Tuesday, December 4, 2012

It's Beginning to look a lot like ...

My most favourite time of the year!
Our house seriously looks like Christmas exploded in it. And I LOVE it!
I just want to share a few images of our home.

I have been criticised for going 'Over the top'. Why of course it is!
But its once a year, for a month and I just to make it magical for our children.
Its what memories are made of.
Its the sort of thing they will share with their children and grandchildren. That Grandma was a mad lover of Christmas and made it special for them each and every year.
Well at least I hope that is what will happen!

My Mum used to decorate every year. Not as full on as I do, but the same beautiful pieces were put out and it made it feel.... 'real'.

Yesterday, while our big 3 were spending some time with their Grandparents, I had a chance to get a bit creative . The first time in a while.
I have been lusting after all the gorgeous Christmas cushions around, especially Pottery Barn ones, but with a tight Christmas budget , was never going to actually buy one.
Then I found my stash of Christmas fabrics in our tubs when getting out the decorations and had an urge to create one for myself.
And that I did!

See the tree cushion. That is the result of my efforts. Love

Totally perfect and meant for that very spot.

And the Christmas crafting is in full swing here. I try and have an activity planned and prepared for each day. But for something little before dinner the kids and I made a cute paper chain for the toy room.

And part of the craft I have organised for our playgroup we made these gorgeous wreaths.
Paper plate, green paint and some leaves cut out. Easy

And how could we forget the antics of our dear Alfie last night?! Naughty boy, riding the reindeer like that!

Ho Ho Ho


  1. So clever Liz, love the tree cushion x

  2. So lovely and so creative. I love your cushion, you clever thing!

  3. Your home looks lovely with all the decorations ! So nice to make it magical and special for the kids. We have that toy nativity set too and my daughter loves playing with it and it helps her understand what Christmas is.

  4. Love your cushion is that ironed on or sewed on?

  5. It all looks perfect!!! :) so exciting!!! You have some of the most blessed kids in the world xx
    Beck Scally

  6. House looks majestic Liz...always does!! But even more so at Christmas!! Miss you all!! xx


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