Friday, November 30, 2012

Advent count down books

I am so pleased that our kids love books as much as I do, and there is nothing better than digging out your Christmas boxes from storage and rediscovering your festive books.

This year, I wanted to do something a little different with the kids to make the books a little more special, and to also aid in our countdown until Christmas Day. I have seen this idea around the traps and thought it was perfect for our kiddos!

Each year I try to add to our collection of books, as Santa gifts at Christmas parties, ideas for grandparents and I also purchased a few newbies when I was in Perth in October as the Big W stock is always different than our local Targets.

As a advent calendar of sorts, I have wrapped 25 Christmas books, all a little different and a little interesting and have used these gorgeous tags created by the clever Bianca from a little delightful.

The cute tags all count down the number of days to go!! So at story time every night, the kids will take it in turns at unwrapping the next book in the series and we will read it together.

I kept a basic colour scheme of red polka dot paper ( I love polka dots and this paper was only $2 for a large roll from Target!) and brown paper (the smaller books as below are actually wrapped in a brown sandwich bag!! When wrapping 25 books, the quick option is often the best and a brown bag doesn't need cutting!)

Even a bit of washi tape was used to add finishing touches to the wrapping but the labels are certainly gorgeous on their own!

When the kids discovered a gorgeous basket filled with lovely wrapped parcels, excitement filled the air!! It certainly beats the bickering we had last year over who got to choose the book for the night! And what a lovely way to count down to Christmas Day!
Oh how I love Christmas!

The very clever Bianca has created these Advent Count down labels and is so generous to offer them as a printable for you to use at home! They are so versatile and can be used for anything and everything. Used in an advent calendar, on treats for your children, labels on a scrapbook . The possibilities are endless. Or , like I did, to add more joy to the most beautiful gift you can give a child. A book and the imagination to fill the pages.

To Download your very own copy of these cool labels , check out Bianca's blog HERE
While you are there, make sure you have a look at her other gorgeous Christmas printables. The Advent cards are on my print and laminate list for today and we have already used her 'Letters to Santa' Printable. Just love them!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Giveaway Bonanza #5 - Bread N Butter Factory


My sister is clever. Like insanely talented at anything crafty that she puts her fingers to. And because she is so crafty, she has a little business called Bread N Butter Factory.

Kristy creates the most gorgeous Hair Accessories, Clip Holders, Brooches , Softies and Assorted home decor , all out of felt and funky fabrics. Nearly everything is hand sewn and meticulously completed.

My girls and I are lucky enough to own quite a few of her creations and they are definitely a favourite in our home. Especially the clip holder which keeps our clip collection organised (which I obviously LOVE and also makes sure we are using all of the clips, not just the ones on top of the pile!!)

Kristy lives on a farm, 100km from town (where I live and we grew up) and usually sells her wares at the local markets and straight from her facebook page. So please head on over there to check out all her handmade goodies, there are some gorgeous hair accessories perfect as stocking fillers and small gifts for Christmas, even cute felt Christmas tree clips! Not to mention Christmas Wreaths, wall canvas' and all the other goodies!

However today, you have the chance to win a little bundle of her gorgeous products.
If you are the lucky winner of the Bread N Butter Factory giveaway you will win;

a set of Felt flower clips
A babushka brooch/pin
and for something for Mum, a gorgeous layered felt flower brooch.
(These can be put on a stretchy headband, used to tizzy up a plain outfit or top or even to pin back a scarf or lapel)
Total value at $33.00

Entry has been made easy for you, simply using the Rafflecopter below. All you have to do is become a 'liker' of her Bread N Butter Factory facebook page, and you can even earn an extra entry by liking the Bizzy Dayz facebook page also.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you would like to purchase any of Kristy's products, there is an album on her Facebook page of products available at the moment and postage within Australia is available.

Terms and Conditions
This giveaway will be run on the bizzy dayz blog.
You MUST enter using the rafflecopter above.
The giveaway will end Thursday 6th December at 12pm and the winner announced on my Facebook page and also on this blog post within a few hours of competition closing.
The winner has 3 days to contact and email me in regards to their prize or I reserve the right to redraw another winner.
Goodluck and thankyou to Kristy and Bread N Butter Factory

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Review- Personal Planner

Today I want to share with you something that I have fallen in love with!

So its pretty obvious that my life can get rather busy. Always a fair bit happening, appointments for 6 people to keep track of, netball and scrap booking for me, water polo for my husband, dancing , school, meetings , bring and shares.... You name it, I need to record it somewhere and I my diary/planner to work for me!

I have been putting some careful thought into what diary I would use for 2013, and with so many on the market, and each offering their own pros and cons, its hard to make a decision.
Then I was lucky enough to be offered a planner to review.
I wasn't familiar with but I really don't think I will be using much else from now on!
When I set out to creating my planner, I was amazed at home many choices were available and just how far I could personalise everything. The colours, the pictures ,the layouts. What times you wanted on days, what other planning tools I wanted on the bottom of each page and my favourite by far, what sort of cover you would like.
 I just love that our gorgeous family is on the cover. I really makes the diary more special to me. The photo is nearly 12 months old, but I knew I wanted a family shot and it represents such a joyous time with us celebrating our new family of 6!

I was speechless when I pulled my planner out of its cute little box (perfect for postage!) and got to feel its glossy pages and see my cute kiddies and handsome hubby.
I even got to choose what colour elastic I wanted to keep the book shut!

You can of course, just choose a plain cover, or any of the templates they have to choose from also.

I chose an A5 size, as I like my diary's to fit into my handbag or nappy bag , yet still have room to record everything I need it to.
I didn't want times to be put on each day, but with a daily weather recorder at the bottom. I plan to use this section for my Project Life details.When I journal I like to say what sort of day it had been weather wise and it means if I get behind it is still all recorded.

     There is an overview double page layout for 2013 which is great for forward planning etc

Before I sent my planner off for printing, I added all of our important family birthdays , so that my diary stays neat and tidy and I didn't have to transfer all these like I usually do!

And I love how all the important days or Public holidays are highlighted red, and even with cute little symbols!

Down the base of each page I was able to customise the sections and chose Ideas/Goals ....

        A To -Do List and a blank line space for recording notes or more Project Life bits and pieces.

The back of the dairy is also customizable, so I went for a traditional Address Book Layout and some plain lined paper. I like to have a special and convenient space for recording gift ideas I may think of throughout the year, planning for important events or functions or just day to day recording.
The possibilities are endless however, and there is even a Sudoku option!! Too cool!

I LOVE that I was able to choose everything for my own planner, as I often find 'the perfect one' but then its missing some crucial pieces I like to have or I tend to waste space and options they do include!
I love that I can take this everywhere with me, and it will stay intact as the cover is well protected with the plastic and the pages are nice and thick and glossy.
And one of the best things has been able to choose when my diary starts. Every year, around this time, I am disappointed as I have to carry around 2 planners. Next years for forward planning and this years as I am still using it. This diary , I started in the last week in November, so from now on, I only have to carry this around. Perfect (Plus I am too impatient to wait as I love it!)

So if you are wondering what planner you are going to choose for 2013. Confused by choice and never satisfied with products on the market, this is the planner for you!!
Head on over to and create your special planner too!!

Disclosure- I was provided with my personal planner for free, however all the opinions are my own and are only shared out of honesty, I really do LOVE It!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Giveaway #3 - Zimmer & Jee


Can I just say  that I am loving these giveaways? And I am loving all your responses and entries too so thankyou!

Now giveaway number 3 of the Bizzy Dazy Christmas Bonanza is from my new and fabulous sponsor Zimmer & Jee! A fantastic baby, kids and Mums online store.

                                Flatout Frankie Little Aeroplane

A Strong aeroplane featuring slot in side and tail wings.

This super cool kraft board aeroplane has striking white graphics and is the perfect toy to encourage role play and the use of the imagination.

Jump in, hold onto the side grips and fly high into the sky!!
Additional holes allow the pilot to add shoulder straps and pin to make a spinning propellor (Straps & Pins not included)
Pop it together to play, flat pack it to store and travel with, a great holiday toy!

I know my little boy (and the girls too!) would love to have a good play with one of these and you have the chance to win one for your child or as a gift! These cool aeroplanes are valued at $47.95 and I really think they are the best type of bulky toy to have, Just fold up and pop it away, easy!

Entry for this giveaway has been made easy using the Rafflecopter ap below, simply become a liker of the Zimmer &  Jee Facebook page!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms and Conditions

This giveaway will be run on the bizzy dayz blog.

You MUST enter using the rafflecopter above.

The giveaway will end Saturday 1st December at 12pm and the winner announced on my Facebook page and also on this blog post within a few hours of competition closing.

The winner has 3 days to contact and email me in regards to their prize or I reserve the right to redraw another winner.

Goodluck and thankyou to Zimmer & Jee!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Giveaway Bonanza #2 - TUPPERWARE !


I am so so excited to share with you this amazing set of Santa containers from my favourite plastic fantastic company Tupperware.

Get into the holiday spirit with Santa's special trio. Store your baked goodies and Christmas treats and keep them fresher for longer.



                                                                         SANTA CANISTER SET

                                                       1x Small Canister, 1 Litre - 15cm(d) x 9.1cm(h)

                                                  1x Medium Canister, 1.5 Litres - 17cm(d) x 10cm(h)

                                                                               1x Large Canister

How super duper cute are they? And functional too!! And guess what? You have an opportunity to win a set , right here!! Just enter below!

But did you know that Tupperware holds their Record Breaker Week once a year. And it just happens to be this week!!  If you attend a demonstration during the Record Breaker Week with more than 8 adult guests in attendance and you purchase a regular range product you can purchase the Santa Canister Set for HALF PRICE!! Bargain!!

Record Breaker Week runs this year from 22nd November - 28th November so if anyone wants to buy them they still have time to contact their local Demonstrator.

To try and explain my love for Tupperware is simple impossible. There is just something about Tupperware that I can resist. Lifetime warranty, gorgeous colours, practical and modern and then add a bit of Christmas cheer, a cute Santa and I am sold!!
I want a set of these for myself! They would be perfect to store Christmas craft supplies, some baked goods, or if you are really generous, would make a gorgeous gift for a special person or family. Fill them with yummy cookies, shortbread and some rum balls . Voila!! Best present EVER!!

To enter this giveaway- I have not installed Rafflecopter, but require you to leave a comment under THIS post and your FULL name.
In your comment, I would like you to tell me what your favourite piece of Tupperware is ( I know I have done this before but I loved reading the answers!) Or even the Tupperware piece/s that you are lusting over.
Goodluck! x

Terms and Conditions
This giveaway will be run on the bizzy dayz blog.
You MUST leave a comment with your FULL name .
The giveaway will end Thursday 29th November at 12pm and the winner announced on my Facebook page and also on this blog post within a few hours of competition closing.
The winner has 3 days to contact and email me in regards to their prize or I reserve the right to redraw another winner.

NB: Tupperware has NOT paid me to write this post, nor have they given me the products to give away. I am lucky enough to have a lovely and generous friend, whom happens to be one pretty awesome demonstrator and she has given them to me to give away!! How amazing hey?!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A typical day...

So I have been asked a few times to share what a regular day is like for me, and have finally got around to writing about it!
There is nothing special about me or my life, infact some days it feels quite the opposite, but it is nice , as a Mum or woman even, to throw around some ideas with others, in the hope that you can take away just a small snippet that may help in this crazy thing we call life!

One of the most common question I am asked is "how do you fit it all in" or "how do you find the time", quite frankly, I make the time and I am a night owl.
You will find me still plodding away at my latest project in the late late hours of the night, but I find that time the most productive. Its quiet (other than the noise of my husband snoring, but that is another blog post all together!) and I have time and space to think clearly.

With having 4 kids, the odds are high that at least one of them will rise early, and usually it is the same one. Max is our early riser, sometimes 6am, perhaps 5:30am but more often than not its 5am.
He is promptly sent back to bed, but once out at around 6am he is allowed to stay up (they go to bed early so it is still nearly 12 hrs sleep a night)
So generally my day starts around 6:30am. Until this time, we are all laying about and relaxing in the toy room, waiting for whoever is still snoozing to wake.
My husband doesn't leave for work until 7:10am, so that is a big help at  breaky time. Breakfast is eaten straight way, and then our goodbyes to Dad and our day really starts.

Between 7:10 and 8:30am, I make all 4 beds, dress 4 kids, do 2 girls hair, wash all breakfast dishes and put on a load of washing, then get myself ready for the school run too.
I HATE leaving a house with unmade beds and dirty dishes. I can only remember 2 occasions when this has happened. Each to their own and all that, do what makes you happy. Made beds and a clean sink to come home to make me happy. The simple things, right?!

Then we may have a playdate, park run, playgroup etc on so we go to that but I always try and give our kids lunch around 11:30am. For 2 reasons, the first being that they have been up for a fair time and are hungry and also so that lunch is over, cleaned up and they are in bed in good time for them to be awake for school pick up. There is NOTHING worse than waking a sleeping child , and I have had to do it more time than I have liked!

Afternoon tea around 3:15-3:30pm and dinner prep/cooking not long after.
Tea is usually around 5:30pm, the kids go straight from the dinner table to the bath (where they brush their teeth in the bath) , the bath to story time, story time to bed.

Generally dinner clean up for the mess on the floor  (or I like to call it 'carnage') happens whilst my husband is supervising bath time, or if he is out, it will be straight after the kids have been put to bed. Then you have the rest of the night to relax.

It may seem like a strict schedule and a lot of rules but I am that type of person. I work better with a set plan and I like to stick to it. As a result, our children are the same and thrive on a constant routine. Win /win really.

You may seem like you are drowning, so much to do, so little time and needy children surrounding you while you are trying to do it all, but I find this is when I need to set goals. Say to myself "right, I need to hang this washing and be inside by 11:15 to make lunches" and just get it done.

Life isn't always easy, and it never usually goes according to plan, but at least with one, I feel some sort of stability in my life.
I have said it before and I will say it again, after having twins, when so many factors were out of my control ( when both babies were screaming for attention or wind etc and I only had 2 hands and a 2 year old to care for aswell) I learnt that I just had to do the best I could.
And if the only thing I could control in my life was how clean and organised I was , then that is what I did. It gave me a slice of sanity back!!

I guess I am saying, everyone is different. Take a small snippet , or leave it all. Whatever works. But this works for us, so I will run with it as long as I can!!

But then there are the days when NOTHING goes according to plan ....

                 And your 2 year old double troubles find some suncream in their backpacks.
                           Well the only thing that saves me then is cider or chocolate!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Giveaway Bonanza #1 - Ollie Rose


The first giveaway to kick of Bizzy Dayz Christmas Bonanza is from one of my favourite online haunts  (and local market sellers , aren't we lucky ?!) ,the gorgeous Ollie Rose

I have spoken about this gorgeous online and market stall before , but I will say it all again.
I really do love EVERYTHING that the girls at Ollie Rose stock, and everything that the very clever Kobie makes too! The handmade clothes are so sweet ( our girls are getting an outfit each for Christmas that Kobie has made), the softies are gorgeous and all the new items in stock are super cute and super affordable.
Now stocking Alimrose and Tiger Tribe , Ollie Rose is a one stop shop, and perfect for finishing (or even starting ) your Christmas shopping! Think Santa torches, Cake buntings, Magnetic play sets.
The list goes on!

And guess what? This Friday Ollie Rose is having a 20% OFF sale!! How cool is that?! 20% off store wide for one day only!! So get your lists ready, and get shopping!

The giveaway for today is this gorgeous Bunting Necklace!!
 Valued at $19.95, its perfect to brighten any outfit, great as a gift or to keep just for yourself!

Entering this Giveaway has been made easy for you , with the Rafflecopter below. You MUST like the Ollie Rose Facebook Page , however you can earn a bonus entry by liking the Bizzy Dayz facebook page also!
Each giveaway during the Bizzy Dayz Bonanza will run for a week. This gives everyone maximum time to get entries in!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms and Conditions

This giveaway will be run on the bizzy dayz blog.

You MUST become a liker of the Ollie Rose facebook page.

The giveaway will end Saturday 26th November at 12pm and the winner announced on my Facebook page and also on this blog post within a few hours of competition closing.

This Rafflecopter device will randomly choose a winner from the entrants.

The winner has 3 days to contact and email me in regards to their prize or I reserve the right to redraw another winner.

Thankyou to Ollie Rose for this gorgeous prize!! I really appreciate your support. x
Be sure to check out Ollie Rose on Facebook and their Website for regular updates.

Sunday, November 18, 2012


Another busy few weeks have passed. The blog front has been relatively quiet but rest assured, there is A LOT in the works at the moment, and I dare say you will be sick of me and my posts soon enough!!

We are busy preparing for Stella's dance concert this weekend, with 2 rehearsals this week, full dress rehearsal on Thursday night then 3 concerts over the weekend.
We have had Home Opens and private inspections, ice block day at school, play dates, sporting commitments (for us not the kids!) and this week also brings Parent help , a school excursion and that is all as well as dancing.
No wonder I am quiet on here hey?
Its just the silly season I guess!
So here you go, a few snippets of life lately,  to bring you up to speed .

I MAY, ok I AM the most spoilt wife EVER!
My husband surprised me with a special delivery!!

A Thermomix!

They are totally expensive, but also TOTALLY worth it! And with him being Gluten intolerant , this is making our lives so much easier, and yummier of course!! So lots of playing has been happening of course!

Our Littlest boy is growing so fast right before our eyes! He loves to sit and read, play blocks and puzzles and LOVES playing with cars!

He also loves to climb! On everything!

Poor Lacey fell over last week, severed that little bit of skin under her top lip. Biggest, fattest, blackest swollen lip you ever did see. A trip to the dentist and a few wobbly top teeth, the poor poppet. But we are anxiously waiting to see if they will go grey yet!

I realised I forgot to share some Halloween dress up pics!! The kids had a ball!! Loved it!

And of course, the general day to day playing and learning as always. Here Stella is showing Angus how to do his new puzzle.

Don't  you just love chubby baby/toddler feet? I sure do!

Stay tuned, lots happening in this space soon!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

New Sponsor - Zimmer & Jee

                        I am super thrilled to announce a new sponsor to my blog, Zimmer & Jee.


Zimmer & Jee is an Australian online Childrens boutique for babies, kids and Mums. Stocking some of the most popular and best brands on the market, all at an affordable and competitive price and within the click of the mouse and tap of your fingers.
All the products they sell are of amazing quality , and my "Wish List" (for the children of course!!) is growing every minute!

Here are a few of my favourites, and a few are intended as the last of the kids Christmas presents too!
Discoveroo Sort n' Tip Garbage Truck
LOVE this Discoveroo Sort n' Tip Garbage truck - perfect for Angus for Xmas

Discoveroo Farm Set
Also LOVE this for Angus - Discoveroo Farm Set
Alimrose Designs Suitcase set of 3- Red Polka Dot
My girls love to collect 'treasures' and carry them around in cases and bags, these would be perfect and even the lining is gorgeous!
Stocking brands such as, Aden & Anais, Alimrose, Discoveroo, Tiger Tribe and Lark just to name a few, there is something for everyone and anyone. All orders over $100 receive free shipping too, so perfect for purchasing your Christmas gifts for the whole family.
Vintage Cupcakes Cases Selection
Vintage Cupcake cases, for Mumma of course!

And a little something that is great for gifts , baby showers, Birthday or Christmas presents, and for young and old!!

Initial Birth Print Customised
Initial Birth Print
I could go on forever, and I have a little (ok quite large really!) handwritten list scrawled on my desk of all the lovely things that I just know my kiddos would love, and me too!!
Make sure you check out Zimmer & Jee, you can find them on Facebook , Pinterest and of course their Website .
And guess what?
 Zimmer & Jee has so generously offered Bizzy Dayz readers a 10% discount on orders , simple use the code 'BIZZY' at checkout to redeem you discount!!
What perfect timing for Christmas shopping!!
So what are you waiting for ?
Check them out now!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Perfect party Printables

Following on from my last post on Angus' Birthday Party , I have been asked a few questions about the labels and cupcake toppers so I wanted to share something with you that made the party and decorating so , so easy!!

I searched and searched Etsy and other printable stores for the perfect set to suit our theme and colour scheme and was totally amazed when I found 'the one'. I  purchased this party Printable set from the gorgeous Daniela from The Little Soiree , via her ETSY store, and I could not have been happier!!

                                Peter Rabbit Printable Package

Not only was Danni an absolute pleasure and breeze to deal with , but the pack had everything I wanted for the party (and much much more!) so I didn't need to find other people to make things or attempt them myself.

LOVE this 8 x 10 print that Danni created. She gave me 4 different styles and wording and I picked my favourite. I wanted to have something at the party that I could then use as decor and memorabilia afterwards. ( This frame was a large wooden one from Phuket that I no longer used and spray painted in a colour I wanted)

I love all the little labels, each saying something different, and plenty to choose from. I simply cut them out with a scollop circle punch and popped them on the front of the jars for the Chocolate mousse.

The bunting was so easy to print and cut, then I punched small holes in the corner, some ribbon and voila!
(And this is also something for Angus' room now, I am just using his name part.)

Cupcake toppers

                                   Thankyou tags and an invitation slipped into the white frame.

And all the gorgeous buffet labels.

The pack contained so so much more, but it honestly is the best way to go when organising and planning a birthday party. Easy and quick. Simply print and trim/cut everything and you are done. And at least then the invitation, decorations and thankyou notes are all matching. Got to have matchy matchy!!

There are so many different printable packs available out there, and from so many different sellers and sites to choose from! Personally, I can not recomment Danni enough, and as an example of how fabulous she is, she is offering my Bizzy Dayz readers 10% discount off all orders you place on her Etsy store. Simply put the discount code - BDBR1012  , at checkout to receive your discount!
So if you have a party to plan or thinking about getting organised early for one next year, take advantage of the code!! I know I will be!!

Next birthday is Stella's in April, and I am thinking a Vintage tea party with some friends.
The possibilities are endless!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Angus' Birthday Party

If you are a regular around these parts you will know that last weekend we held a party for our dear little mans First Birthday! (if not, enjoy the post ;) )

His birthday was on the Wednesday before and we just had a normal family birthday dinner to celebrate, then held the party a few days later.
After deliberating over the theme, I finally settled on "Peter Rabbit" , inspired by my love obsession with bunnies, plus I wanted a cute, "little boy" theme for our last First Birthday!!
These Boards were an awesome source of inspiration and reference when planning each step of the decorations and theme , and I can't thank Tanya at Life's Little Celebrations enough! I don't like to spend a fortune on our parties, but DO like to create lots of things myself and it to look nice, so I found the boards great when sourcing and repurposing bits and pieces to use from around our home.

Anyway, without further ado

 Angus' Peter Rabbit First Birthday.

The entryway

(We were actually meant to hold the party outside , under the patio , but it ended up VERY stormy and even hailing, so we moved it to inside, then the weather cleared of course!)

Ice water with lemon was available in the drink dispenser, cool drink in the jug for adults and some yummy Apple Kiwi cordial for kids in the glass bottles , complete with paper straws!


(Homemade, in a baby food jar with the lid spray painted and a little ribbon and label)

( In little paper dishes from our local discount shop $2 for 12)

(On a Cupcake stand from Target)

I purchased the blue Pom Poms locally (but they can be found at numerous places online) and the white one was repurposed from a friend.
I made the ribbon hanging myself, with a length of dowel and ribbon glued to the top.

The cake
A simple 3 layer sponge with Buttercream icing and a gorgeous Letter A with Peter Rabbit that Angus was given by his Great Grandma at birth!
Assorted lollies from our local IGA were a hit at the candy buffet!!

I made the cake bunting with some Washi tape from Typo on some simple string.

Are on the right and are simple white noodle boxes from Spotlight with a little ribbon and tag (from a printable pack I bought)
. These were filled with a ball of homemade playdoh and a Wizz Fizz.

 I knew I wanted something else green on the table, so a cheapy letter from Spotlight, painted green and then I added some polkadots. (and now it adorns his room and matches perfectly!)

A yummy french onion dip with some fresh vegies, softens the blow of all the yummy sugar!!
These Icecream bowls were purchased from a local discount shop (they came with wooden spoons but I used them for the mousse) $2.50 for a pack of 6!!

Just for something a little special, I did buy some Macarons from a local catering business. Cookies and cream and worth every penny!!
*Details about the printable to come in next post!!


We also served hot food of Quiches, mini pizzas and Sausage rolls
Choc chip cookies, fairy bread and vanilla cupcakes!

Simple and gorgeous, and says "Angus' First Birthday"
 *Another part of the printable pack

On the table I also used some pantry stackers from Ikea, a little case of Max's for display and a box I use for scrapbooking for the cake stand. Bits and bobs were pulled from everywhere to create the look and stick to the green, blue and white colour scheme!
And I think it looked gorgeous!
Obviously there is always more you could do, things you could make and stuff to buy, but I am very pleased with everything.

The party was a huge success. Everyone had a lovely day, chatted and ate and the kids played. Couldn't ask for more really!
Oh and I even managed to sit down and chat to my guests, the sure sign you were organised enough!!

Our gorgeous children on Angus' big party day!

The little boy all the fuss was about, so very worth every minute spent!!