Saturday, July 20, 2013

Nudie Kids Juices - Review and Giveaway

 When the lovely people from the iconic Australian -owned beverage company nudie approached me to try out their new range of juices specifically for children, I was so excited!!
 I had personally tried some of their yummy juice while staying at a friends house, and thought it was delicious, and had just seen the new kids juices in the supermarket and knew we had to give them a go!

We have never been ones to buy juice boxes etc to have at home, but I do buy them for birthdays, special occasions and festive days. It is so nice to know that there is now a go-to juice , with no added sugar, additives and preservatives, and all while tasting really yummy!

When I opened my package (excitement in itself when you have just moved towns!) I smiled. A gorgeous bag and inside a cute container.

They even made me my own nudie character!! Can you see the resemblance?! ha

And then the yummy juices. Bright, funky and in a nice size and shape tetra pack carton (not like the traditional juice boxes that are small and wide, so wide that every child squeezes them instantly and juice goes everywhere!)

So a nice park outing, gorgeous winter weather (winter?! really!!) and a special juice treat and the kids were in heaven!

And ..... the verdict?! They loved them! Even the orange one was a hit (and our kids have never been that fond of orange juice and favour apple varieties) and the lemon juice (which is quite tart but strangely addictive and my husbands personal favourite flavour.

                                                          The facts?! The part I like most-

One nudie juice contains two serves of fruit and contribute towards your children's recommended daily intake of fruit - According to the Australian Dietary Guidelines
They are NOT made from concentrate and contain no added sugar, additives or preservatives.
Three out of the four children's flavours available are made with nothing but 100% Australian fruit.
The new tetra pack type cartons means the juices do not have to refrigerated to last all day in school lunch boxes, but can be frozen.

And the facts from a Mum of fours point of view- 
I was able to give my kids a treat , without having to worry that the effects of excess sugar will last all day sending them (and me!) troppo.
There was no mess, not like the usual episodes involving juice boxes, these cartons are fantastic!
I had the pleasure of finishing the very little amount of juice that was left, but it was delicious.

I just love Angus' lips when he says "juice"


Kids nudie juices are available from the chilled section in Woolworths stores and selected cafe/corner stores and RRPs at $6.99 for a six pack.
nudie has also teamed up with Australian Sporting legend Liz Ellis for the launch of the new range, to encourage Australian parents to give their kids a healthy diet and lifestyle. 
For more on their products head to the nudie website, there you'll find some activities for kids, games, jokes, colouring pages and information on how to grow your own fruit trees.

I can safely say that these juices will be a welcome addition to our fortnightly food shop and the occasional surprise and treat in Stella's lunch box.

Fancy trying some juices for yourself or maybe you love them already?

Well its your lucky day!!
Thanks to nudie , I have 3 prize packs, as below,  to give away!

That's triple the chance of winning, one of each of the new kids flavours !

Entry is easy, simply use the Rafflecopter below and 'like' the nudie facebook page.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


The competition has already began and will finish midnight Tuesday 23rd July.
The winners will be drawn and announced some time Wednesday morning when time permits.
The winners will be announced on this widget and the Bizzy Dayz facebook page 
The winners have 3 days to email me with their contact and postal details before I draw new winners
I reserve the right to draw new winners upon failure to comply with the conditions.
The product will be sent straight from nudie, I have no part in the postal and delivery process.


I was not paid by nudie to complete this review, however I was gifted the products and giveaways to try and give to my readers.
All the opinions are spoken with truth and are that of my own.
I am approached by companies constantly, but only choose to accept those I know I will like and are relevant.

Friday, July 19, 2013

3 week milestone

Today marks exactly 3 weeks that we have been living in our new town. The weather has been gorgeous, there are lots of parks and new places to see and explore but I feel tired. Riding this emotional roller coaster is exhausting! ha ha (Perhaps its more about a teething toddler, who is adjusting to his new environment and likes to cry for his Mum right through the night) 
But hey... we have survived and I am proud to say, with only one 'melt-down day' in the mix.

We had a week here and then school holidays started so its nice to not have to start organising Stella and having deadlines straight away, although she is desperate to start school. We don't know where our permanent housing will be yet, which is making enrolling in a school quite difficult but by early next week we 'should' have it sorted.

We have joined a playgroup and attended 2 sessions so far, its nice to go and have adult conversation and meet new people. And I am lucky enough to have one friend who moved here a few years ago and we have met at the park a few times. These things have contributed greatly to my sanity. 
My husband is loving his new job, which is fantastic, we couldn't ask for more than that and over time I know things will get easier. 
I am just desperate for a permanent house, all our furniture, kids toys and possessions but that could be up to 4 months away yet! I have never been one for living a minimal lifestyle and as you all have realised, I love photographs and prints , and like to have them all around me!
Soon..... I keep telling myself , soon.

Anyway.... here are some pics of the last few weeks , exploring our new town.

My loves, watching a ship going out and the chopper going out to a new one. The port here is so busy, the kids are loving it!

We have been loving checking out all the awesome parks around. The weather has been warm (shorts and shirt) and by the end of the day the kids are knackered from playing hard. Perfect!

This park is around the corner from our house. Its nice to just walk around and play whenever we want /need to.

Little Angus thinks he is a monkey and is NOT afraid of anything at the moment!! 

Park with a view, overlooking the ocean. The kids call this the "dizzy park" because everything seems to make them dizzy.

Oh o. First park casualty. Soft fall is great for cushioned landing, not great for faces. 

                                     This park has a view overlooking the port and the ships.

And we have had a disaster or 2 since being here swell. Max found his Dad's small clippers (that he uses on his face) and decided to give them a try!!! 

And then he tried them out on his little brother but was luckily caught in the act before it progressed past a small spot on Angus. ( All while in Dads care of course, thank goodness not in mine!)

Everything is close enough that we can walk or scooter and occasionally the kids walk nicely! ha

We have changed the bedroom configuration around since moving too. The boys share a room and the girls share. Splitting the twins up was a big decision as they have never slept separately but it really isn't an issue. As a result though, the boys are growing closer everyday. So cute!

We have enjoyed finding gorgeous little things around the town, the kids especially love these veranda type things that line the main street, and cast a gorgeous shadow on the ground below.

The first weekend we were here , we caught the night markets. A mix of great food and entertainment and some cool stalls of local handmade goodies. I am looking forward to the next one , as they are every 2 months in winter.

Entertaining the kids for 3 weeks has been rather ...... testing. Especially when all they have is one packing box of toys for the 4 of them, no outside play toys and no craft supplies.
We can't live at the park all the time, unfortunately, but they have been making do and still smiling :)

Playing hairdressers

Playdough and plant creations

And occasionally the odd toy or 2 has been confiscated. Worse punishment for them if its a favourite.  Barbie struck it lucky this day!

And the best part? That my husband finishes work by 4 in the afternoon. That the weather is still warm enough, in the middle of winter, to enjoy a play and dinner at the park.

                                  That the view when cooking said dinner , looks like this ;

                         And whats the best best thing? That we still have each other. Our family.

P.S- The mojo is slowing starting to come back. Its not that I don't have a desire to write, because I do, but we are in limbo at the moment, and there is only so much park and play one can see, am I right?

HOWEVER!! Stay tuned, because tomorrow I have a cool giveaway starting x

Monday, July 8, 2013

A new start ....

Its been too quiet around these traps of late, for that I apologise, and I will make a BIG effort to keep things updated regularly from now on. Promise!
You may be seeing some new things on Bizzy Dayz, new places, new houses, new adventures. And this is the main reason that I have been so absent.

You see, over the last few months , my husband and I , have been making some rather big , life changing decisions. All which have been consuming every space inch of my heart, and head. Even blogging, which has always been a safe haven and retreat for me, didn't even get a look in.

We decided to move. Not just houses, not just suburbs, but towns. And a town over 1300 km from where we lived. Where I grew up, and everything that I have ever known.
Why? I know its the question on every ones lips. And believe me, if I had a $1 for every time someone as asked me that over the last few weeks, I would be rich, and probably wouldn't have had to move here in the first place! ha
The answer? Why the root of all evil of course!! MONEY!
We saw an opportunity, my husband applied, and he got the job!! A fantastic job, with an amazing company, working less hours, for a fair amount more money , and he is still home every night to tuck our children into bed and kiss me goodnight. What more could we ask for?
This is a life changing decision for us.
We have set a plan of 5-6 years (although everyone guarantees us we will be here for longer) and in that time, we can make such a difference to our finances that we can be more secure, for the rest of our lives. I may even get to be a stay at home Mum until I choose to return to work. Not because I have to return to work.
I get to have the liberty in doing so, that my Mother just didn't have, and regrets everyday of her life.

It hasn't been easy. Actually, it would have to be THE hardest thing I have ever done in my life.
Pack all our worldly possessions into boxes, load our lives onto a truck and then have to say 'goodbye' to my friends and family.
Leave the house that I really did love, in a beautiful suburb. The very house that we bought all 4 of our beautiful babies home to. To move to a place that I had only visited the one time ( on a site visit to check out everything before we made our decision), a place that I knew next to no one. Hell I don't even know how to get around or where I am going!! A concept that is so new to me , its not funny.
But one of the hardest things has been taking our 4 kids away from everything they have ever known. From 2 sets of Grandparents that they love and adore. Stella away from her school that she loved and her best friend that she loved more. The kids away from spending weekends at my parents block, riding around on 4 wheelers. From their Aunty and Uncle, and 4 awesome cousins. From everything they love. Taking the kids away from that has been THE hardest thing for me. I can cope fine. Adults know and adjust, children do not. One child, yeah no worries. 2 kids, would be hard. But 4 kids..... thats devastating. But thankfully they are still happy and smiling. Thats all that matters.

But after all of the emotion, all of the drama, all of the tears. We are here. We are loving everything so far. The weather is glorious (but do NOT ask me that in summer!!) , the facilities are fantastic and my husband is loving his job so far.

It has only been 10 days. I know I am still in the honeymoon period and I do desperately miss my family already but with care packages arriving, and the glorious world wide web, we have been able to still chat, face to face and that seems to be tying the emotions over so far.

The worst part? We are in short term housing. A fully furnished (and luckily very nice) house but its for anywhere up to 5 months. Five long months without all our gorgeous furniture. All the kids toys (we have a small amount here), all our linen and rugs, all of my cooking and kitchen ware and without our very comfortable bed!!
But its only for a short while, and we are making do with what we have. The kids haven't missed their toys yet, as there are so many wonderful parks around that we have been going everyday, sometimes fitting in up to 3 parks.

And we are together. We are a family and we are together. Everyday.
A short term pain for long term gain, and soon, this place will feel like home. Well that is what I keep telling myself anyway.
So, stay tuned for more moving adventures. Discovering new places, organising and decorating a new house (when its finally available ) albeit a company rental house, enjoying our new way of life.
Something new and different for everyone. Especially for us.
Its our new start. And as much as I am emotional and sad at times, I am happy, healthy and excited! x

Some pics of our moving process x