Monday, April 5, 2010

Sewing free!

Ohh how sad it is to be blogging tonight, the long weekend went far to quick for my liking! I have enjoyed have Hubby around to help with Stella as I am not as agile as I usually am, and boy has he had jobs to do!! hehe So I feel we are finally starting to get organised for our impending arrivals.
A spot of gardening for the morning we had to do something outside, as cool as it was at 7am this morning as Stella wanted to go out and play on her car, a very pink Cosy Coupe that she got from her Nannie and Gramps, she even had to say goodnight to it tonight!

We also went to a birthday party for the most adorable twin boys this afternoon, thankyou so much AM for your book and advice, I am sure it will be well read, and we all had a ball, thanks again!
The nursery is just about finished, can't wait to post pics to show everyone, but not until the twins are born, it will give it away otherwise and I have contemplated a few b + w versions but its better left. I am utterly obsessed with birds and owls atm so that is what the theme for the babes room is!
I actually haven't sewn anything tonight, which is rare for me lately, and to be honest I am itching to get into my "den" or so my other half calls it. I did make a gorgeous pair of little wide length pants last night, made out of the most beautiful Michael Miller fabric, for a friends baby, luckily she knows she is having a boy! Not too bad if I do say so myself, hehe will post pics tomorrow maybe.

I am off , I will leave you with a pic of the super duper gorgeous quilt Stella received from her Nannie (MIL) , she is a very talented patchworker, and its Stella's first and I just LOVE it! So precious and such an heirloom to keep. There are hand stitched panels all over it!

WE have a growth scan tomorrow , just to make sure both twins are growing at the same rate, and are actually still growing and everything is ok, so fingers crossed everyone that T1 who has been breech , has now, infact spun!
Night all

P.S- I have figured out how to add a picture mid text tonight, a big feat in my world, it was annoying me!


  1. Hehe, well done on the picture thing. If you google "blogger widgets", there are a million and one things you can do with your blog ... when you have a million and one hours to do it, of course.

    Hope the scan goes well - do you know if they are boys/girls/one of each?

  2. That quilt is so sweet, did nan make it?
    Good luck with your scan!

  3. Hmm yes, the photo thing is a feat in itself for me atm!!
    Yep, MIL made the quilt, she is very talented, and I just love it to bits! So girly!


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