Friday, October 31, 2014

Guest Feature with Gemma - Linen

Week 2 for the 'Gemma Does Housework' feature - LINEN 
(take it away Gemma)


So I am a linen lover. Actually scrub that, a linen FREAK! LOVE it!
Over on my Insta, I received quite a few questions in regards to my storage of all these pretty things. 
So here it goes;

I find its always the perfect time to tidy the linen closet. I love to sort and chuck and reorganise on a regular basis to remind myself what I do have etc. 
I use the IKEA Trofast tubs for storing all the linen, there are 9 in my cupboard. 

Four of these tubs are for linen. Others have baby blankets, sleep sacks and three sets of guest towels. 
Our towels ( two sets each) are in the bathroom and ensuite vanities. 

These tubs works so well because you have more stacking space in your cupboard. You can't stack your linen this high  freestanding or it will tip over, this way its all neat and tidy too!

The inside of the tubs :)

Isn't it all lovely? Most of our linen is from Kip & Co
Our sheets are folded into sets and the pillowcases are kept long (like the middle tub below) I can fit more in this way!

The kids linen is kept in one drawer in each of their rooms. It makes 'Clean Sheet Day' so much easier when it is all right there!

I use these small baskets to separate the pillowcases from the sheets etc

I am into fun , LOUD prints if you hadn't noticed!

Not the slightest bit glamorous as you would expect - washing on a line! 
I've had questions so thought I would explain here! 
YES!  I fold my sheets straight from the washing machine. I unfold fitted sheets and quilt covers to half and then hang portrait layout on the line -takes up half the line space and sheets are more manageable in half. 
Then when I bring them in , I fold straight from the line - crazy easy. I also share pegs, I never used to , but it is so much quicker!

I wash our quilt covers every week because we don't use flat sheets. If we did, I would probably only wash the doona covers fortnightly. 

Now lets face it, Fitted sheets are a right old pain to fold. So I just fold as neatly as I feel like and roll. They don't look messy in the cupboard because of the tubs so thats easy and if they crease , they smooth out when stretched on the bed anyway!

Now, these PRESSA hangers from IKEA are the best! 
I have 5 on my line on a daily basis. I hang clothes on them straight from the machine then head outside to pop them on the line. First you flick and straighten and then hang. I usually use 2 of the pegs for one item of clothing unless I am short on pegs. Then it is only one. 
All the kids clothes on here, kids smalls and adult smalls. I seriously could NOT live without them!

And lastly, pool/beach towels. 
We certainly don't have room in our linen closet for these. The kids towels are in their vanity and ours are in our vanity so this makes much more sense. 
We keep our towels and one pair of the kids bathers in these tubs on the back patio. We also have one up in the pool area with towels and swim vests. The tubs are from Ikea ( I long time ago)
I keep the kids beach towels and beach bathers in one big basket by the back door so I can just grab it on our way out the door. Perfect! 

So that completes the Linen feature. If you have any questions about anything, please don't hesitate to leave a comment , or you can contact me through Liz's Bizzydayz facebook page . 
Thanks x

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