Friday, April 2, 2010

Grand debut!

Wowzers, this is a big step for me. As one that is usually totally hopeless at technology, its taken a while to figure out how to actually make a blog, let alone, posting on one.
So welcome, to Bizzy Dayz, a place that I am hoping will help me once my gorgeous twins arrive, a place to vent ( and hopefully not rant!), get things off my chest and just update those who want to know on the latest happenings in our house, cos there is sure to be some pretty full on things happening!!
I am a mother of one, at the moment, Stella is 2 in two days, and more like 20. She is the light of my life and brings me absolute joy everyday (well most days).
I have a gorgeous husband,Noel, whom I have been with since the tender age of 17, and I have to say, as mooshy as it sounds, we are blissfully happy (most of the time!!!). As far as I'm concerned, we are living the dream, in a gorgeous town, a gorgeous house, with our gorgeous family and experiencing so many gorgeous things. Lucky as can be!
We are also expecting twin babes in the next few weeks, as I am 33 1/2 weeks pregnant, and honestly can't wait for their arrival, but I guess I won't be saying that in a few weeks, so I will have to re-read my post!! Such an amazing experience, to be pregnant with multiples, not the easiest thing in the world, my body has copped a hammering, but such a rare thing, we are feeling very blessed that we are lucky enough to be awaiting their arrival. Stella is also looking forward to her "babbbbiess" coming, although I am sure the jealousy will set in soon enough!

As for the rest of life, if it has room. I own and run an awesome Hair Salon, Tresses for Hair, and have THE most amazing staff. I love what I do, and am struggling not being about to do it at the moment.
If that doesn't take up enough time, I have a new found hobby and addiction, SEWING!! Yep, for those who know me, will probably laugh, but I am loving it!
So far I have made quite a bit of stuff for the twins nursery , a skirt for Stella, some owl softies, a gorgeous rabbit softie for her for Easter and some fluffy bunny rugs! I will post some pics asap.
Well off to enjoy Good Friday. We had THE most amazing seafood lunch at my parents place, Dad cooked as per usual, and it was so yummy, but I certainly ate my 3 person quota , which I haven't done in a long time!!
Above is a sneak peak of our latest photo shoot with the amazing Nicole Jupp from Nicole Jupp Photography.She really is worth her weight in gold, she makes us feel so comfortable with our sessions and Stella loves her!! Pity about my wardrobe choice, definately regretting that now, but hmmm the wardrobe is seriously lacking in options atm!!
Take care all


  1. Awaiting the arrival of your precious Twiglets with anticipation Biz!!!!! And well done on your maiden blog xx

  2. WOW This is a great idea!! Its so nice to read whats happening espesserly when im feeling left out here in Perth!! haha... ooo i love seeing your sowing ventures too!! I cant wait to show you what i have made too!! hehe... i should start one of these things too so you can see whats happening down here!! I think the grandies would like it too!! Hope Stella is having a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! And we cant wait to see you all when we come up! xo


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