Friday, April 16, 2010

Ticking time Bomb!!

Its exactly the way I feel at the moment too!! Like I am a walking (waddling), ticking , time bomb and every twinge etc I think to myself "Is this it?!" Not because I want it over, but that would be nice, but more because I know it is very rare that twins last to the gestation, 35 weeks and 3 1/2 days, haha.

I have been feeling really good, and yes, everyone has been saying I have been doing too much but I haven't felt over done or anything but it is getting harder to sleep at night, I can hardly roll over it is that painful (my Pelvis is back to no good again and its amazing how much you use it to roll over at night, and put your undies on!!) and when you don't sleep at night, it makes for a hard day, and that is exactly what I have had today. Pretty much acheived not alot, which is a right old pain for me, I showered, hair, makeup, salon for check in, home, cooked muffins and thats it, blah. Getting off the couch is now a mission and a half, especially in a hurry when your 2 year old needs to go to the toilet, as when they need to go, they need to go!!

Not even any sewing today, I have the bug and urge but just can't do it.
Hopefully my DH will come home and give me a cuddle and a foot massage?! Someone out there give him a hint would ya?!
But TGIF! I can say that now that I am not working Saturdays atm, how nice it'll be to have 2 days together as a family!
Bring on next week I say, if I go walkabout, you know where to find me, St Johns Hospital Geraldton!!
Here's some new things I have been making, but as soon as I sew, they sell, which is the idea of course!

Skirt $15 Size 2-3

Skirt $15 Size 2-3

Wipes Pouch - $15 Fits a large nappy and wipes container for quick trips

Taggy Rug for Infant development and exploration with different textures/colours $13

Taggy Rug $13

Enjoy your Weekend!


  1. Oh Bizzy Lizzy!!! Let's hope you drop those precious bundles soon hey! Sometimes Dr's just do not know best do they! Rest up sweets- you're doing a fab job. And getting more and more cleverer every day too lol

  2. Liz you are so talented! Baking those babies for so long and sewing all these goodies!
    I remember all too well that pelvic pain, the end is nigh. Fingers crossed you go AWOL this week xxx


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