Friday, October 17, 2014

New Cushions

After searching high and low, in bricks and mortar stores and all through the internet, for cushions for our living area that were both affordable and nice to look at , I finally gave up the hunt.
Instead I settled in, deliberated and procrastinated , over purchasing some fabric that would become our new cushions. I knew what I wanted, but I didn't at the same time, so this seemed the best option. Plus this is a high traffic area of our home , as we only have the one living area, and the kids dominate this space for most of the time , so spending a small fortune on a few pretty throw cushions was simply not an option. 

I ordered this yummy loot from Fabric .com , and with postage it all cost about $75, and I have PLENTY of fabric left over for other projects (I used one of them for the  lamp I recovered, see post HERE). I used an existing quilt that we have laying over the lounge as the inspiration for the colours and just chose a few to highlight in the throw cushions.

A bit of time on the sewing machine, lots of pretty, creative mess and a few curse words (always the way when I am driving a sewing machine) and our cushions were complete! I made them all with a simple envelope closure at the back , which makes them easy to take off and throw in the wash quite regularly. 

The end result? Pretty cushions, all a little different. All a little wonky, all needing new inserts ( I just popped the ones I had already in them and they aren't all the right sizes) but I love them all the same! 

I love the Pom pom trim detail, I love how they all pick up different colours and complement each other and I love the felt flower (that my sister made and I have already ) that pinned onto the green spotty one and adds some pretty detail.

I love the few pops of colour in the lounge area now. I am trying to be more daring and I am really enjoying the fresh pops of brightness here and there.

With the covered lamp (that ties in with the cushions) , our new throw cushions and a good decull and reorganise of the space, our lounge feels like a new room! 

All up I think the 6 cushions have cost about $30 to make, with so much fabric left over , so for $5 a cushion, I can't complain! It was nice to have a project in mind and be able to get a little crafty and whip something up on the sewing machine. I really think that even beginners to a sewing machine could make some cushions covers and its a really great, low cost way to snazz up any space! 
Easy to make, easy to clean and look cute. Perfect. 
And a bonus? When I get sick of these ones, I can whip up a whole new set and the look of the room will be different again! Love it! 


  1. Hi Liz, the cushions look lovely!!! Roughly how much fabric did you need for one cushion? I have been wanting to recover the drabby ones I have for a while now, but cant muster up the courage to enter the dauntingness that is the fabric shop as I am clueless! :) Thanks! Petri (Hubby's profile popped up for posting :))


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