Friday, April 23, 2010

Insomia, and for my T!

You guessed it!! Just when everyone thought I can't sleep any less than I do already, the insomnia really sets in. I usually go to bed at around 11-12ish and get up around 6ish and thats never been a problem for me, I am not the type of person, fortunately , that needs oodles of sleep but its getting ridiculous!! I was starting to lie there for hours (as I can't toss and turn anymore) and it was so uncomfortable and I was only getting a few hours sleep. Well........Now I have a solution, go to bed later!!
So now I go to bed around 2:30 ish and sleep solidly til 6! Not a hell of a lot, but enough to scrape by , and at least the sleep is unbroken! So i wil trial that for a few days. I know people say its the babies preparing me for what is to come, but it would help if I could roll over when sleeping, instead of having to wake Noel to give me a push!! yepp, sad!
What do I do til 2:30 you say? Sew of course!! A few of the night owl creations!

TGIF if you ask me! Not that the days matter to me atm, apart from Dr's appts and the salon! Gosh I miss that place and my lovely people there, but I am trying to stay away because a quick drop in becomes an hour or 2 and I know i should be doing the 100 things on my "Before the twins come list"
Stella starts swimming lessons tomorrow , which she is so excited about, and I made them on a Saturday so that Noel could take her, something special for them.
Tomorrow is also our wedding anniversary, and yes, I remembered this year and I remember its 5 years (I get in trouble all the time from DH for forgetting how long its been) and gosh its gone fast, and I still love him to bits, more everyday actually, so we are one of the lucky couples I'd say! xo

As mentioned in title, this post is for my T. When I started the blog, it was for my own sanity, as I love to talk and write, but I'm terrible at penmanship, and never did I think I would have avid readers. He informed me the other day he check 2 times for a post, and I didnt do one, then when he checked it hours later, he had missed it by 45 mins, haha he was devo!! Ohh what a sweety!! Thanks for reading precious , you are a beautiful boy, but it is a little strange you care about your boss, you know you are supposed to hate me right?!
Hope everyone had a relaxing Friday night, a few vinos or watched the footy!

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