Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Santa Baby

Dear Santa Baby,
 Boy oh boy have a been a good girl this year!!
Not only have I done all the normal stuff, run a business, ran a household, cooked, sewed, played - but I also baked up 2 of the most gorgeous little poppets one could ask for. Yep, I rekon the two.babies. at .once thing gives me some extra credits in the Wish List department!

So here is my wish list for Christmas;
* A new pair of Birkenstock sandals - Love these shoes , like seriously, I know they are expensive but do yourselves a favour and buy a pair!! Red ones please Father Christmas

*A few sewing books (luckily Santa baby aka hubby is getting these for me , I know this cos I have ordered them myself!!)

                                                           Sew by Cath Kidston

And this;
Sew Darn Cute by Jenny Ryan

We have ordered through the American Book Depository because of the awesome exchange rate and free shipping!! No other excuses needed!!
BUT, I do still need want this book, sorry I can't link or have a pic, something not working properly!!

Pieces of Me by Janelle Wind

* A gorgeous necklace made of buttons, from somewhere in the WWW
*a new insert for my Inner B diary for next year (sorry Mum, just thought of that)
*and something handmade and gorgeous from my talented sister at Bread N Butter Factory, anything will do, I love handmade stuff!!

Well I hope you guys have a more interesting list than me, but you know what, all I want is to spend the day with my beautiful family, bask in the excitement that is already brewing in Stella and eat some yummy tucka!!!

This post was inspired by the Blog This challenge, why not take it up yourself!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The week that was..........

Where oh where has this week gone? Puuffff , up in a cloud of not much smoke!! No seriously, I know everyone keeps saying it, but it is like everyday is flying by faster and faster all the time!!
Here are just a few snippets of our week, no major creations, a market day, some drawing, some organising and rearranging at home, some tomato picking, some bubble blowing and best of all, some cuddling with our cherubs.

Cherry tomatoes, yummo

Ahhh someone found a jar of nail polish and decided to paint her nails herself. It wasn't actually that bad, and we were very lucky it wasn't everywhere!! The things that can happen when Mummy needs to pee!!

Another market, Christmas in the Country at Walkaway

My stall, next to big sis again

A sneak peak into our photoshoot this afternoon with the kids in their Christening outfits, only 6 weeks down the track but anyway, are they the cutest!?
                                          Happy Saturday everyone!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Giving Thanks

What a week it has been here in the news in Australia. Amongst numerous other things, all of equal seriousness ( I am beginning to wonder why I even watch it , it makes me that depressed) it all saddens me. Deaths, murders, missing, accidents , you name it, its happening. But this week has been a particularly bad one. For those who watch the news, please ignore, but for those who don't or aren't in Australia, there was an explosion inside a mine in New Zealand, believed to be caused by a gas leak. 29 workers were trapped inside, and it was unknown whether they were alive, then, all hope of survivors was shattered yesterday, after yet again, another explosion. Utter tragedy. I just can't imagine what their families are going through. For their loved ones to be going to work, as normal, and never return that day. My husband used to work underground a bit at a mine, and it terrified me, and this is why.
So today, on a day when all Americans are celebrating Thanksgiving, I am thankful for a happy, healthy family and for life, our most precious gift and posession, and more importantly LOVE, the love that inspires us everyday, that puts the light in our hearts and the spring in our steps.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, and please feel free to leave a comment as to what you are thankful for, its always nice to read and it really makes you reflect on your own life..
These are my reasons for smiling;

And boy I wasn't the only one smiling, this is Max and Laceys first trip in the car with their seats reversed!! I know I know, its a bit late but they have been happy rear facing as they get to look at Stella all the time but it was time!! And it was like they were in visual heaven!!
So....what are you thankful for?

Markets Galore

On Sunday I attended the Midwest baby and Kids Market in my home town , Geraldton, Western Australia of course!
This market was sooo much more relaxed than the last, purhaps it had a little to do with the age of my babes, and the fact I didn't have any kids there at all this time. I had such a successful day and am really really chuffed with the outcome. I had HEAPS of stock and as always, different things sold this time around , which is always tricky as you never know what to prepare.
Here are some pics of my stall, hope you like them, and if you see anything you like , just leave a comment or email me, I can post anywhere!!

Baby shoes in the white shelf and HEAPS of applique tops

All the goodies

Babushka softies


To make the day even better, I got to spend some quality and alone time withe my favouritest sister, Kristy from Bread n Butter Factory, she is super duper talented and an utter perfectionist and makes the most devine creations, clips, clip holders, softies, wall canvases and all handsewn and hand cut individually by Kristy herself!! Do yourselves a favour and check out her stuff,  or you can purchase some at the online baby shop Jive Baby HERE. Remember this from Stella's room, its our most prized posession!!

I have just been to set up at Walkaway for the Christmas in the Country Markets, I am really looking forward to it, plenty of room for prams and shoppers to be comfortable and for only $5 , unlimited scones and a cup of tea, why not!!
Hope to see you there!

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Our house been buzzing for the last week, yes with some exciting things happening, but more from the sound of my sewing machine buzzing along in prep for the markets!! (And maybe some major vibrating from the earth works happeing at the end of our street, but that another story all together!!

Max and Lacey are becoming so much more interactive with each other, which is beautiful to watch. They smile at each other all the time, they look at each other through the bars on their cots and they hold hands at the first opportunity. I have even noticed that when they fall asleep,they are in similar sleeping positions, as weird and wonderful as they are sometimes when rolling around in a cot, fighting tiredness!! And to the pleasure of their mother, they even pose well for photos, but I have to admit, more times than not they are grabbing at each others face and causing trouble for the other!!

I can't wait to see their bond grow !!
More craft has been happening, here are the photos of the sun that we made last week for "S" week and then this week has been Red week. Complete with some red little girls, just like our yellow ones (for a banner) and a ladybug plate. The colourful plate below was made by Stella for Mr Ian. An old friend of her great grandads that she sees when visiting Grandma and Grandad on Mondays!! She loves the old guys and they love her!! So cute!!

And over a week ago, and not long after her brother, Lacey decided to start sitting too. Not to be outdone by her big brother by 2 mins!! She has the best posture, and looks gorgeous when sittting. They now can sit opposite each other, smile, play and interact. Not to mention steal toys off each other!! Stella loves it too, she sits with them, passes toys, steals toys and giggles. Actually there is giggles all round!!

I'm off to get ready for work, of a different and more hairy kind at the salon, after just recovering from THE worst headache . I even called DH home from work, not worth having it for the whole night when a little sleep can cure it , lucky I am off to the chiro tomorrow!!
Happy Thursday!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Market Place....

I have been rather distant lately, as I am madly preparing, sewing, making, tagging, cutting, stuffing and creating for the Baby and Kids Market, in Geraldton (my home town) this coming weekend.
It has seriously snuck up on me!! I remember thinking to myself, "Pfft, I have heaps of time" but alas, I do NOT!!

I had a break from sewing for a while few weeks, because, to be honest, I just didn't feel like it, and to me, sewing and Bizzy Dayz, is about loving what I do, if I don't enjoy it, and it becomes a chore , I refuse to keep going.
However, the break is just what I needed, I have come back with ideas galore and yet again, not enough time to complete all the new products that I would have liked to launch!!

BUT..... just a heads up on some newbies, I have HEAPS of baby shoes  made out of mega gorgeous fabrics, some little kitchen helper accessories, some super duper gorgeous applique tops, some different hair accessories for Mums and kids, gorgeous softies (lots for boys) and of course, the usual stock.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there, but for now, I will leave you with something that is one my Christmas list;

"Pieces of Me"
Janelle Winds - Pieces Of Me

 Available HERE
A gorgeous book, and I have hinted at my DH for this, lets hope he gets the hint. Whats on your Christmas List?

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Only a Mother

Poor Max, he is so unsettled at the moment, screaming for hours on end. He even popped a vein yesterday, from the power behind his shreik. I just wish I knew what was the matter with him, but thats right, kids don't come with insturctions, much to our disgust.
He may be teething, he may have an upset tummy, he may be constipated (although pooed fine yesterday, sorry for too much detail) he may be at the 'clingy' stage but all these things, and not one perfect answer.
And in true fashion, he is worse this week, and Noel just happens to be away for work, meh.
But seriously, how could you be angry or frustrated with this;

Peaches and Cream skin, brilliant blue eyes , a smile to die for and laugh that is infectious, if only he did it more often at the moment..... but he is more than a face only a mother could love, he is my face, my boy and I love him regardless (although I could do without the crying)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bad Blogger

My name is Liz, and I am a bad blogger. No , seriously, sorry peeps, been full on in our house lately, gardening , craft, painting, sewing, weeding, cleaning and just living, there hasn't been much time for much else. I do apologise, hopefully I can try and post most days. If Blogger made putting pics on easier I would do it more often too, so bad bloggers all round. haha
So here are some snippets of our week, as you probably remember, it was 'S' week in our house and I can say that Stella can successfully spot an S a mile away and points it out , "S" for Stella!!

So , here is some snippets from our week , if you aren't into photos, I would stop reading now!!

Some serious sister snuggles were happening early on Sunday morning whilst main man Max was still asleep (more like back to sleep briefly after a 4:30am wake up!!)

Its so lovely to see the babies interact with Stella, and she loves that they have more personality!!

Some crafting happened, it was a bit of a drawn out process, purely to the lack of time, but I am happy with the finished product!!
I started with a plain MDF plaque from Spotlight that looked similar to this one.

And spray painted it white, of course

I then added some distressing ink from Stampin Up; (actually for Scrapbooking) and some Jarrah stain (I was recommended to use this, but its too red, so if you are giving this a go, DON"T USE IT!!
I then rubbed it back again (I did it before adding ink to distress a little) and wiped clean.

And then added some vinyl lettering, I think I purchased this off Ebay or a blog I follow, if you would like details, just post a comment.

And now it has pride of place above..... you guessed it, the pantry.
 The letter S week was a happening, lots of projects, colour ins and glueing happened.
This was a patchwork rug, wherever she saw the letter S , she had to stick a piece of patterened paper.

And we made as curly wurly Snake, complete with flower polkadots

And it hangs in the centre of the room, with the spider and the snail

What snail? This snail of course, more polkadots and a toilet roll!

A sea horse colouring in

A snail colouring in and a letter S in the shape of a snake .
I found an awesome website, but forgot to Favourites it, so if you would like details, again, please comment

There was also lots of paper plate craft, will post pics tomorrow.
And not forgetting the babies, they had a lot of firsts, like first try of watermelon (Late I know, I am busy alright) and they loved it!!

Lacey testing her gag reflexes

Max is better at it though!!
 They had their first bath sitting in the bath seat. I have bathed them with Stella  a bit but it hurst my back leaning over the big bath to lay them down, but they both love this seat and its great for me too!!

He LOVES the big bath and sitting independently, he kicks constantly with excitement!!

A snuggle again with sissy and bubbles all over from getting washed by her.
All in all the week has been a goodie. I got some sewing done for a craft swap, I made some things that I wanted to keep, and would you believe I forgot to take a photo and realised after it was beautifully wrapped!! argh
I got some aprons done for the market day, some mini shoes, some applique tops (yes boys ones too!!) I planted out more veges and some more plants, I have nearly finished Christmas shopping and run 2 successful fundraising drives for the Multiple Birth Group.
Unfortunately as good as last week was, this week has been hard. Max has been screaming, ALOT, and he is refusing his milk , and I don't know what is wrong with the poor little man, and Noel has had to go away for work, leaving his wife with 3 kids under 2  1/2 , noice. Thank god for Mothers, mine is a legend!!

Well I am off to applique some more , will definately do a post tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Well, well , well...
We had a fantastic weekend, I worked on Saturday of course, so our weekends are basically just Sundays, so we try and make the most of family time. Noel leaves home at 7am and returns about 5ish , so I bath and feed the babies and Stella and cook tea, we eat, we put to bed and that is the day over.
Sunday we went to a local school fete, and we had a great time. It proved to be a hot day in the end. Stella went on the bouncy castle, had her face painted, had  few games, got a lucky dip, saw a snake and rabbit, attempted to pat a pony (only was scared), and got some slime (the real hit, it fits right in with our 'S' week too!!)
Afterwards we headed to the Blessing of the Fleet, something I have been to ,even as a young child as my father has a business down the Fishermans Wharf, but it was getting hot. We had some lunch, bought an icecream (these super duper yummy and healthy pure fruit ones sold by the local Community School) and headed home for a nap.
The babies were so well behaved, Stella had a ball, and we had another Sunday filled with smiles and memories... bliss.

As I said, its 'S' week here at the Morrison house, lots of snake making with the slime , Stella likes to pat the snakes and calls them "Bootifol" , at least 100 times. I. Am. Not. Joking. Sometimes she gets in repetitive moods and we counted over 30 times and that was just in 5 mins, "Pat my snake Mummy, be gentle, its Booottiiiffuuull".  Priceless.....

Yesterday I took some photos of our little people, just on a whim, and I am so glad I did!! My camera permanently sits on our kitchen bench. Not the best for asthetics, but VERY good for memories and capturing special moments at the drop of a hat.

My latest project is complete, but Blogger is being a pain in the arse VERY slow tonight, so I will post it tomorrow!!
Happy hump day to all for tomorrow!