Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sorting the washing,

Seriously..... thats what this blog post is all about! ha ha
But after some talk recently on Facebook, and THIS blog post from the lovely Clare at The HOME She Made about how we each make our washing schedules easier to maintain and complete each day/week, I thought I would share what we do in our home.
Now with 4 kids, a husband who plays football in winter,Waterpolo in summer and wears High Vis clothing and gets dirty at work, our washing piles up quickly.
Not only that , but our kids have a new set of PJ's every night, silly I know, but thats just what we do.
Hence the reason why I wash a few loads a day. Its never scheduled, say whites on Mondays etc, but when there is a decent sized pile, it gets washed.
I guess the advantage of kids that way at 5:30 EVERY. MORNING, is that a few loads can be done by mid morning and hung out to dry.
Every day they are bought in, and folded and most of the time put away.

In our home, each family member has a white basket, these live in the Laundry but are bought out to fold each day, or every other day. As the items are folded, they get placed in the owners basket.
I find this easier to put the clothes away, you are going ot one room, its all contained and if you don't have time to put them away that day, the basket is neat enough to sit on a chest of drawers and not look offensive.
The baskets may be small, but they are the right size when you are washing regularly, and they are only little peoples clothes ;) ( its also alot less daunting to put away a little basket of clothes than a big one!)

Shown here, was my washing from yesterday. The pile at the back is Noel and my clothes, the kids all have one, and there is a spare that is for the miscellaneous that are washing ie: you do a load of towels that day, its for towels, you do a load of baby muslins and rugs (as it was yesterday), its for them etc.
And hanging over the chair in front , are the clothes for the ironing basket and delightful ironing lady ( I have mentioned before that this is my luxury, I HATE ironing, can't find the time with the kids and prefer not to do it when they are around, too dangerous! )

Simple but easy to follow and keep up. It works for us, and at the moment, if you haven't noticed, I am all about the simple things!

Its beginning to look alot like Christmas....

On Sunday, while our darling little man was napping, I managed to convince hubby that it was time the Christmas boxes came out of storage. Much to his disgust of course, as its not December yet, but I am no better than a wee child when it comes to this time of year!
So here are a few snippets of our home, and the festive cheer!

The child friendly table, its copped a hammering but I think the novelty is wearing off, maybe.....

Yummo!! What a lesson we are learning on self control, not good for someone who is breastfeeding a baby having a growth spurt, hmmmmm.

And some activity books I have picked up from our local discount shops, ready for December 1st!

      And this year we are keeping them in the back of the book basket! And this is filling fast every year!

The tree is not up yet, the reason a mixed one.Timing- The baby woke and we like to do it as a family.  Its less time for 2 little cherubs/devils to destroy it and me having to yell at them, and because we need new lights , now that the kids (Stella) is into the full spirit this year!

                                More to come, its only the beginning, and I love Christmas!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Simple things

Are often the best.
And the sweetest, most sugar filled, but hey, they had fun!

Since having little Angus, my attention and time has been a little stretched.
I have felt the dreaded "Mothers Guilt" on more occasions than I would have liked to.
One crying, 2 crying or all 4 crying, who do you choose? How do you prioritise?
Just today, Max put his teeth through his top lip, and there was blood. So I tried to console him the best I could whilst B/F Angus. No sooner was he settled and Max and Lacey had a tif at the little toy kitchen and it resulted in Lacey's finger getting caught in a door, tearing a big chunk of skin and squashing it. More tears, More blood, more stretching myself to console and feed.
Not easy, but I am learning and so are they.

So. seeing as though I cannot give them the attention they are used to for the whole day, when I have had the time, I have tried little activities to show them that Mum is still here.
The other day , it was simple is best.
Decorating the beloved Milk Arrowroot. Sugar filled, high colourings and messy, but such a simple and loved activity, and its not like they do it, eat it all the time!
Not to mention the fact its great for co ordination!!

Lacey's biccies, all seemed to be this shape, within seconds of receiving them. Hmmm just quality controlling!

                      And my Project Life POTD, priceless, simple and edible fun, and they had a ball!!

                                                             And the finished product;

Friday, November 25, 2011


WARNING: This post has ALOT of photos from a doting Mum, she's got it bad!

I have survived the first week with Noel back at work, with the 4 kiddos. One hairy day in the mix, which wasn't too bad in the scheme of things.
Throw 3 Dance concert rehearsals (for Stella) a town day and a hungry baby going through a growth spurt (who am I kidding, Angus likes to feed alot ALL the time ) and the week was busy but good.
Adjusting to having a newborn around has been relatively easy, Angus is a beautiful, calm and content little boy, and has slotted into our family oh so well. He sleeps through all the screaming, bickering and laughing so thats a good thing! At times I am surprised his hearing isn't impaired!
However its the long feeds in the early days, with active and hungry children that make some times through the day a little busy!
Then there is the "getting ready to go out " thing. I had a system before Angus came along, and it was chaos enough, but now I have a 4th to feed , dress and pack for, it really IS busy!
BUT wouldn't have it any other way!
Our little surprise package has completed our family perfectly, filled my heart right to the brim with joy and has his whole family wrapped around his little fingers!
You love them instantly and somehow , the heart and life you thought could not get any fuller or bigger, makes way for one  more little miracle. Just when you think "I wonder if I have enough love to go around" you mind makes more than enough room, and there was never any doubt about it!

And just because I love him to death, and he poses without running off, I have been a bit snap happy. But how could I not? Devine, yes!

Angus Frankie, 3 weeks old

The big Dance concert is tomorrow, I am that excited its not funny and I am not even dancing!
I can't wait to share pics, and I will be back over the weekend with some "Normal" posts, or just ones that aren't full of my bragging!
Happy Weekend Eve!

Monday, November 14, 2011

2 weeks

Our beautiful boy, Angus Frankie
A few snaps from today , 2 weeks old and so precious!

Sorry, just a quick one again, I am off to bed, he finally gave up the fight for sleep and I am off  to do the same!
I'll be back soon with some bigger posts, I have a bit planned, but if there is anything inparticular you would like to see/read , let me know!

Night all xo

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

So devine...

How many photos can you take of one little person? How many kisses can you plant all over his cheeks? How can you describe the instant love you have for them?
Whatever it is, its NEVER enough for a baby! And this is my baby ;

Welcome to the world Angus Frankie
A slender 9lb, and 54cm long!

In Hospital, cuddles with Mum, hows those cheeks?

At home, 10 days old, and simply devine!!

Just a quick post tonight, life is pretty busy around here, and if I am not busy playing and having fun with the 3 older kids, I am busy snuggling and smooching my precious little man. Smitten is not the word!!
He is so devine!! Love him to bits, and he is such a perfect way to complete are little (or rather big) family!
I'll be back in the next few days with more photos, and more details of how he came into the world!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

It's a boy!!

Angus Frankie Was born at 6:55 pm , Monday 31st October. Weighing 9lb and 54cm long. He is just Devine And the perfect little man to complete our family. I will post photos ASAP but for now I am busy snuggling!! X