Thursday, November 11, 2010

Only a Mother

Poor Max, he is so unsettled at the moment, screaming for hours on end. He even popped a vein yesterday, from the power behind his shreik. I just wish I knew what was the matter with him, but thats right, kids don't come with insturctions, much to our disgust.
He may be teething, he may have an upset tummy, he may be constipated (although pooed fine yesterday, sorry for too much detail) he may be at the 'clingy' stage but all these things, and not one perfect answer.
And in true fashion, he is worse this week, and Noel just happens to be away for work, meh.
But seriously, how could you be angry or frustrated with this;

Peaches and Cream skin, brilliant blue eyes , a smile to die for and laugh that is infectious, if only he did it more often at the moment..... but he is more than a face only a mother could love, he is my face, my boy and I love him regardless (although I could do without the crying)


  1. Ooh poor Maximus :( And Poor Mumma :( Lucky he is so darn cute eh?! Keep up the awesome work Lizbef xox And stay strong!

  2. aw thinking of you Liz, it is so hard when the little gems are unhappy and you can't make it better for them. Little Max is so lucky to have such a beautiful and loving mum xox


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