Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Our two Turned 2!!

On Sunday, our precious twins, Max and Lacey turned 2.
They are at a beautiful (and testing) age , where they know what is going on in the way of birthdays. Especially since Stella's wasn't that long ago.
Anytime you spoke of their birthday in the days leading up to it, they got the biggest smiles on their faces! So cute!

The present opening was so gorgeous. Every time they opened one, everything had to be opened, put on and played with, completely forgetting that they had more to go. Totally different than when the kids get older, its like a race to open all of them, and sometimes I don't think they even see what each gift is.

I'll let the photos speak for themselves.

Notice the shoes are on, the beanie is on. Priorities!!

We celebrated the day with Pikelets for breakfast, morning tea with their godmother and kids, lots of playing, a day nap and then a big casual, family dinner.

They have such a big LOVE/HATE relationship, but most of the time it is love. Actually it depends on the day!!

Angus even had cuddles with his Great Grandmother, beautiful

And then came time for the cakes. They had to be fairly simple and quick to execute, as DH and I didn't get home until 5pm the night before from Perth. There was no time for precooking and freezing , like I prefer to do with birthday cakes.
So Max got a Lion (Raa Raa)

And Lacey got a Pig (Pepper)

But they did NOT want to blow out those candles!!
Luckily they had lots of cousins and a big sister to help with that!!

They really are growing up. The presents this year were more "big kids" toys, and they were so mature when opening and playing with them.
Yet again, it was quite an emotional day for me, even 12 months later, I spoke about it after their birthday last year HERE. ( Pics in that post are not for the faint heart!!!)
Parenting twins is really something special. When I fell pregnant with them, everyone kept saying that they are only given to people that could cope and handle them.
I think they might have been right!! Not to brag, but the past 24 months have certainly not been easy.
The emotional roller coaster of parenting multiples is HUGE!!
They are testing, yet so loving.
They fight, yet adore each other.
You are busy, yet blessed.
Your house and car are full, yet so is your heart.

They will always have someone to help, to experience things with and to comfort them.
They are friends for life......

And we are so very proud of them.
They are nearly toilet trained ( in the process, and Max is pretty much finished and Lacey is nearly there) They are so independent and like to dress themselves and put their own shoes on.
They love to play dress ups, with Mr Potato Head and at the Kitchenette. Oh and they LOVE the sandpit, and love even more to bring half of the sand inside !! haha
Max's speech is amazing!! He is a little parrot and has started to string 4 or 5 words together in a sentence. Lacey can say things but is quieter. She observes and silently conquers!!

To say we love these two is an understatement.
They made our little trio a real family.
They have enriched our lives in so many ways.
And they have also added more than a few grey hairs to the locks!!

Happy Second Birthday to Our Max and Lacey xo


  1. How sweet. I'm loving the way they both were avoiding the candles. treasures.

  2. So sweet. Happy birthday to your babes. Would you mind sharing where you got his fire truck from. I have a fire truck loving little man here to who's birthday is in a few weeks. Thanks
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