Monday, December 3, 2012

Introducing Alfie

Yesterday I spoke about how this year, we have a new Christmas tradition starting in our family.
We have joined the craze and introduced 'Alfie' our new 'Elf On the Shelf' to join in our Christmas celebrations and create some havoc and entertainment around our home.

He has been sitting in the box at the top of our wardrobe for a while now and its so exciting to open him up and start the antics.

To introduce Alfie to our family, I found this cute letter from Santa , explaining why he has come and also a Passport that he used to get here. Of course!
These were both cute printables and found  HERE

The letter does go on to describe how Alfie will be in our home to observe the childrens behaviour and report back to Father Christmas with his discoveries. I found this a little full on when our kids are so young, and also a fair bit of pressure on them. So even though I used the letter (it was just for show) when I read it out for the kids I said how they had been good boys and girls and Santa sent Alfie because of that. We are lucky that the kids can not read!! Stella just knew that Santa had signed off on it!

They were all so excited when they discovered the letter and then Alfie, the joy on their faces was well worth it!

To begin with, he was sitting on the sideboard and just observing the family, I will am up the antics with him as the time goes on , and as time permits for me to prepare it!

Day 2 he was found in the Toy room reading corner, reading his favourite Christmas book of course!

And then day 3 he was sitting with his buddy watching the newly put up and lit Christmas tree and lights in all its festive glory!

So.... exciting time here! Do you have a special Elf visiting your home?
What did you name him?

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  1. We have happy harry, I created a diary of events for me so I can come home from work each night and just do it without having to think too much.
    The kids are loving him. How cute is that passport.


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