Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Good with the bad

Thats how I am feeling about my days and life at the moment. You have to take the good with the bad, and I am. Luckily the good far out weigh the bad, but when you are having a SH*TE day, it all feels bad! haha funny about that!

Max has been unsettled of late, and we were up 12 times the other night, both DH and I!! Then they both had a bad day following and guess what!? So did I!!
I know most people would love to be still in their PJ's at 10 am but not this little black duck! I hate it! I felt gross!
Unfortunately last night , at the night dream feed at 11pm Max started coughing like he was a smoker and it doesn't sound good. Thankgod I had already booked him into the Paediatrician, as I think the Lactose Free formula he is on is just not good enough, he may need prescription stuff.

Anyway, still in the cleaning and sewing mood, just wish I had more time to do it. Only 3 weeks til the Baby and Kid Market, so I need to get stuck into it. And to be honest I think I just need to sew as its something I enjoy doing, for me.
Hmm had my grumble, hehe thats what the WWW is for right?!
Anyway, on the upside, Stella is a crack up atm! So funny, the things she says , blow me away.
Me- "don;t do that, you are being naughty"
S- "No my not"
Me- "yes you are"
S- "Yes my am!"
Hmmmm gorgeous!
A few pics from Stella's painting day on Friday. I have been trying to spend quality time with her when the babies are asleep, only problem is, its not very often they are asleep at the same time lately but we jagged it Friday and managed to get some painting done and she loved it!!

I then used a few masterpieces to creat my eldest nephews birthday card (he turned the big 8, and boy has time flown!! Love you K-Boy) and the card/pouch for his present.

I felt like such the bad Aunty but I could not for the life of me think of what to buy him,............ so he got money, and I think he was stoked. He felt important and so grown up and was able to go shoppin in town the next day for something he wanted. He ended up buying himself a really good watch from the surf shop, how very grown up of him, as he didnt want to buy something that was going to break!! How amazing, he really is just Aunty's precious boy.
The Masterpiece!!

As for the weather, I know our winters are not that bad, but Bring on SUMMER!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Monday, June 21, 2010

Coles in my cupboard!

AS I have mentioned in previous posts, my bestie is visiting from the big smoke and I am loving it. She has a heart of gold and inspires and encourages me to be a better ( and more organised) person.
Saturday she helped me, actually she did the whole thing, so I actually slightly helped her , clean out my pantry. Now I have to defend my honour in some way and say that it wasn't actually that bad, BUT you should see it now!! OMG! Gorgeous!
Everything has a place, a basket and boy do I actually have alot of food. Thats the thing when your pantry is disorganised, you spend money unnecessarily on too much food for your own good. Now I have to say that the cupboard literally looks like Coles , a full on supermarket and its been a delight going to it ( more so than usual, hehe).
I actually worried about DH making his lunch last night, for fear he would mess it up!

I just love that feeling of organisation and cleanliness! Ahhh bliss
Off for a nice hot shower, the babies are actually sleeping at the same time,and have been for quite a while and I don't know for the life of me , why they can't do it for me during the day so I can get some of the above, organising done!
Night all

Sunday, June 20, 2010

I hate Sunday Nights

I really do, I hate them. I love the relaxed feeling, how comfy the couch feels and the help I get from Noel for the dinner/bath/bed routine (not that he doesn't help most of the time anyway but we can start it earlier). What I DO hate is the realisation that another week is starting, and I have to wait 5 more days to spend time with Noel and to have a mini break! Sad and selfish I know, but its so nice having him around to help.
Today I feel like I haven't acheived much today, because I really haven't.
We went out to my sisters farm (an Hour from town) for her 30th/End of seeding/ Housewarming party yesterday (we got there about 5:30). It was a great night and the babies were fantastic (Max slept for 5 1/2 hours which is longer than he ever has I think). They were in the shed where the party was, as it was very cold, and there were fires going outside and everything and they were gems. Stella surprised us all and lasted til nearly 12pm, the latest she has ever!! But had she not been in such a good mood and well behaved she most certainly would have gone to bed earlier. Needless to say it was 1am before we got home, and after 2am when we got to sleep. I had to feed Max at 3:30 and then Lacey at 7am but luckily everyone slept in and Noel let me sleep til after 9am! Wowzers, very unusual for me! We also had a sleep in the arvo when Stella did and Noel had one mid morning whilst Stella and I baked Banana and fruit muffins and made jelly and fruit cups ( make them in small tuppaware snack cups for snacks for Stella).

That was our day , pretty much. Its very rare for me to do very little and sleep so much but we need it at the moment, sleep in this house is like gold!

My best friend is visiting from Perth at the moment. She is fantastic, a truely beautiful sole and very caring and considerate. I am so lucky to have her as a friend. She virtually came up to Gero for a few days just to help me, and we are decluttering and cleaning cupboards. You should see my pantry!! OMG!! I will post pics tomorrow when the light is better, its beautiful. She is coming over tomorrow for the day,actually for the next 3 days, and we are tackling other cupboards and rooms and I can't wait!
Meanwhile, a few pics I took of the photoshoot from the weekend for my sisters products from her handmade business, Bread N Butter Factory.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

A fairy visited our house!!

True, I tell you, a fairy DID visit our house, and what a godsend the fairy has been!!
The Dummy fairy of course!
Its something that we have been discussing for a while now, when .
When is the right time to take a security item off your 2 year old when her life has literally just been turned upside down, times 2!!
Luckily, her dummy broke, and it was at daycare. I knew it was split, and decided to not give her a new one and bin it myself, but I didn't think it would break that day either.
She came home from daycare with a dummy that was split in half, and we did the whole "put it in the bin" thing and SHE DID!! We also explained that the dummy fairy would come and visit and take the dummy , and give it to a baby that needs a dummy. And she accepted that. The big girl she is now.
All I can say is THANK GOODNESS for her gorgeous daycare lady , Jo. Stella loves her, adores her, and asks nearly every day "Jo's house?" No sorry love, you are stuck with boring old Mum today. And it doesn't upset me, I actually find it reassuring , that she loves going there and it has made daycare an awesome experience for our whole family. Hopefully she will have vacancies when the twins need care, *hint hint*. So needless to say, because Stella does love Jo, she does alot there that she doesn't do at home, (ie: sit on a big girl toilet etc) and therefore I am ever grateful the dummy broke at her house too!!
Were we scare for the first night?! YES
Did she cry and get upset?! YES
Did we have an unsettled night with her?! NO NO NO
Yeeeehhhaaa, but I must admit, I am very very sad that my little baby is no longer, she is a big girl now and there is no denying it now. She talks like a trooper, full sentences and is just like a normal person speech wise, therefore she has understood everything.
So today I decided to go out and buy her a present, from the Dummy Fairy of course.
When she came home from daycare, it was left on her bed, with a little note

Dear Stella,
Thankyou for leaving your dummy for me, to give to a baby that needs it.
Love the Dummy Fairy

She got a book, Finding Nemo DVD, Alphabet flash cards and a Lollipop, and guess what she loved the most?! The lollipop of course!

Oh how nice to not hear her talk through her dummy when upset, cry out for it and have to attempt to take it away ourselves, couldn't have done it better if we tried! Now she just has her Teddy Ruggy, but we are happy for her to have that forever if she wants, but it will live under her pillow for quiet and sleep times.

I am on an organising and decluttering mission with our house, as we think we will sell and buy a friends down the road, ohhh the joys. But I do love chucking stuff out and decluttering, I even bought a label maker! OCD Anyone?!

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Oh what a glorious day it has been!
Stella had a sleep in with her Grandma and Poppy , in the endevour for us to get a sleep in (it didn't happen!!) so we started Sunday a bit slower than usual.
A scrummy breakfast made by DH, scrambled eggs on toast, then off to pick up the gorgeous girl.
We then decided to go down to the foreshore park for a family lunch as my parents also had my sisters 4 kids for a few nights over the weekend (Mum is a true legend and is always offering to give up her precious time on weekends for her grandchildren). Pizza and a play it was! Stella loved it!!

Then home for a photo shoot for my sisters Bread and Butter Factory goodies (all handmade hair accessories and decor) and an afternoon watching the footy (aka= feeding)

Just a few piccies of our every growing gorgeous babies!

Hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend, I certainly have, but they do go too quick! I love having Noel at home to help with the kids, takes the pressure off!

Cupcake Friday

Sorry for the lack of posts, as you can imagine, it has been quite a crazy house lately. The twins have been having their 6 week growth spurts, teamed with snuffly noses and you have a great recipe for very limited sleep. And I't talking , 1 hr!! But , there is light at the end of the tunnel and last night I scored 7 hrs in total, stoked!! The only thing better than that would be having it in a block!!
My super duper gorgeous friend sent me a message saying that our dinners are organised the for the next week (as I have sleepless, and have the cold too!! Actually, I'm thinking its tonsilitis!). What an amazing offer! BUT how guilty do I feel? But needless to say, all my objection didn't make a difference, I received an email with the list of dinner cooks and what we are having for the next week. She just told me to not take away the joy from someone for giving. Hmmm didn't do much for the guilt but we appreciate it alot nether the less!! Dinner time is certainly entertaining. Its Murphy's law that all babies will be unsettled during this peak hour, and we have 2 , so the dinners are making life so much easier!! I did cook and freeze alot, but 6 weeks down the track and our stocks are looking dismal! My super gorgeous friend is the best anyone could ask for, and she is in Perth now, and I miss her like crazy, but she is never too far away to help, thats a real friend for you!!

Now onto our crazy cupcakes. In a desperate attempt to increase the snacks in our house and avoid a trip to the supermarket in the next day or so, we baked today. Its a great way to entertain Stella, get some quality time with her and wear her out a little.

So after the back and a whole lot of flour ending up everywhere in my kitchen, she was allowed to make her own icing and decorate her cupcakes. She had asked for green icing, and I figured it was just a word to her as she sometimes gets colours mixed up, but no, showing her the food colouring, she picked out green straight away, so that is was.

Then the sprinkles, boy did the end up everywhere too!! Anywhoooo she had ball, ended up with stuff all over her and proceeded to eat the icing and topping and not the cake, but hey, isn't a childs institution?!

enjoy you Sunday, its an amazing day here, and we have lots on the agenda, whether we get it done or not is another thing!! Gee babies are time wasters, lucky they are well and truely worth it!