And what a fantastic idea for the kids to look over and reminisce on at Christmas time!! xx


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