Friday, July 19, 2013

3 week milestone

Today marks exactly 3 weeks that we have been living in our new town. The weather has been gorgeous, there are lots of parks and new places to see and explore but I feel tired. Riding this emotional roller coaster is exhausting! ha ha (Perhaps its more about a teething toddler, who is adjusting to his new environment and likes to cry for his Mum right through the night) 
But hey... we have survived and I am proud to say, with only one 'melt-down day' in the mix.

We had a week here and then school holidays started so its nice to not have to start organising Stella and having deadlines straight away, although she is desperate to start school. We don't know where our permanent housing will be yet, which is making enrolling in a school quite difficult but by early next week we 'should' have it sorted.

We have joined a playgroup and attended 2 sessions so far, its nice to go and have adult conversation and meet new people. And I am lucky enough to have one friend who moved here a few years ago and we have met at the park a few times. These things have contributed greatly to my sanity. 
My husband is loving his new job, which is fantastic, we couldn't ask for more than that and over time I know things will get easier. 
I am just desperate for a permanent house, all our furniture, kids toys and possessions but that could be up to 4 months away yet! I have never been one for living a minimal lifestyle and as you all have realised, I love photographs and prints , and like to have them all around me!
Soon..... I keep telling myself , soon.

Anyway.... here are some pics of the last few weeks , exploring our new town.

My loves, watching a ship going out and the chopper going out to a new one. The port here is so busy, the kids are loving it!

We have been loving checking out all the awesome parks around. The weather has been warm (shorts and shirt) and by the end of the day the kids are knackered from playing hard. Perfect!

This park is around the corner from our house. Its nice to just walk around and play whenever we want /need to.

Little Angus thinks he is a monkey and is NOT afraid of anything at the moment!! 

Park with a view, overlooking the ocean. The kids call this the "dizzy park" because everything seems to make them dizzy.

Oh o. First park casualty. Soft fall is great for cushioned landing, not great for faces. 

                                     This park has a view overlooking the port and the ships.

And we have had a disaster or 2 since being here swell. Max found his Dad's small clippers (that he uses on his face) and decided to give them a try!!! 

And then he tried them out on his little brother but was luckily caught in the act before it progressed past a small spot on Angus. ( All while in Dads care of course, thank goodness not in mine!)

Everything is close enough that we can walk or scooter and occasionally the kids walk nicely! ha

We have changed the bedroom configuration around since moving too. The boys share a room and the girls share. Splitting the twins up was a big decision as they have never slept separately but it really isn't an issue. As a result though, the boys are growing closer everyday. So cute!

We have enjoyed finding gorgeous little things around the town, the kids especially love these veranda type things that line the main street, and cast a gorgeous shadow on the ground below.

The first weekend we were here , we caught the night markets. A mix of great food and entertainment and some cool stalls of local handmade goodies. I am looking forward to the next one , as they are every 2 months in winter.

Entertaining the kids for 3 weeks has been rather ...... testing. Especially when all they have is one packing box of toys for the 4 of them, no outside play toys and no craft supplies.
We can't live at the park all the time, unfortunately, but they have been making do and still smiling :)

Playing hairdressers

Playdough and plant creations

And occasionally the odd toy or 2 has been confiscated. Worse punishment for them if its a favourite.  Barbie struck it lucky this day!

And the best part? That my husband finishes work by 4 in the afternoon. That the weather is still warm enough, in the middle of winter, to enjoy a play and dinner at the park.

                                  That the view when cooking said dinner , looks like this ;

                         And whats the best best thing? That we still have each other. Our family.

P.S- The mojo is slowing starting to come back. Its not that I don't have a desire to write, because I do, but we are in limbo at the moment, and there is only so much park and play one can see, am I right?

HOWEVER!! Stay tuned, because tomorrow I have a cool giveaway starting x


  1. Don't worry Liz I still have those melt down days no matter how many times we have moved. I have found this one pretty hard and think we made a mistake moving at the start of holidays as I have had 2 weeks not knowing anyone nor able to meet anyone whilst I wait for school and playgroup to start up. Girls are kind of getting tired of just playing with each other. Can't wait for school to go back around here! I do feel for you not being settled into your home yet as that is kinda what keeps me going for the first month or so....setting up a new house. One day at a time and it will be like Xmas as you open and rediscover all your lovely things again. Xox

  2. Oh you are doing so well! I just love a park by the water!


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