Thursday, November 18, 2010


Our house been buzzing for the last week, yes with some exciting things happening, but more from the sound of my sewing machine buzzing along in prep for the markets!! (And maybe some major vibrating from the earth works happeing at the end of our street, but that another story all together!!

Max and Lacey are becoming so much more interactive with each other, which is beautiful to watch. They smile at each other all the time, they look at each other through the bars on their cots and they hold hands at the first opportunity. I have even noticed that when they fall asleep,they are in similar sleeping positions, as weird and wonderful as they are sometimes when rolling around in a cot, fighting tiredness!! And to the pleasure of their mother, they even pose well for photos, but I have to admit, more times than not they are grabbing at each others face and causing trouble for the other!!

I can't wait to see their bond grow !!
More craft has been happening, here are the photos of the sun that we made last week for "S" week and then this week has been Red week. Complete with some red little girls, just like our yellow ones (for a banner) and a ladybug plate. The colourful plate below was made by Stella for Mr Ian. An old friend of her great grandads that she sees when visiting Grandma and Grandad on Mondays!! She loves the old guys and they love her!! So cute!!

And over a week ago, and not long after her brother, Lacey decided to start sitting too. Not to be outdone by her big brother by 2 mins!! She has the best posture, and looks gorgeous when sittting. They now can sit opposite each other, smile, play and interact. Not to mention steal toys off each other!! Stella loves it too, she sits with them, passes toys, steals toys and giggles. Actually there is giggles all round!!

I'm off to get ready for work, of a different and more hairy kind at the salon, after just recovering from THE worst headache . I even called DH home from work, not worth having it for the whole night when a little sleep can cure it , lucky I am off to the chiro tomorrow!!
Happy Thursday!!

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