Thursday, April 28, 2011


That is all that I can conjure up at the moment for the way I am feeling! Oh and add tired, sick, emotional and a tad under the pump but Blessed covers it just fine!!

I have been AWOL of late. Due to alot of things, day to day grind, gym, dancing, playgroup, working, football, parties, socialising and most recently, holidaying!
We have just returned, only last night , from a 5 day trip to Shark Bay! Our first holiday camping in a tent with our kids and they were superstars! Slept well, loved the tent, and loved socialising with their cousins!
My parents and my sister and brother in-law and their kiddies also came and it was fantastic!
Beautiful weather, seeing dolphins at Monkey Mia, snorkeling, swimming, fishing, eating, drinking . Bliss!
I will share photos when the events of the weekend are done and dusted!

You see, tomorrow is our precious twins, Max and Lacey, first birthday!! I can not believe it!! Time has flown by and I can not imagine our lives without them in it!
And its on the eve of their big day , that I choose to share with you some big news for our family!! Why? Because, I have been thinking back 12months to the way I was feeling, the emotions, the highs, the lows, and everything in between with twins, and can't believe that we are expecting again!
Thats right, we are pregnant with baby Number 4!!
14 weeks to be exact!!  That would explain my absence, the continual nightly wakeups for a chuck (dreaded Morning sickness again!!), the extreme tiredness ( I do not remember EVER feeling this tired, but then again, I haven't had to run after twin babies or a 3 year old whilst pregnant before either!!) and all the other jazz !
This little bundle is a lovely surprise for us, and we couldn't be happier , now that it has all sunk in!
4 kids under 3 1/2 years! But how amazing will the bonds they share be in the future? Certainly worth all the hard work I think!

So this is how our baby is looking at the moment!



I have to admit though, it is feeling a damn site bigger at the moment! I can no longer sleep on my tummy comfortably! I love sleeping on my stomach and have relished in it after having the twins and recovering from our C-Sect, but now its just not good anymore. A small price to pay for such a large bundle of joy I say!

So now that the beans are spilled, I am off to do more baking! So far today, 2 dozen quiches, 2 doz cupcakes, 2 doz choc crackles, honey joys, jelly cups, 2 cakes for creating the birthday masterpieces, choc chip cookies and the night is still young!! All for the big Birthday celebration for the most beautiful and precious babies in the world!! How blessed we are!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Since stopping work at the salon, I think my life has become more hectic, yet so much more enjoyable!
This weekend is full to the brim, I am filling in and helping out a salon in town, Noel has Football, a party for my Nan, the Midwest Baby and Kids Market Sunday and some sewing to be squeezed in before hand!!
Argh!! But you know what?! That is just how I like life, I don't know any different and as long as I am with my family, I am happy no matter what!!

In our house, on our home days, we try and do a craft session. It might be simple, or something more structured and thoughtful , but most of the time its a spare of the moment decision and I make up the activitites myself!

The other day, Stella and I set upon creating a chicken in an egg made out of a paper plate. I am BIG fan of paper plates, as you may have realised, they are cheap, easy and soooo versatile. Plus I like the look of continuity when they are all up together, regardless of whether they are a sun, a turtle or chicken!

We have moved our crafting to higher ground. Max and Lacey are at a fantastic height to swipe Stella's little table and make one hell of a mess.

First I drew on the plates, not all that perfect , but they work and Stella enjoyed it, and that is all that matters!

She then glued yellow crepe paper cut into squares, all over the top for the chickens body!

And pieces of scrap material all over the bottom for a pretty patchwork egg.(We got these scrap materials out of a collage kit I purchased)

A few feathers on either side on the back, for fluffy wings for her chicken.

And she was one proud little girl, she loves her chicken now!!

I did one too, and its so nice to do something together as usually I supervise, and I have since punched a hole in the top, threaded some ribbon and they are hanging in our loungeroom on display. I will show pics when the display is more complete (better hop to it Liz , only a week to go before Easter!!)

Why not give it a go with your child? An Easter chicken, in her egg? Easy, not much mess and pretty cute !

The next day we did these paper chains. I got the idea off Jade at Super Organiser Mum, where all good ideas come from!! Jade rocks!

They are purchased in a pack for $2 at Target (and finally our Target has something good that others have!!)
Each piece of paper has a pull of strip to expose a sticky section, so no glue or staples are required. Stella loved this activity and I loved it more for hand- eye co ordination, and the no-mess factor!!
We were able to do it later in the day, just before bath, and the results were instant!

Such concentration from Stella!! So cute! The chain is now hanging in my lounge display too, promise photos soon!!

And just a quick photo of my Toy Room storage. I have shown you before in THIS post, how I store all our craft supplies for Stella's activities in the Ikea white boxes, labelled and split into categories.
Paper Supplies, Paints/Glues, Craft Supplies and Colouring In.

And this is where the boxes go. Top shelf, out of reach of little hands and easy access for quick sessions.
When Stella gets a bit taller or Max becomes a real boy and climbs, I will reaccess the situation but for now, it works for us and looks neat and tidy (if all the lids were on properly, sorry, haha), underneath here are about 10 Branas boxes from Ikea and I am creating tags at the moment!

And just to cutesy the post up a bit, our two little cherubs are really starting to interact and bond with each other, more and more every day. Its so beautiful to watch. But , with all this bonding, also comes some serious fighting!! Snatching toys, grabbing hair, stealing food (Lacey!!) and all round bickering!! ALREADY! But boy, are they cute!!
Oh and both have taken 2 steps!! Max has been looking like he is going to walk for a month or so, and is still not really progressing much, but Lacey has just started and I think she might be the first to walk!! Soooo determined, she is reminding more of her sister (and maybe her mother!) everyday! Fall down, get back up, fall down , get back up! Max on the other hand, falls down and thinks "oh well, crawling is faster anyway!"

Please Note: New couch in background!! LEATHER!! Beautiful, will have to do a post about it, cos I love it That much!

And the messy one, after a slither of chocolate cake!! Hmmm, Bath time!

This smile is the "Show us your teeth" smile, on cue, everytime! Cute as!

I hope everyone is enjoying the cooler weather (well we are having cooler weather) , the days of over 35 degree temps may just be a thing of the past., I hate winter but was definatley getting over it, and our power bill was not good either! Not to mention the fact that the babies look so so cute in trackie pants!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

TIme Is Up

I have been quiet lately. Have you noticed?
Hell, even I have noticed!
I has been a combination of things. Sheer exhaustion, the past 18 months (6 whilst pregnant and utterly uncomfortable , and 12 of our little cherubs lives) of sleep deprivation, trying to adjust to not having the salon (and sort all the wrapping up stuff out) and just trying to survive in our chaotic, full on and delightful life. Oh and throw solo parenting for 4 days into the mix, as Noel was in Perth for work and Liz is one worn out lady!
But to top it off, and rock the boat totally, we have lost another 2 people, precious people, in our lives.

As you are aware, Noel's Grandad passed away, on the 12th March , but last week, my Uncle passed away. Devastating.
Its sad enough that people die, and leave this beautiful world (even though they are destined for a better one) but what makes me so , so sad, is the people they leave behind. My cousins, without a father, my gorgeous Aunty without a husband , best friend and confidante and my cousins kiddies, without a loving Poppy.
But yesterday , on Stella's 3rd Birthday, we attended his funeral, and layed him to rest. He is at peace.

Two days later, after my Uncles passing, we received a call, actually I did, and Noel was in Perth for work, that Noel's Grandma, this time on his Dad's side, had passed away.
She had been having trouble with her heart for some time, and the time came for her to stop the fight. Her funeral is in Perth on Thursday.
Unfortunatley I will not be attending, Noel will, but we/he has to travel down to Perth and back in the same day, and that is too much for 3 little kiddies, and even us, but these things need to be done. If it was over 2 days, down one day, back the next, I wouldn't hesitate, but thats the way life is.

I know its terrible to say, but hopefully that is our 3. The end of our bad run, and time for a new start and some happy and positive times!!
Lucky we have these precious bundles to keep us grounded and able to appreciate the wonder and miracle of life itself.

SO CUTE!! A morning tea together or biccies and apple! And yes, my kids are in their PJ's. It was a home day , so why not I say!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Easter Goodies

As you know, we have started our Easter decorating and now our Easter crafting. Nothing major, nor fancy, but it was very much enjoyed by Stella, and thats all the matters!

I bought some foam Easter eggs, 6 in a pack from Spotlight, and some feathers and Stella took to "Glueing" with them.

Such concentrations, and all with 2 little observers/helpers/wreckers!

Hmmm one second, a lapse in concentration and a bag or 2 of feathers got emptied onto the floor. By Max of course!

Guilty as charged!
"It wasn't me!"

The end results, I told you they weren't fancy, but she loves them, and I have a beautiful new home for them, will update my decorating pics soon!

Now some cool pickups that I nabbed at the shops. These I scored at our local Target. I have scoured and searched that place over the last few weeks and to no avail, yet the other day, these beauties surfaced!

A container of pastel and glittery eggs to hang on our tree!! CUTE

These super cool box of goodies! Little eggs to hang, little chicks, lots of hanging goodies, lots of decorations!

And this is a mask Stella made at Playgroup last Friday. Glitter went EVERYWHERE, but she had fun and loves it!

And some simple colouring in! I often wonder how she does it with all those jewels on, but she wears them everyday!

And nothing Easter related, but I found this in Target too!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Hmmm now for more ideas to get more Easter-fied!

3 Going on 23!!

On Monday, our little ladybug turned 3! I did the normal motherly thing to do , and thought back those 3 years as to how I was feeling on the 4th of April 2008! Hmmm, purhaps I shouldn't have, but I know it sounds strange but I really enjoyed my labour with Stella. Then at 5:19pm, our beautiful big baby girl was born, weighing 8lb 8ozs and 50cm long.
Little did we realise how much our lives would change in an instant! Oh how much love we had for our little princess within seconds and how we are so proud of the little , gorgeous person she has become!

This year we threw her a party, with her little friends, seeing as though last year I was 37 weeks pregnant with the twins and could hardly walk, let alone throw a big shin dig (she had a party at the park HERE).
I asked Stella a few weeks ago to pick a cake out of the Australian's Womans Weekly cookbook and she did, she picked a ladybug, and I was very pleased. That then became the theme for the party.

I purchased a Package off Etsy , the same as THIS ONE and it was fantastic. You can type in whatever you want, and it comes with everything you can image. I , of course, didn't use everything but I think for what I used , we got our money's worth!! So if you are in the market for a birthday theme or gift, check them out, super quick and super easy !

So here are some details, hope you like it;

The invites

The cake , at 1:30am the night before the party, I know, why do we do it!!

Some red bug food, the red spot plates (and we had cups to match , from Typo)

Ladybug cupcakes!

The signs hanging and the front banner are all included in the kit from Etsy.

The set up before everyone arrived and all the food was out.

The Lolly Bags

Tags also included, there were a few to choose from actually. I just stapled them on and tided some thick, curling ribbon (from Spotlight) around the handles.

The signs and lanterns

Nearly there

Choc chip, and Jaffa Chip cookies! Popcorn and tongs to serve on either side

Ladybug iced Milk Arrowroots, and choc crackles

Cuteness  with her friends waiting for the cake!


Blowing out the candles on the bug cake!

LOVE this face!

The Lady bug cake before it gets demolished!

Her party was on Sunday morning, and her Birthday was Monday so we had a little family dinner too, photos to come!