Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Well, well , well...
We had a fantastic weekend, I worked on Saturday of course, so our weekends are basically just Sundays, so we try and make the most of family time. Noel leaves home at 7am and returns about 5ish , so I bath and feed the babies and Stella and cook tea, we eat, we put to bed and that is the day over.
Sunday we went to a local school fete, and we had a great time. It proved to be a hot day in the end. Stella went on the bouncy castle, had her face painted, had  few games, got a lucky dip, saw a snake and rabbit, attempted to pat a pony (only was scared), and got some slime (the real hit, it fits right in with our 'S' week too!!)
Afterwards we headed to the Blessing of the Fleet, something I have been to ,even as a young child as my father has a business down the Fishermans Wharf, but it was getting hot. We had some lunch, bought an icecream (these super duper yummy and healthy pure fruit ones sold by the local Community School) and headed home for a nap.
The babies were so well behaved, Stella had a ball, and we had another Sunday filled with smiles and memories... bliss.

As I said, its 'S' week here at the Morrison house, lots of snake making with the slime , Stella likes to pat the snakes and calls them "Bootifol" , at least 100 times. I. Am. Not. Joking. Sometimes she gets in repetitive moods and we counted over 30 times and that was just in 5 mins, "Pat my snake Mummy, be gentle, its Booottiiiffuuull".  Priceless.....

Yesterday I took some photos of our little people, just on a whim, and I am so glad I did!! My camera permanently sits on our kitchen bench. Not the best for asthetics, but VERY good for memories and capturing special moments at the drop of a hat.

My latest project is complete, but Blogger is being a pain in the arse VERY slow tonight, so I will post it tomorrow!!
Happy hump day to all for tomorrow!

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