Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Organising on a Budget - A Quick Bedside Drawer Tidy

My favourite kind of Organising projects would have to be the super quick yet super effective ones, and this is certainly one of those. 
My bedside drawers are always a bit of a shambles, especially the top drawer. It tends to be a dumping ground for anything on the drawer top that I don't want there, anything that my husband wants to put away that is mine and then the things I like to use before bed also. Crazy! 

I know the before shot really isn't that bad , but it was still a small problem area in our home , and I am working through them, one at a time!

Coles has been killing it in the "Dollar Dazzler" section , with lots of kitchenware items that I purchased for the Caravan for just a few dollars , and also these cute rolls of wrapping paper for $2 a pop. I loved the patterns and set them aside to do more with them than wrap a present, only to be chucked in the bin shortly afterwards. So what better way to use them, than a pretty drawer liner?

I simply measured the drawer, cut the paper to size and secured the corners with some double sided tape underneath. 
I added a few little tubs that I bought from Kmart for a couple of dollars , containerised the frequently used items ( heel balm, moisturiser, paw paw cream) and re homed the things that didn't belong here. 

Now its a pleasure to look at and is user friendly. Win win. And all for less than $10! 

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