Monday, November 12, 2012

Angus' Birthday Party

If you are a regular around these parts you will know that last weekend we held a party for our dear little mans First Birthday! (if not, enjoy the post ;) )

His birthday was on the Wednesday before and we just had a normal family birthday dinner to celebrate, then held the party a few days later.
After deliberating over the theme, I finally settled on "Peter Rabbit" , inspired by my love obsession with bunnies, plus I wanted a cute, "little boy" theme for our last First Birthday!!
These Boards were an awesome source of inspiration and reference when planning each step of the decorations and theme , and I can't thank Tanya at Life's Little Celebrations enough! I don't like to spend a fortune on our parties, but DO like to create lots of things myself and it to look nice, so I found the boards great when sourcing and repurposing bits and pieces to use from around our home.

Anyway, without further ado

 Angus' Peter Rabbit First Birthday.

The entryway

(We were actually meant to hold the party outside , under the patio , but it ended up VERY stormy and even hailing, so we moved it to inside, then the weather cleared of course!)

Ice water with lemon was available in the drink dispenser, cool drink in the jug for adults and some yummy Apple Kiwi cordial for kids in the glass bottles , complete with paper straws!


(Homemade, in a baby food jar with the lid spray painted and a little ribbon and label)

( In little paper dishes from our local discount shop $2 for 12)

(On a Cupcake stand from Target)

I purchased the blue Pom Poms locally (but they can be found at numerous places online) and the white one was repurposed from a friend.
I made the ribbon hanging myself, with a length of dowel and ribbon glued to the top.

The cake
A simple 3 layer sponge with Buttercream icing and a gorgeous Letter A with Peter Rabbit that Angus was given by his Great Grandma at birth!
Assorted lollies from our local IGA were a hit at the candy buffet!!

I made the cake bunting with some Washi tape from Typo on some simple string.

Are on the right and are simple white noodle boxes from Spotlight with a little ribbon and tag (from a printable pack I bought)
. These were filled with a ball of homemade playdoh and a Wizz Fizz.

 I knew I wanted something else green on the table, so a cheapy letter from Spotlight, painted green and then I added some polkadots. (and now it adorns his room and matches perfectly!)

A yummy french onion dip with some fresh vegies, softens the blow of all the yummy sugar!!
These Icecream bowls were purchased from a local discount shop (they came with wooden spoons but I used them for the mousse) $2.50 for a pack of 6!!

Just for something a little special, I did buy some Macarons from a local catering business. Cookies and cream and worth every penny!!
*Details about the printable to come in next post!!


We also served hot food of Quiches, mini pizzas and Sausage rolls
Choc chip cookies, fairy bread and vanilla cupcakes!

Simple and gorgeous, and says "Angus' First Birthday"
 *Another part of the printable pack

On the table I also used some pantry stackers from Ikea, a little case of Max's for display and a box I use for scrapbooking for the cake stand. Bits and bobs were pulled from everywhere to create the look and stick to the green, blue and white colour scheme!
And I think it looked gorgeous!
Obviously there is always more you could do, things you could make and stuff to buy, but I am very pleased with everything.

The party was a huge success. Everyone had a lovely day, chatted and ate and the kids played. Couldn't ask for more really!
Oh and I even managed to sit down and chat to my guests, the sure sign you were organised enough!!

Our gorgeous children on Angus' big party day!

The little boy all the fuss was about, so very worth every minute spent!!


  1. Super cute - wonderful ideas and everything looked so good. You've given me lots of ideas about my upcoming baby shower. Thanks, Shari from

  2. Looks fantastic, you must have been so pleased. well done.

  3. I have been hanging out for this post! You did such a wonderful job... it all looks beautiful xx

  4. I have been hanging out for this post! You did such a wonderful job... it all looks beautiful xx

  5. Absolutely beautiful Liz! It all looks just perfect! A beautiful post in an always enjoyable and inspirational blog xx
    Beck Scally :)

  6. It all looks so fantastic Liz! You have done an amazing job making so many items and styling everything so well! I wish I was better at crafty things as it makes it easier for make decorations for parties

    It's always Great to find things around the house which can be used at the party isn't it?

    Thanks for your kind words about my inspiration board too! Glad they helped ! :)


  7. Such a gorgeous party Liz, you did well with a few great little buys at your local discount store, gotta love that! Fab photo of your lovely 4 kids on such a special day!!

  8. Soooooo gorgeous EVERYTHING!!! You did such a beautiful job Liz what a lucky lucky sweet 1 year old Angus is :o}

  9. Wow Liz! Everything is just so darn cute! I really love the little chocolate mousse jars :)

  10. It looks so great, Liz. I presume you start setting it up early- how do you manage to stop the children from touching it?


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