Saturday, May 19, 2012

A House with a Roof

Yesterday was a day of rest and recoup at our house. DH was home with an RDO, however the kids seemed to have woken on the wrong side of the bed!! They were all rather precious, and seemed to be a bit like that all week. Things didn't really improve for poor Stella and we ended up in an after hours appointment at the Doctors and a diagnoses of an Ear Infection and the start of a throat infection!! No wonder she was miserable and slept on and off throughout the day (that in itself spells trouble , as she hasn't had a day sleep for some time now!)

Anyway, by the afternoon, the kids needed some entertainment or activity and a bit of a pick-me-up, and a craft session is always a winner!!

I hadn't planned anything , therefore whatever I decided to do , had to be quick and easy to organise and complete.
At kindy, Stella has been learning about herself, her body, her family, where she lives etc, so I thought houses would be a nice yet simple activity.

All we needed and used were;
A few buttons for door handles
Popsticks for a fence
A few Feathers, perhaps materials etc
A few cut outs of clouds
Some cirles for suns
And different sized pieces of cardstock for doors, windows, chimneys etc.

You really could use anything and everything, and had we had more time, better moods and a bit more forethought, we would have headed outside to collect things from the garden to use. Such as rocks for a path, leaves for trees etc

Obviously this is Stella's. She can now write her name so fluently, and confidently, is gorgeous!!
She used feathers for the suns rays, pieces of paper she cut herself for flower petals and a button centre, and I helped her to use little pieces of fabric as curtains in the windows!

Max and Lacey need a fair bit of supervision, or rather help, when it comes to glueing etc. If not , you would not be looking at something that resembles a house!!  Max was more worried about using the glue brush, and Lacey was full ball into just sticking anything down!

Hers is quite simple because she was more excited about putting her picture on the board than finishing it!!

So now we have a new look to our art board!! This has honestly been the best thing we have done, and our display is constantly changing, its wonderful!

And the best thing? Clean up only took a few minutes!! Got to love that!!
You have also got to love the beautiful baby watching everything!!
( See the white cupboard inbetween the 2 existing ones? With the laminater on top? Its our new Microwave cupboard!! I can't wait for it to go up, and to show you!!)

Another easy and quick craft to do with your kiddies!!
They will appreciate you making the time and effort and you will appreciate the handmade goodness at the end! xo

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