Saturday, October 11, 2014

Insta happenings

I am a great lover of the App Instagram! A wonderful network of photo sharing, commenting and forming 'relationships' with people through the power of images and comment love. 
I have recently started a blog Instragram account, where I will be sharing bit and pieces from around my home and life. I often load piccies on to Instagram and then forget to do so on Facebook etc, so if you would like to follow more of the Bizzy Dayz journey, you can find me HERE, or the username is , wait for it ... bizzydayz

Meanwhile, here is a few Instagram snaps of our life lately ;

Twin LOVE 

Sunday arvo happenings

An invitation to a "Frozen" party calls for Anna hair and a coronation dress!

Breakfast with Harry Potter and Fireman Sam

Banana Bread, everyone favourite 

Planting some Capsicums and Tomatoes

Food prep for dance concert rehearsals 

For the love of laminating

Afternoon smoothie pick me ups

Plumb tuckered

$5 roses are the best kind!
(and puppy toilet training treats)

Strawberries on sale, means yummy strawberry jam 

Being read a book by your big sister? Now that is something special

The power of an image should never be under estimated. 

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