Thursday, July 28, 2011

Devine Princess

Ok, I know I am definately at risk of sounding and looking like an over obsessed, biased mother and I have over-loaded everyone on photos of the kids lately , but my god, are they CUTE! ha
Most of the time anyway!! Today Lacey was nothing like this, more of a grumpy, whining, crying snotty mess, but still pretty cute with a grumpy face on!
And Max, the poor little dude, no wonder he has been cranky, ear infection, chest infection and I found ANOTHER tooth today, only it was a back molar!! What the....! So 2 front side teeth and a molar in a week. Noice.

But for now, the Devine, placid yet bossy Princess, having fun on the swing!

Don't you love it when they are having so much fun, they close their eyes!!




What have we been up to lately?
Well we have been housebound for the last 5 days, out of choice, as the kids are sick and I would rather keep them warm and cosy at home.
As I mentioned before, all 3 have chest and ear infections, bless their cotton socks.

So we made some playdough, early in the morning mind you, and created "stuff".
Yes, half the kids are in their PJ's still, the joys of home days, whatever works I say.

AND... we had some days of sunshine, perfect for getting nappies dry!!

And Lacey has started demanding having her hair done in the mornings too, when I do Stellas. Except no clips stay in , due to a very observant brother, so a fountain it is! CUTE

And Stella and I used a little kit she got in a lolly bag a few weeks back, during the twins sleep time, to create a lovely necklace for her, and a key chain for her much loved Dad!

Such concentration!

This is of course between all the crying, whinging, cuddles, snuggles, kisses and playing!
What have you been up to lately?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Menu Plan

Its a bit late, but here is our menu plan for this week. The kids (all 3) have got chest AND ear infections, so we found out after a trip to the Doctors yesterday, so we are pumping them with every fruit and vegetable available!! My very generous parents went to Perth on the weekend and bought home some lovely fresh fruit and vege (like bucketfuls) so its been a welcome addition to our diets this week!! BTW- Blood Oranges are YUMMY!!

Monday- Chicken and Vegetable Pie 

I was so proud of my pie, this is only one of the 2, I made, so yummy!!

Tuesday- Meatballs + Vege with Ikea gravy ( we bought the powder last week when we were there!!)
Wednesday- Jacket Potatoes with Bacon, capsicum, cheese and salsa
Thursday- Fish with Lemon Pepper sauce, chips and salad
Friday- Enchiladas with rice packet and salad
Saturday- Butter Chicken with Rice and Naan Bread
Sunday- Roast with Vege

26 weeks

Firstly, I just wanted to say a HUGE thankyou to everyone for their messages of love and support after my hissy fit and whinge fest in one of my last posts. The pregnancy hormones are well and truely flying around , and most unwelcome alot of the time, but I did feel so much better after getting it all out. I just didn't mean for everyone to feel sorry for me, it wasn't my intention at all.
However its been refreshing and comforting to know that I am not alone. Mothers guilt is a horrible, horrible thing, but its reassuring that nearly every mother gets it in some way or other, and this Parenting gig is not easy, so we should all be proud of ourselves for the jobs we are doing!! Hardest job in the world I would say, but also the most rewarding!!
So thankyou, I felt better, and really appreciate all the offers for help etc , just knowing people are there , if I was ever to need them, makes life that bit easier!! xo

Now down to business!

Just to be consistant, I am nearly a week late with my belly shot, but thats how it goes.....
So last Friday, we turned 26 weeks, we are nearly 27 now. Time is flying by!!
Like, really fast!!
We are nearly in August, and with my Mums and Darling Husbands birthdays in that month, it will go really quickly, then we have September, and half of October to get organised before we play the waiting game. Not long really, I hope by then  I am ready for a new bubba!! Its not that I don't want one, cos I do, they are booootiful, but right now, my twins are still babies, and demand alot of time and attention.
It will all work out beautifully, I know it will!

Big bubba at 26 weeks. Please excuse the mini handprints on the mirror, they like to lick themselves! Noice

At 26 weeks, the baby should measure 36ish centremetres, and weigh around 780g!!
It feels twice the size, and the kicks feel just as often as the twins did, double the fun in just one little package!!!
I am thinking its a boy, Noel thinks its a girl (or is he hoping, as our girls are quite placid compared to Master Max!?)
And I thought I was set for names, then meh, changed my mind and so did Noel, so we will have to wait and see. Oh the pressure of choosing a name for a special little person, for the rest of their lives!! ARGH!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Good Tucka

For some silly reason, I think that the kids were quite satisfied with their dinner!!

It was a BIG clean up mission, and more ended up on their faces than their mouths, but its nice to know they like their Mumma's cooking!

This is how the twins eat tea now. No highchair tray, at the table, with everyone else with a fork and spoon. Just like big people!!
Where have our babies gone?!

Dress Ups

More of what has been happening here lately.
Sick kids, unhappy, sooky kids , need lots of games and occupying. Its so nice (and easy) now that the twins are wanting to join in on Stella's activities (much to her disgust sometimes) but I can already see how having our kids close , is going to be awesome in the long run!

Lately, they all have been getting into dress ups. More often than not, Max ends up in a fairy dress, however, on this day, it was Spiderman for him!

And... I am sure you could imagine, just how hard it is to get a good photo of the 3 of them, all dressed up.

Take 1

Take 5

Take 10


Take 13


Take 20, .....seriously


Spiderman Max


Fairy Princess Lacey


Thursday, July 21, 2011


So, yesterday , during sleep time in my house, I started typing out a blog post about our impending Daycare day for the twins (Supposed to be today) .
How I was nervous, worried, and not really looking forward to it......
That was until 3pm, when the phone rang. It was the Family Daycare lady, pulling out. She has a sore back and can't have them, at all. Ever.
I cried. Seriously. Real tears flowed. I am not joking.
Obviously, I was looking forward to the day of respite, more than I even realised.
Mother of The Year award goes to me, because I cried at the mere thought of having to look after my own kids for a day.
Sure I was worried, they are VERY clingy at the moment, and I didn't know how they would go being with someone else, but thats the joy of twins, they would always have each other.
But... deep down, I was really REALLY looking forward to a little break, some time with my big girl (she wasn't going to daycare) , just one day a week, just us, until the baby is born and she goes to Kindy.
I was going to go to all the shops you can't with a whopping twin pram .
All the shops you can't with twins with go-go-gadget arms swiping he shelves of precious goodies.
I was going to do a food shop, and not have to worry if the twin trolley was there, or being used by some old chook as a walking frame!
I was going to scrap a little, and craft a little with my clever Miss 3.
I was going to have lunch with my Mother dearest, and eat my food hot, uninteruppted!!
I needed it, THEY needed it! Max and Lacey have become quite clingy lately, and I am worried that when the baby comes, it will only get worse, and I just won't have the time or energy to try and satisfy 3 clingy , needy babies.
Daycare was awesome for Stella, she learnt to be her own little person, without me. I want that for the twins.
But... now we are staying home, in tracksuit pants, and playing, cooking and cleaning. And its raining! meh

Just to make me feel worse, my kids are so cute!! Max has a new obsession with her Trike,
 and she was helping him ride it!!

And I feel guilty. As all hell. For feeling so disappointed.
I love my kids, all of them. The twins are sooo precious.
But they wear me out, I am worn out. I am 26 weeks pregnant and worn out.
I am craving some "me" time , before we have baby #4, 4 kids under 3 and half , and the mere thought of selfish time, will be a vast memory.

If only my sister and I could convince our Mum to retire!! DO it Peta!! You work TOOOOOO hard!
Or if the MIL was a little more, hmmmm helpful, offering? I don't know.
The truth hurts , but  thats why its the truth!!

Loving the winter sunshine, with her messy , gorgeous hair.

Absolute CHEEK!! How are those teeth man!!

So, there is my whinge.
A big one.
Sorry , but I needed it.
Call me Liz, Whining, grumpy Liz!!
And dont forget the Nanna Liz bit too!! ha

Monday, July 18, 2011

Where is the old me?

After writing my previous post, I sat for a minute and reflected. Deep I know, but I did.
Since when did I become the Liz that got excited over a mop?
Since when did I become the Liz that menu planned?
Cleaned and enjoyed it?
Read Better Homes and Gardens Magazines, Real Living etc, instead of Cosmo, Marie Claire and Cleo?
Why is my Shop to You Drop Mag, now a kids one?
Why do I dream of some child free, downtime to sit and SCRAPBOOK, instead of hitting the town for a night out or Sunday sesh?
Why does the thought of a night out at a party, drinking, chatting etc, simple not interest me? Actually I Couldn't think of much worse.
And back to the Scrapbooking, I remember thinking once that Scrapbooking was for Nanna's and I am NEVER , ever doing it!! Wrong!

When did I become this Liz?
Where did the girl go with the purple, pink and crazed our hair go?
Where did the girl with the facial piercings go?
Is she hidden? Or gone forever?
Is it bad that I am nothing like my former self? Nothing like the woman my husband fell in love with?

You know what, I don't care!!
I don't think I have changed as a person for any other reason other than growing up, maturing and becoming a responsible parent!!
Noel and I started going out when I was 17. A baby. A teenager. Adventurous, outlandish, a hairdressing apprentice, not afraid to be different.
And I still am that same person.
Only I have traded the bright hair and funky do for , dark brown, shiny hair, sleek into a ponytail (yes bad, I need a new do!)
Traded the weird clothes for practical , classic styles. Ones you can sit on the floor and build blocks and train tracks in!
And I am happy. I am happy when my kids are happy. When they are fed, clean and healthy and giggling together.
I am happy scrapbooking , knitting and sewing. All the things I swore I would never do.
I LOVE doing them all.
And yes, cleaning products and mops excite me.
Sad but true!
And I am finally comfortable in my own skin. My relatively new skin. But I am happy and would wish Life any other way!
Just call me Nanna, Nanna Liz ;)

Menu Plan

Sharing our Menu plan for this week. Feel free to share yours too.

Monday - Roast Corned Beef with Veg and Mustard Sauce (yes we are having it alot, cheap and I am craving the mustard sauce!!)
Tuesday- Chicken Pie with Chips and Salad
Wednesday- Good old fashion Bangers and Mash
Thursday- Hedgehog meatballs
Friday - Nachoes
Saturday- Home Made pies (in Pie maker)
Sunday- Tuscan Chicken in Slowcooker- Dolmio Packet. Its yummo

Snacks- Zucchini Slice, and date cake and muesli slice. - Will post recipe to slice tomorrow

Now that I am feeling hungry, off to snack!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Winter Warmth

Thankfully, last week, we had a reprieve from all the rain. Its good for the farmers- I know this. Its good for the gardens- I know this too. It is winter- I am well aware.
But it is NOT good for kids that love to play outside!!
Thankfully , however, our home days coincided with the sunniest, warmest winter days we have seen yet!! Just glorious!
We spent alot of time soaking up the sunshine ( and I spent alot of time hanging out washing) and even had a few morning teas and lunches out in the glorious rays!

And just because they are cute.
And I am biased.

Our beautiful little people;

They are the happiest when outside, and so am I , I  must admit.

We have just returned from an amazing weekend in Perth, 4 hours South of home.
Such a fantastic family weekend, we had a ball.
But... we are stuffed too.
The kids were early to bed, and I am heading there now!!
Hope you all had a good weekend too!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

A mop, THE mop

Who knew if could change your life?
Now, I could only be talking about the one and only Enjo mop of course!! (By the way, this is not a paid presentation etc etc)  I briefly spoke about hosting an Enjo party a few weeks back, and guess what?! My goodies arrived!!
You seriously could not wipe the smile off of my face, for like, hours, days. I mopped my floor twice in the first 12 hours of the mop arriving!!
It is the bomb diggity! Like the best thing, ever. I think you get my gist!
If you don't have one, get one.
 Pricey, YES! Worth it? Hell yes!!
Its changed my life, for real. I can mop more often, sweep and dust with it, everything.
And if you know me, you now that a clean floor, is a happy Liz!! Noel says I get this vibe that I emit, the clean floor and happy vibe! haha sad I know

All the cleaning goodness , arrived and packaged up for my lucky friends!

I am yet to use all the other goodies, and yep, I bought a package. Cheaper in the long run and I have been wanting it all for so so long! All the fibres and Miracle cloths are washing and ready to go.
Tomorrow is the day, a few days early.
Can't wait!

Check out the Enjo Catalog HERE


Just sharing this weeks (even though its almost over) menu plan. It might give you some ideas for your own, and if you have any for me ,please share!!
This week has been a busy one, lots happening at night etc so the easier meals made the cut!

Monday- Chilli Con Carne on Baked Whole Potatoes with sprinkled cheese
Tuesday- Tuna Patties, Continental Rice packet and Salad
Wednesday- Creamy Pesto Chicken Pasta with Pinenuts
Thursday- Quiche Chips and Salad
Friday- Apricot Chicken , Veg and Rice
Saturday- At football
Sunday - Roast Corned beef with Veg and mustard sauce

The Tuna patties, I made at lunch time that day, and were a hit, and made more than enough, so Noel had a yummy lunch yesterday.
Pesto Pasta dish was requested by DH , he LOVES it and its super easy
I had a baking , home day yesterday. Made some choc chip cookies and 2 quiches, one for my parents ( They work too hard!!!) , and one for our tea tonight, as I knew I wouldn't have time. I have a late doctors appointment and Noel is off to footy training only 15 mins after he gets home. It pays to be prepared!

I am loving meal planning, it gives me so much more time and patience at the end of the day , and our dinners are yummy!!