Wednesday, December 15, 2010

So much to do.......

Do you have a ever growing list of things you would like to get done before Christmas?
I certainly do , and its starting to eat at me. You know that feeling you get when you really want/need to do something and you just can't find the spare time for it? Its beginning to feel like the story of my life!
So...... I am hoping that if I share my list, that it will make me feel better for not getting to do them yet......maybe. Good theory Liz.

  • Package up and tag/decorate all the baking that I have done for little gifts for people (maybe Sunday)
  • Buy my Dads and BIL Pressies - hmmmmmm?
  • Finish wrapping all of the presents
  • Make stockings for all the kids (starting a new tradition, they already have stockings but my Mum does them)
  • Make some Rum Balls
  • Write out Christmas Cards for everyone
  • Clean out the toy room/label boxes etc, in prep for all the new toys to come
  • paint and decorate 2 foam Christmas trees
  • Edit and send out the photos from Sundays Christmas party
  • Bag up and sell all the baby clothes that are no longer needed (last Babies, sniff sniff)
  • Sew an order of 2 nappy pouches for a friend
  • Make my niece a dress for her baby doll
  • Sew Stella a quilt for her dolls bed like this one;
Made by the gorgeous Melissa Goodsell HERE

And lastly, clean and tidy my house!! Now its not bad, not by any stretch but I have "stuff" in piles waiting to be sorted, piles waiting to be filed, piles waiting to be scrapbooked, piles that have been DUMPED and piles of piles of STUFF!!

Yes, the list is over ambitious, but I am allowed to dream right?
Now if only I wasn;t working Sat , Sun all day, then Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs night , then Friday morning all next week, I might actually be able to achieve some of these great things!!
I will keep you posted!

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