Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Our New Addition

Yes, we have a new addition to the Morrison family, and small, cute and fluffy little version and we called him Ned.
We welcomed a new little puppy, Ned. The most adorable Cavalier King Charles Cockerspaniel.
He is adorable.

It hasn't been all fun and games and love at first sight where the kids are concerned. Infact, they were frightened of him.
Our big 3 kids (not that they are that big) are actually frightened of animals. Ever since we had an incident with Lacey at a friends birthday party with their dog (she didn't get bitten, the dog took food out of her hand and left a few teeth marks that only just broke the skin, but to a child its enough) we have had an issue with them. Stella witnessed it and was a bit frightened anyway, but it only made matters worse. And Max, well he is just a follower, and is highly influenced by the girls.
Anyway, ever since then, they have all been petrified of animals, big and small, and it has slowly been becoming an issue. Especially when visiting family and friends with animals, hysterical screaming and crying is a common occurance.

I know what you are thinking!! Why the hell would we buy a dog?
Well something had to happen, to change and we are the only ones that can make it happen but still protect our kids. I am all about facing your fears ( besides my fear of little rodents!) so we thought by starting with a wee little puppy, they will see that they are nice , harmless things and slowly adjust.

Well a few weeks went by and it seemed we were hitting our heads against a brick wall. Max and Lacey had improved but Stella hadn't changed and still screamed and sat on chairs, tables and lounges when Ned came inside.
I started to have negative thoughts, that maybe we had made the wrong decision, and why did I choose to make my life harder than it already was?
Then all of a sudden, friends came to visit and their son played with him so well, and its like something clicked, and she has been wonderful ever since.
And all the screams, chewed sandpit toys and ripped dogs bed , is worth it!!

And so begins, wonderful friendships between the little dog, and the kids.

So don't give up hope if your kids have a phobia, are frightened of something and it seems like it will never get better!
Persevere, it will get better, it only takes time and patience (and maybe the cute factor too!)


  1. My youngest Mikala does not like Dogs. And she hasn't had any thing happen to make her that way. She even gets upset when Jordan's cat looks at her the wrong way. So we are on a mission to try and pick a pet ... but just getting hubby and I to decide between a dog and a cat and which type is not easy.

    But Ned is so gorgeous. Friends of ours have a Cav and he is so good with the kids!

  2. What a lovely addition. We got a cav puppy back in November and she (Jelly) is wonderful with the kids (3 and 5 years old), very tolerant of all they do to her. All the very best with Ned.

  3. my older two are scared too. little zander aint scared of too much.
    I'm not as brave though, I feel like I have my hands full with three children. lol.

  4. You are amazing! 4 kids and a dog!

    My 2 big ones are the same. Absolutely terrified of dogs. But they have no reason to be like yours. I often ponder about getting a dog to nip their fear in the butt. But the timing isn't right yet.

    Perhaps when Miss M is 2. It can be my 5th child :)


    ps very cute pup by the way :)

  5. My kids would be supremely jealous about your puppy! They love King Charles Cavaliers, and have been asking for one. Your pup is adorable! Have fun playing together.

  6. Awww Ned is just gorgeous. Enjoy lovely, I am sure he will bring you guys so much pleasure. xx


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