Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Camera Surprises!!

Yesterday I plugged in our little Point and Shoot Camera, to load some photos onto the computer and I was greeted with such a nice surprise when I went to view them!!!
Half of our Europe photos, from Venice on wards (the second half of the trip!) ,a Wiggles Concert from 12 months ago and the arrival of the twins via C-section !! I shed quite a few tears looking at these ones as I had never laid eyes on some of them before, we had a good friend as our midwife and she organised for someone to take the photos for us, so I was up the more secretive end of the deal!! There were soooo many people in on our delivery that it was a bit overwhelming, not to mention the fact that I was very anxious and a little spacey!
The photos are not glamorous, and I have never showed ANYONE, so I will spare you the details, unless someone really really wants to see them of course!! I can't believe how HIDDEOUS I look!! ick!!

So, if you are not that into photos, maybe stop reading now, as there may be a bit of an overload here!!
Ohhh the memories!! Look how tiny Stella was!!

Noel and Stella (18months) at the Acropolis

Small Acroplis next to big one!!

Stella chowing into choccie cake on the cruise ship when we were departing Venice!

She was sooo well behaved, this is how she fell asleep in Kefalonia

We were walking along the pier on our return to the cruise ship in Kefalonia ( a Greek Island) and I saw something in the sea, then this massive Turtle popped up and swam around a bit!! Awesome!

A Greek Island

Santa Croce- Florence


Ready for the Gala night on the cruise ship


Illegal photo of Statue of David - Florence

Dubrovnik- Croatia

Does this need a caption??

Church next to Leaning tower

Inside the church

Vatican City - Rome

Vatican City

Vatican City artworks- AMMMMAAZZING!!

St Peters Basillica

St Peter's basillica- The Popes church


Self portrait by tripod husband - Collosseum

Cheeky, tiny girl!!


Pantheon- Rome

Piazza Novono - Rome

Trevi Fountain -Rome

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