Saturday, May 23, 2015

2015 Catch Up

Its a long time between posts around here. Its also a long time between February and May!! Its amazing what you can fit in just a few months , and we have done our absolute best to fill our time completely. 

Time flies when you are having fun, but I have also had to farewell my beloved Canon camera (and it hasn't been replaced yet, I have to keep growing my money tree) and the ever important MacBook needed a trip to the doctors. These all contribute to not posting . But then again, so does trips away ( Coral Bay, Point Samson, Pardoo etc) , concerts in the big smoke (Stella and I flew to Perth with friends for the One Direction concert) and lots and lots of sporting and school commitments. 

The kids all helping Stella make her Poster for the concert

Stella  and I before the One Direction concert

Stella's favourite band member, Harry in the flesh (well on the big screen!!)
We all had THE BEST time in Coral Bay in April. We met my family there and enjoyed a sunny , glorious week at the best beach ever! 
Our caravan set up at Pardoo Station. Such a relaxing place, the kids are always asking to go back!
Playing tourist in Wickham
 Our new DOME cafe opened earlier this year!! What a treat and so exciting for us all! Now somewhere large enough to meet friends for meals/coffees, great for kids and convenient. Perfect !

Our girls enjoying a Dome breakfast!

I have added President of the school P & C to my repertoire and that has kept me well and truly busy. Lots of functions and fundraising events to organise and manage. 
The kids have taken up soccer and Auskick , as well as the usual dancing sessions. 
I've started a market stall business with a lovely girlfriend. We make a variety of jewellery (clay and wood ) and other home wares items. That has been a ton of fun, creating and playing!! 

My husband is still working a shift roster. Which seems to be working for us. The weekends he works aren't the best but the down time is amazing!

We survived another Pilbara summer!! Yay!! And our beautiful winter is upon us. These days are the ones we live for and make the terrible summer worth it!!  Lots of camping (glamping in our caravan more like it) to be done at this time of year. 

We have celebrated 4 out of our 6 family members birthdays already!! I turned 30 (oh dear) in March, Stella 7 at the start of April (while we were away) and Max and Lacey at the end of April (and they had a party this year , so a post on that is to come).

Heading out for a lovely meal and 30th Birthday celebration with my beautiful girlfriends, I like a bit of matchy matchy!

We have holidays planned for later in the year and hopefully family visiting soon enough so lots of things to look forward to! 

With lots of posts in mind, I have been taking snaps and trying to plan a few cool things for the blog, so lets see if I can make it all happen. Fingers crossed!! 
But for now, a catch up post and a ton of photos. Next up , a little DIY with instructions. Just cos ......

And just because they are cute! And I am loving being a proper 'soccer Mum'. Its so awesome seeing them run around, trying hard and enjoying themselves! 

Poor Max has been left for dust in the height department by his twin Lacey!