Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Our New Addition

Yes, we have a new addition to the Morrison family, and small, cute and fluffy little version and we called him Ned.
We welcomed a new little puppy, Ned. The most adorable Cavalier King Charles Cockerspaniel.
He is adorable.

It hasn't been all fun and games and love at first sight where the kids are concerned. Infact, they were frightened of him.
Our big 3 kids (not that they are that big) are actually frightened of animals. Ever since we had an incident with Lacey at a friends birthday party with their dog (she didn't get bitten, the dog took food out of her hand and left a few teeth marks that only just broke the skin, but to a child its enough) we have had an issue with them. Stella witnessed it and was a bit frightened anyway, but it only made matters worse. And Max, well he is just a follower, and is highly influenced by the girls.
Anyway, ever since then, they have all been petrified of animals, big and small, and it has slowly been becoming an issue. Especially when visiting family and friends with animals, hysterical screaming and crying is a common occurance.

I know what you are thinking!! Why the hell would we buy a dog?
Well something had to happen, to change and we are the only ones that can make it happen but still protect our kids. I am all about facing your fears ( besides my fear of little rodents!) so we thought by starting with a wee little puppy, they will see that they are nice , harmless things and slowly adjust.

Well a few weeks went by and it seemed we were hitting our heads against a brick wall. Max and Lacey had improved but Stella hadn't changed and still screamed and sat on chairs, tables and lounges when Ned came inside.
I started to have negative thoughts, that maybe we had made the wrong decision, and why did I choose to make my life harder than it already was?
Then all of a sudden, friends came to visit and their son played with him so well, and its like something clicked, and she has been wonderful ever since.
And all the screams, chewed sandpit toys and ripped dogs bed , is worth it!!

And so begins, wonderful friendships between the little dog, and the kids.

So don't give up hope if your kids have a phobia, are frightened of something and it seems like it will never get better!
Persevere, it will get better, it only takes time and patience (and maybe the cute factor too!)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ollie Rose Giveaway

Would you believe that at the start of this month, it was the blogs 2nd Birthday!! Two years of me sharing my highs, lows and adventures!! I am ever so punctual and a great memory obviously (this month is full of kids birthdays and Easter trips for us!)
Not only that but I am quickly approaching 250 posts. 250!!
So to thankyou all for your continued support and a bit of fun, I have organised some giveaways!
They will take place over the course of the next few weeks , with the first one commencing now.

 It comes to you from the gorgeous girls at Ollie Rose and Facebook Page HERE. I have known these girls since I was a little girl, actually Kobie used to babysit me after school haha , and I absolutely LOVE their store. They sell lots of gorgeous handmade clothes (by Kobie), baby and kids accessories and toys and cool giftware.

I especially love their Big Brother and Big Sister shirts, and I got them for our kids before Angus was born and gave them as a special gift in the hospital with their Hospital bags.

Thanks to Jemma and Kobie at Ollie Rose, I have a gorgeous Babushka Soap Dispenser to giveaway! These are so cute , and I have a thing for babushkas, so I may need to get one for myself!! Perfect for an adults and children alike or even to decanter some gorgeous hand lotion to place on your bedside table. There are plenty of uses, or it could just sit and look pretty, because it does that!

Conditions of Givaway and Entry

The giveaway starts at 9pm, Sunday 22nd April WST and Finishes at 8pm Wednesday 25th April WST.
It will be hosted on the Bizzydayz blog and all entries are to be made via a comment on THIS post.
To enter you must be an Australian Resident
Only one entry per person will be accepted
The winner will be drawn via the comment number been drawn out via Random Org.

So now , all thats left to do is leave your full name in a comment on THIS POST, for your chance to win!! Easy peasy!

This Giveaway has now closed. A winner was drawn via Random Org, number 11, Danya.
Thanks to all who entered!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Some light reading.....

Seeing as though I have been talking about Mummy bloggers, I thought it would be nice to share some of my favourite blogs, for a wee bit of light reading for you over the weekend.....
Enjoy, and let the addiction begin

fat mum slim - Yummy recipes, real life, tutorials, and the founder of the Monthly Photo a Day challenges
a little delightful - Bianca is a beautiful, kind soul and amazing Mother, you can just tell. I love the Printables, the craft ideas, the photos, maybe all of it..
my pigeon pair -  Great Organising ideas, general Parenting and a bit of humour, love it!
The Organised Housewife- Menu Plans, Organising, Printables, Link ups
Living on Latte- Kaz is gorgeous, from WA and a mother of 2. She shares her general life, organising etc
iHeart Organizing - Only the queen of DIY, organising and decorating, devine house, devine
A baby called Max -  Cherie is real, honesty, pure and has great taste in names too! She says it how it is, regardless and is only ever honest. Love
A little Space like Home- Mandy covers everything from Weight loss, to crafting , to fitness, you name it!
The Home She Made- Clare is from rural WA, loves shopping, organising , decorating, and shares some yummy recipes too!! Ohh and the giveaways are pretty cool too!
Mummy Smiles-  Nat is a Mummy to 4 little cherubs, does great product reviews, awesome giveaways, discussions, recipes etc
My Big Nutshell- Love the humour in an everyday blog , love the ideas
Ollie Rose- I have known these gorgeous girls since I was a little kid, and they are still as lovely. They run a gorgeous Baby and Kids boutique and have a blog attached with Yummy recipes, day to day life, decorating , everything!
There you have a small list to start. I love that blogs all have that something different to offer. They all hit the spot in a different way and depending on my moods, there is always something to spark me up or make me feel good when I need it the most.
I hope you check out a few, and trust me, these are only a fraction of the ones I read, when I have the time.
Pop over, comment, share the love, they will be forever grateful!
And please, if you have a blog, or if you have a favourite blog you follow, leave me a note in the comment section, I'd love to hear about it!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

A sign of the times

It certainly is a sign of the times when Julie Rafter becomes a Mummy blogger on Packed to the Rafters!! I sign that everyday, more and more Mums (and non Mums too) are turning to blogs for a breath of fresh air, reassurance that your life is normal, a change in head space from changing nappies and conversing with rambling toddlers.
And I think its fantastic!
I had to laugh when the comment was made on the show about why people would actually want to read about Julie.....
I often wonder myself, having only started this blog for me, in a prediction that I may just neeeeeed it after having our precious twins. And I was right. But it has become so much more to me than that!
But it stills baffles me as to why, hundreds of people a day, want to read what I have to say!! But actually, you know what? I don't care, I just am grateful that they/you do!!
I have "met" and developed some beautiful friendships with fellow bloggers and my readers. The feeling I get after completing a post is awesome and I just like to write. To share.
I also like to converse. I love the comments on my Facebook page, I love to hear what you have to say.

I don't know if you are a fan of the show Packed to the Rafters, if you aren't , you should be!
Its so real, so raw and at times it makes me feel like I am sitting in their lounge room. I can relate.
And just lately I have had similar feedback to my blog, so thank you! Its nice to know you can relate to me too!
Thank you for your comments, thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings, for making me feel like what I am doing is ok, that what happens in our home is similar to what happens in all yours!!
And this is what the blogging community is about, should be about!
I hope I have made you guys feel somewhat normal and more at ease too! haha

And hows Julie getting offered a column in a paper?! I got to thinking, almost like Carrie Bradshaw, how cool would that be?! I am so jealous of Julie, if you can be of a character all based on fiction.
But I guess that inner Carrie has to come out somewhere for me, and here it is.....

Tell me, what is it that you like reading about?
Why do you read my blog or others?
What do you want to read?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Having little kiddies, at times, can be rather...................testing, to say the very least! Ohh don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE my kids, as does any mother, but I am sure every Mum or parent can relate.

I have always thought myself to be a firm Mum. Well at least that is what I would hope. I don't want to be the nasty Hitler Mum, but for my children to know that what Mum says, goes, and when I am mad, then its a bad thing, hehe. I guess I just don't want to be a pushover. I want my childrent to speak nicely to me, and most importantly , others. I want them to use their manners, all the time, and there is no telling me what to do, I am the boss, and they have to know that!
Sounds easy enough? Pffft yeah right!
I have lost count the amount of times my parents have said to me over the years of growing up " When we had you girls , we weren't handed a rule book" and they were so right.
Ohh sure, there are plenty of books out there , plenty of people thinking that their way is the right way and trying to bully you into changing your opinions by reading their work, but who's to say  that what they are doing or what they are saying is right?
In my opinion, every child is different. Every child has a different personality and deals with situations in a different way, and as a Mother or Father, you know what is best for your own children.
Having said that, I also feel, especially having twins, that regardless of the differences in your children, you need to be consistant and stay that way.

Now, please don't think that I have a high opinion of my kids and the way they behave, because I don't , far from it. I hate to say it, but I think I am their own worst critic.
Where has this all come from you ask?
Why the terrible 2's of course!!
Max and Lacey are nearly 2 (next week) and boy don't we know it!!
I now know how spoilt we were with Stella, and at the time, were totally oblivious. She was quiet, calm, content and only ever needed to be told once.
She would go into a cupboard and I would say NO, and she would never do it again. True Story!! We never needed child locks on any cupboards until Max and Lacey began to crawl!
She followed routines and thrived on them.
She was a breeze to toilet train, and did so quite early, even for nights.
When we put her in a bed, at 19 months, we may  have had one or 2 nights where she would get out and come out, not up to 70 times like we have had lately .....

Is it her personality, or our parenting style at the time?

Then came the two beautiful bundles.
Gosh they are strong willed, determined and stubborn. Where they get those attributes from I will never know ?! haha
We now have child locks EVERYWHERE, I am constantly , constantly cleaning up little messes all over the house. Bath toys scattered around, toilet rolls unravelled, and just today, a large bucket of sand all over the floor (while I was in their room putting away their clothes).
They have also made the School drop off and pick up run and absolute nightmare. Lacey is that independent that she thinks she doesn't need to hold onto the pram , nor my hand for that matter, and often runs off, just for shits and giggles. Max just wants to stay at school and play with all the cool bikes and toys!
I am sure the other Mums at school look at me and shake their head, but I hope its more of a "Oh you poor thing, I totally understand" sorta look. Either way, I am loving the school holidays and don't want them to end!
But why?
Why do they do these things?
Naughty? Mischeiveous?
Because I truely believe we are harder on these 2 than we ever have been with Miss 4!
I am finding it hard to take them to certain places solo. Parks, yes. Shops with trolleys, yes ( I can put them in a trolley, give them a cooler bag of food and they are happy ) but to walk into a shop?!
No way man! They would run, touch everything and just cause havok!!
And fight!!
Fight they do alright! Like cat and dog. Biggest LOVE/HATE relationship I have ever seen.
They play beautifully together, really care about each other ( if Lacey is given something she will always ask "Maxie?!" to be reassured that he will not miss out, or she will make sure of it!) and yet they can absolutely flog each other. They tackle, sometime bite ( so bad) and have taken to smacking. But I guess if I lived, breathed , everything with my brother or sister, I would get fed up at times too.
But I want to know why?
I am hoping its just a stage. A 'fase' that will pass and they will become the delightful little cherubs that I know they can be, and are quite often.
They certainly aren't all bad, quite the opposite, and maybe its just my high standards? But they are also the most snuggly and affectionate kids, always asking for "Cuggles".
I just never want my kids to be the kids that people hate to invite somewhere!! Hate to have over and dread what they might do or what might happen!! Not that I think it will, they don't break, aren't nasty and just like to play.

Whats the right way to discipline though? Do you smack them ? ( I am not against smacking and do smack my kids, don't judge , just sayin') but they do get numerous warnings first, its not just a first reaction. Do you do time out? Do you take away privaledges or toys? Do you just ignore and hopes it goes away?
By geez, this parenting gig is hard work! There is never going to be an ideal way to deal with a situation of discipline, but I like to think I am doing an ok job with our kids.
We still get invited places, (well sometimes) so they can't be all that bad?!

I wouldn't begrudge the Terrible Twos kindly pi**ing off though!!
Oh dear Angus, I hope you are as similiar to your big sister Stella in nature as you are in looks!
Are you hearing me? Or is it just me?
Either way, watch out when you see the crazy lady with all the kids coming! She is a woman on a mission!

And some phone snaps of their antics, just for entertainments sake , of course!!
Don't let their looks fool you!

I found her here when I got up during the night to feed Angus. Every night for a week!!

Ohh sweet children of mine, you keep me entertained, thats for sure!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Stella's Special Day

The week before Easter, our little girl (really our big girl) turned 4!! Four!! I just can't believe it. The years have flown by and they have truely been the best 4 years of my life!!
I must admit, when we had Stella, never in my wildest dreams, did I think that we would have 4 children before she even turned 4!
But we do. And we are the luckiest people in the world!
To say that our princess has changed our lives is an understatement. I never knew true, unconditional love until she came into the world.
Every day (well maybe not everyday, but most days) I feel like the luckiest person on earth to be her mother. She is kind, caring, smart, affectionate and soooooo far beyond her years its frightening.

We love you Stella, you have made us a family and continue to put a smile on our faces everyday. You are the best big sister and your little siblings adore you and we just know you are going to have a VERY bright future! xo

Gee, I am getting a bit deep lately , aren't I?!
You know what? I think its important to stop and think that way sometimes.
Some days are hard, they are long, tedious and testing.
But being a Mum, is a blessing, a privaledge, some people don't get the chance to experience.
And...... I may just be going solo this week, and need to stay positive, or this ship will sink!

And now , for the day that was Stella's

We made her a dolls house out of an IKEA Expedit, DH just put a backing board on it to which I used Spray Adhesive and some pretty wrapping paper.
The furniture is either second hand off Ebay or from Crazy Clarkes and spray painted white.
And you know what? For $59 , its a cheap dolls house , it fits her 12inch Blythe dolls and SHE LOVES IT!!

And it seems , so does Max!! He snuck in a play while she opened the rest of her pressies!

And Lacey tried on her new 'Click Clack' shoes, thats what little brothers and sisters are for aren't they?

And this little beauty, (with his floppy ears , hehe ) just watched and too it in.

                                               Happy little possum on her big 4th day!!

And off to school she went, with Mummy!! I think it was the highlight of her day, that I did parent help!! We also took in cupcakes for all the kids and they all put on the birthday hat, and blow out candles! So cute!

Instagram pic, totally addicted!

And she asked for a Barbie princess cake, and thats what she got!! Can you tell I got my new Tuppaware piping thingo and went a little OTT with zushing?!

And we had a last minute, very casual , party at the park, and everyone had a ball!

                                                       She loves her Dad, alot!

                And there is no better birthday activity than playing with your little friends!
                            I love this pic, she is pushing her good little friend, so cute!

And to top it off, dinner with the family, and a Green frog cake, tradition of course!

Now , would someone invent a time machine, and slow this baby down?!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Captured My Heart

Tonight I had planned to bring you a few birthday posts, one of my favourite birthday presents I received and one from Stella's 4th birthday last week. However, I loaded some photos from today, sat down to edit them, and am now speechless.
Well , as speechless as I get!

I simple love that feeling when you open a photo and you find yourself smiling instantly.
Your heart skips a beat and aches at the same time.
All because you know you have captured something wonderful.
A moment in time, and the most adorable faces one could imagine.
I captured my heart.
These precious people, (plus their brother Angus) make everyday, every terrible day, so very very worth it.

And don't they think they are special with Mummy's glasses ( or in twin language - 'gwarses')

And then nothing but their bare, beautiful faces (ok, maybe with a bit of biccie, samidge (sandwhich) and a whole lotta cheek and innocense! ( And YES, Max has a pony tail spout on top of his head, can't do for the girls and not him, thats just nasty!)

                    And then I saw this, LOVE. But it broke my heart that Lacey wasn't in focus.......

And then came this..........

                 Being a mother is hard work. Its exhausting, its tireless and there are no sick days.
                                                    But its the best job in the world!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

My 'New' desk...

A few weeks ago, I bared all and shared with you our master bedroom. It has been a bit of a mess for a while now, as explained, it has been the dumping ground for anything and everything. Well we have taken the first step to making it our little sactuary again, and somewhere that I can be creative, when the kids have gone to bed.

I would have desperately loved an Ikea desk, however we don't own a money tree, damn hey, and when I mentioned to my parents that I needed somewhere to sit and scrapbook at night instead of the floor, my Dad offered me an old desk he had at his workshop, that I could have if I wanted it.. The ever generous soul, he truely is the most kind and caring man, and would give you his last dollar if you needed it! Not quite knowing what to expect, my Mum sent me a photo , as below, and I saw potential. ( I had to look past the Man-mess, boxes and dodgy phone photo). It was delivered the next day and we hubby, set to work the following weekend.

Sorry I forgot to take a before shot, but you get the picture!!


Instagram photo, and DH at work!!

The desk is actually more of a sideboard or hall table I think, so with the height of the original legs, I could not sit at it on the chair I wanted to. I had thought of just raising the height of the legs but they wouldn't have looked very nice, so we just chopped them off, and replaced them with gorgeous turned ones from Bunnings ( about $15 each, pricey I know, but we got the desk for free , and we had left over vouchers from a Christmas present , so we only had to fork out $20)
It got sanded with a palm sander next (stuff sanding it by hand!) and a coat of primer , in  a spray can.
When that was dry, a few coats of white spray paint, some new hardware , I used glass knobs that I had bought a few years ago for a project and didn't end up using . THESE are super cheap and would look pretty cool too, or even THESE which we have used on our Billy bookcases in our living room.
Leave to dry , give it a clean and time for the fun part!! Setting it up! Yippppeee

In place, so that if ever, (yeah right) I get to scrapbook during the day, I can gaze out the window!
         The gorgeous glass knobs, I just love them and they complete the desk beautifully!

And set up with my chair (spare from our dining table as Stella is using a Junior Chair)


     And the perfect turned legs, they look fantastic and have changed the whole look of the desk!

And the day I set it up, it had to be christened. And it felt GREAT to sit somewhere, and play, and when I needed to stop (only for Angus as the big 3 were with their Grandparents), I could just get up, and close the door. Perfect

And another fruit from our labour , a layout I did last night for a scrap challenge.

Thats it!! Easy peasy! AND CHEAP! Got to love that!
Its not the biggest desk in the world, actually its probably the smallest, and in terms of scrapbooking it makes working a little harder, but its almost a good thing! The more you spread out, the more you make mess, and I work out of my Scrap bag, and it sits next to me, and I love it!

The total cost of the project;
Desk - $0 (given to me)
Legs - $20 (we had a voucher)
New knobs - $0 ( I already had them)
Primer and Paint- $7 ( Just one can as my lovely Dad gave us the others)

For those that asked for a post, sorry it has taken so long, but I hope you find inspiration to do up something old. Whether it be a piece of your existing furniture to update, or something you might pick up at a Garage sale or kerb side pickup, there is potential in everything!
And now I have done it, I find myself checking out everything that is a bit dated, its rather addictive!