Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bad Blogger

My name is Liz, and I am a bad blogger. No , seriously, sorry peeps, been full on in our house lately, gardening , craft, painting, sewing, weeding, cleaning and just living, there hasn't been much time for much else. I do apologise, hopefully I can try and post most days. If Blogger made putting pics on easier I would do it more often too, so bad bloggers all round. haha
So here are some snippets of our week, as you probably remember, it was 'S' week in our house and I can say that Stella can successfully spot an S a mile away and points it out , "S" for Stella!!

So , here is some snippets from our week , if you aren't into photos, I would stop reading now!!

Some serious sister snuggles were happening early on Sunday morning whilst main man Max was still asleep (more like back to sleep briefly after a 4:30am wake up!!)

Its so lovely to see the babies interact with Stella, and she loves that they have more personality!!

Some crafting happened, it was a bit of a drawn out process, purely to the lack of time, but I am happy with the finished product!!
I started with a plain MDF plaque from Spotlight that looked similar to this one.

And spray painted it white, of course

I then added some distressing ink from Stampin Up; (actually for Scrapbooking) and some Jarrah stain (I was recommended to use this, but its too red, so if you are giving this a go, DON"T USE IT!!
I then rubbed it back again (I did it before adding ink to distress a little) and wiped clean.

And then added some vinyl lettering, I think I purchased this off Ebay or a blog I follow, if you would like details, just post a comment.

And now it has pride of place above..... you guessed it, the pantry.
 The letter S week was a happening, lots of projects, colour ins and glueing happened.
This was a patchwork rug, wherever she saw the letter S , she had to stick a piece of patterened paper.

And we made as curly wurly Snake, complete with flower polkadots

And it hangs in the centre of the room, with the spider and the snail

What snail? This snail of course, more polkadots and a toilet roll!

A sea horse colouring in

A snail colouring in and a letter S in the shape of a snake .
I found an awesome website, but forgot to Favourites it, so if you would like details, again, please comment

There was also lots of paper plate craft, will post pics tomorrow.
And not forgetting the babies, they had a lot of firsts, like first try of watermelon (Late I know, I am busy alright) and they loved it!!

Lacey testing her gag reflexes

Max is better at it though!!
 They had their first bath sitting in the bath seat. I have bathed them with Stella  a bit but it hurst my back leaning over the big bath to lay them down, but they both love this seat and its great for me too!!

He LOVES the big bath and sitting independently, he kicks constantly with excitement!!

A snuggle again with sissy and bubbles all over from getting washed by her.
All in all the week has been a goodie. I got some sewing done for a craft swap, I made some things that I wanted to keep, and would you believe I forgot to take a photo and realised after it was beautifully wrapped!! argh
I got some aprons done for the market day, some mini shoes, some applique tops (yes boys ones too!!) I planted out more veges and some more plants, I have nearly finished Christmas shopping and run 2 successful fundraising drives for the Multiple Birth Group.
Unfortunately as good as last week was, this week has been hard. Max has been screaming, ALOT, and he is refusing his milk , and I don't know what is wrong with the poor little man, and Noel has had to go away for work, leaving his wife with 3 kids under 2  1/2 , noice. Thank god for Mothers, mine is a legend!!

Well I am off to applique some more , will definately do a post tomorrow.

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  1. You are amazing! To do all this while your husband is away! WOW!! Had to have a giggle at the patchwork craft for Stella... GO PLAYSCHOOL!
    And....LOVE the Pantry sign you did!! Ill have one of those please!! haha...Its gorgeous!!
    Kids are looking bigger and more and more beautiful!!
    Love and missing you all!! xo


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