Saturday, April 3, 2010

Bizzy Day

There is one way to describe today, BIG!!
I find I have the most energy in the mornings so thats when I get to my jobs. As most days, we arise to happy little possum called Stella, well today was NOT one of those days. She has a small stumble yesterday at my parents, whilst carrying a glass (yes a glass) and we think it may have landed on her finger on landing, (how very lucky it did not smash in her hand) , and now she is sporting what we think is a broken little finger. Hmm "sore, ouch"

After that I made honey crackles, cupcakes and baked the birthday cake for her Party tomorrow (she is turning 2!!) all before 8:30am!!
Off to the salon and chaos of town for some jobs, then home to put together her fought/cubby/playgym. She is a little frightened of it just now, but rest assured it will only take a few days.
We finished up the day with tea at the inlaws, quite a relaxed evening with MIL fussing over me, very strange but quite nice and Noels dear Aunty saying I looked like a BEACHED WHALE!! Grrrr thanks alot! Then home to decorate the birthday cake, an Upsy Daisy Cake, not too hard at all, will post photos tomorrow, hope she likes it!!

Anyway, had a late night last night, bloody insomnia!! Hmmm think it was about 1am, but nether the less, I achieved alot!!
I made Stella a gorgeous skirt and appliqued a motif on a top to match, and decided to make her cousin Denbi ("Membi") a matching one too, so aren't they going to be stoked when they get to wear them at the same time!! hehe how cute!! The above pics aren't of the skirt from last night though, but my very first one I have ever made, she wore it to dinner tonight and loved it!
I also attempted my first notebook cover, which I will start to make and sell soon, you can email me for more info or purchasing, I will post some pics when they are done. The one above is a bit dodgy but I was actually making it with my Mum in mind, so I gave it to her as a present today, just cos she is the best and my rock! I also finished 2 owl softies the night before, that I am selling too. there are more to come, these are just prototypes! ( Sorry the purple one has already been claimed by darling Daughter.)I am just loving sewing so much at the moment and get a real kick out completing something, I never use a pattern and just wing it, much to my Mothers disgust, she hates it how I am so casual but its all in the fun of it, so I figure if I can enjoy doing something and people want to buy my stuff then great, that way I have fuel to feed my obsession!!

Feeling pretty huge now, and my feet are monsters!! SO ugly, but just about 34 weeks so really stoked with our progress! Only a few to go, yay!! Although, we watched an AMBA twins delivery DVD today, hmmmm glad I don't see business end in either a C-Sect or natural delivery, not pretty!! hehe
Peace out!


  1. Welcome to the blogging world, consider yourself tagged:

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    I appreciate that you may not have seven blogs to tag, yet, so don't worry about that but the 7 facts would be fun ...

  2. Beautiful skirts and I love the owls! :) . I've become a follower of your blog :) welcome to blogging :)


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